Who I am

I work on the Launchpad Code team.

Contact Information

Ubuntu work I've done recently

MOTU work

Goals for the future

  • Conduct an after school program to teach youth about Linux and open source.
  • Become a MOTU
  • Contribute to Edubuntu


  • Paul has been really instrumental in getting the summit system fixed up to make UDS a better experience for people attending. He's one of those behind-the-scene kind of you guys you never hear about but is always around to help. -- jorge 2009-09-09 21:43:03

  • Paul has made some significant contributions to the way Ubuntu developers will use bzr and Launchpad code hosting. He's always been super helpful when I've been trying to use bzr with packaging and would be a valuable asset as an Ubuntu Member. He is a low-key, behind-the-scenes guy but he's a future Ubuntu rockstar, IMO. -- laserjock

  • Paul helped package Tahoe-LAFS for Ubuntu -- I'm a Tahoe-LAFS developer not an Ubuntu developer -- and was friendly and encouraging and made some good suggestions for how to improve our tools to make it easier to package future versions of Tahoe-LAFS for future versions of Ubuntu. He's currently listed as the contact person for Ubuntu on the Tahoe-LAFS packaging page: . I'm looking forward to cooperating with him in the future. -- zooko 2010-10-28 04:36:00

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