Who Is Paul Bartell?

  • Paul Bartell is a 14 year old Ubuntu Member that is interested in Ubuntu linux and is playing around with bsd a bit. He is currently part of The PNW team, and is trying to get events planned for the Washington team. He hosted a very successful Ubuntu Install fest on the 23rd of june in Shoreline, WA with the help of the PNW LoCo team. He also helped start the local LUGup again, and lead the Software freedom day team for seattle.


  • am part of the Ubuntu PNW LoCo Team

  • am part of the Washington LoCo Team

  • am a moderator on The ubuntu-us-pnw mailing list
  • am a moderator and webmaster on
  • help people with questions about ubuntu and kubuntu on #ubuntu, and other various foss oriented channels.
  • am trying to get schools and businesses using Linux in general.
  • am trying to educate people about their choices in the OS market
  • have been submitting bugs me and my father (i just recently got him using Ubuntu) run into
  • Think that both KDE and Gnome have made great contributions to Linux based OS's and recognize that they both have their place with different groups of users.
  • have been an Ubuntu user since hoary, and switched over almost completely for Breezy
  • Answer questions on Ubuntu Forums under the user name Peanut Butter
  • a linux user since SuSe 9.0

  • recognise the power of the commandline on the modern os, and am working to become more fluent in Bash scripting.
  • am working on learning python and ruby.
  • am not anti-microsoft, but pro choice of operating system
  • commented on Dell offering Ubuntu in the seattle pi [here]

  • helped at the Ubuntu PNW booth at Linux Fest northwest 2007
  • am known on freenode as peanutb
  • Helped give out over 400 cds at Linux Fest northwest
  • Led the Seattle Software Freedom Day team, and handed out cd and literature to members of the public.
  • contributed a patch to the AcidRip package (though i didnt get the chance to finish it completely due to time constraints, and computer crashes.)

Projects/events I am/was involved in

Mailing lists i subscribe to


  • (*) ubuntu-us-pnw (*) ubuntu-us-wa (*) ubuntu-mobile on other list servers: (*) gslug-general (*) taclug-general (*) ebox-general (*) gslug-orgs (*) open-ils-general (open source library managment software)

My hopes and dreams for the future

My dream for the future is that Ubuntu will get at least a 50% market share in the next few deckades. I would like to see billboards and classes educating the common computer user about what Linux can do for them. I would like to convince more computer building companys to put Ubuntu on their pcs instead of forcing an unwanted license on a user. I would also like to get somewhat-standards-compliant browsers to become the norm (weather its Firefox, iceweasel, konqueror, or whatever) to force companies that develop web applications to write standard-compliant code. (such as changing that one javascript routine or moving away from vbscript). I would like the to leave the world a better place.

Contact Info



IRC: Peanutb on freenode

MSN( yes i know its ironic)

skype: peanutbutter7836

Gizmo: peanutbutter7836


I live by Seattle Washington USA.

Dispises: doing nothing, homework

Enjoys: music (almost everything), computers, Linux, and hanging out with friends.

IRC speach

Hello, My name is Paul. I am also known as peanutb or Peanut butter. I have been using Linux since Suse 9.0 and Ubuntu since Hory. Last year I joined the Ubuntu PNW team and I have helped plan all of the major events in Washington and some of the events in Oregon. I am currently trying to get the Ubuntu Washington loco up and kicking, and have also helped revive the local lug GSLUG. I have been the webmaster of for a while now, and I am also a moderator on the mailing list. I have helped many people on ubuntu forums, #ubuntu, and over the 6 months or so. My wiki page is at . I was featured in an article in the Seattle PI last april, commenting on the Dell Ubuntu deal.. See my wiki page for a link. I apologise for the semi-out-datedness of my wikipage, as i wasent planning on showing up. An unexpected teacher strike changed that.

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