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Who am I?

Hi, my name is Paul and I currently live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada with my fiancee Lisa. I'm currently a Software Developer at Digium, Inc. for the open source project Asterisk. I've been using Asterisk since the 0.7.2 release and continue to do so.

My first open source experience was 10+ years ago with FreeBSD 3.0, since then I moved into Slackware, RedHat, Fedora, back to FreeBSD, then finally Debian and Ubuntu. The first version of Ubuntu I installed was 7.10 (Gutsy), and continued to keep updating my Desktop each Ubuntu version release. Currently, I'm using Ubuntu 10.04.1 for my desktop.

What have I done for Ubuntu so far?

Aside from converting Lisa to use Ubuntu (before me she was using Windows ;)), I'm contently helping people download and install Ubuntu on their systems.

As a self starter with Linux, I'm able to help most people with any issues they have. Additionally, I've been working to help triage issue on launchpad for the Asterisk package. My previous and current experience allow me to be comfortable providing support. I usually idle on multiple IRC channels for open source projects, providing support when I can.

I am also very interested in puppet and OpenStack! The world of automation is cool; when it works.


What will I do for Ubuntu in the future?

My goal is to become more active in Ubuntu-VoIP! EG: packaging and maintenance of Asterisk, along with bug triaging and importing upstream patches. I'm fairly comfortable creating and updating Ubuntu packaging and if I don't understand, I usually end up reading a man page or ask irc channel.

Helping assist the merging of upstream patches into the Asterisk package, as well as triage open issue on the tracker.

Additionally, I'm an active member of the Debian pkg-voip team; helping maintain Asterisk. I'm also currently working on becoming a Debian Maintainer.


  • "Paul has been contributing extensively to the Asterisk project over the last year. He has spent a lot of time helping with our issue tracker, writing patches, debugging problems, and assisting other community members. I was so impressed with Paul's contributions that I invited him to join my team working on Asterisk full time and have been thrilled with his performance so far. Paul is an outstanding open source citizen."
  • First timers! Ubuntu 12.04 Development update

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