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Open Source Interests

Linux user since 1999. Red Hat 5.2 - 9, FC1-4, AS 3. SuSE 6-8.2 and openSuSE 9.3. And now Ubuntu.

LibData is a LAMP project I administer on SourceForge enabling academic libraries to easily author subject-oriented web pages. Our needs require a high degree of data granularity & vocabulary control. It's used by several college libraries in Minnesota and some elsewhere in the USA. It's been mentioned on oss4lib and was added to the FSF/UNESCO Free Software Directory.

Creating a self-signed SSL certificate for Ubuntu. This is based on some discussion threads in the Ubuntu forums. I wanted to flesh it out a little with explanatory detail and a couple additional tips. From there is a link to my general purpose guide to making your own Certificate Authority (CA) and self-signed certificates by using openssl commands directly, generally applicable to any linux distro.

Free Software in Education. I code in a non-profit academic research environment, so our work should ideally be shareable, open source, collaborative, for the general public good, and built upon over time (rather than forced into planned obsolescence). The free and open source software movements (lower-case, to be general) have proven to be most compatible with this vision.

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