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About me

Ubuntu Stuff

  • Joined Ubuntu on July 2010;
  • Member of Italian Iso Testing Team since 25/08/2010;
  • Member of Ubuntu Italian Marketing Team since 30/11/2010;
  • Ubuntu Italian Membership since May 2011.

Test Team

  • I run the test since Alpha2 of Maverick.
  • Cases Adopted: Kubuntu and Mythbuntu.
  • The bugs that I reported are here.

Ubuntu Italian Marketing Team

Italian Newsletter

  • Member of the editorial staff of Italian Newsletter since october 2010.

"Diffondi Ubuntu" (project of Italian Marketing Team)

Material that I made or translated in italian:


Noi siamo Ubuntu (We are Ubuntu)

Ubuntu Ads

I made some Ubuntu Ads and I published them in the Ubuntu Italia's official channel.

Most famous are:

Liberi di... (You are free of...)

I also made a playlist of small videos, with various topic:

Ubuntu It-News

Ubuntu it-news is a new project started by me: it produces videos that explains the news of the development release of Ubuntu (like OMGUbuntu! channel).

Ubuntu-it News.

Italian Translation Team

Translated the following packages:

Other translation on launchpad

Developer Team

Apps Review

* Member of Ubuntu App Review contributors.


You can see other packages on my Launchpad profile.

Transition to dh_python2

Bug Fixing

My branch for bug fixing are here

A4 Project

I work in the A4 project .

PDF Converter

I created this software. It export .jpg images from a .pdf file. You can download the source or the .deb here.


I created a small software that convert .pdf files to text files. You can download it here.

Other Stuff


You can find me on Google+.


  • Despite his youth, Paolo has proven to be an incredible resource for the italian LocoTeam. He is collaborating in several teams and projects of our community, showing great teamworking skills. In particular, when he started his journey in Ubuntu Development, he showed a great capability of catching even advanced concepts of packaging, and was always eager to work on something new and more challenging. I definitely recommend Paolo for membership, he well deserved it. -- warp10 2013-02-13 22:39:18

  • Paolo is a very helpful person, participates actively in our LOCO Italian team; he's involved in several projects related to marketing issues and he puts a lot of passion in what he does, so I recommend Paolo for membership! Smile :) -- palma-salvatore 2013-03-06 20:09:56

  • Paolo has been a great contributor to the Italian team. I highly recommend him for the membership. -- mlazzari2 2013-03-07 14:08:01

  • Paul is a guy serious and motivated. I personally met him during a meeting of Ubuntu ItalItalia in Rome with his father. He is a boy full of initiative; he is a part of many groups of Ubuntu and actively participates in most of the Mailing Lists of the Italian community,He is part of a large number of projects aimed at promoting Ubuntu; he is also very present on Ubuntu Italia IRC channels aiding newcomers and the development of new ideas. I think that Paul deserves membership. -- 2013-03-07 19:53:23

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