When: May 1-2 2006


The South Australian State Government runs a conference for people involved in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in the Not-for-profit and Community sector. The program emphasises the management and administration of ICT resources in these organisations.


The program of speakers included:

  • Hon Jay Weatherill, SA Minister for Families and Communities – The SA Government’s role in ICT in the delivery of community services
  • Nicola Thompson, General Manager, ICT Hub, London
  • Joe Baker, Executive Director, Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN ), US

  • David Barnard, Executive Director, South African Non-Government Organisations Network (SANGONet)

  • Dr Simon Davey, Managing Director, Omega Alpha Limited (, Managing Associate, preponderate network (

  • Amith Nagarajan, CEO, Aptify Corporation, US.

This was an ideal opportunty to promote Ubuntu and other related projects:

  • Ubuntu
  • Software Freedom Day - September
  • Linux Australia


  • [Done] Register for confernce and book booth.
  • [Done] Requested 320 CDROMs from ShipIT. (26 Mar)
    • [Confirmed] Shipit CD's have been sent (29 Mar)
    • [Arrived] Wahoo! (8 Apr)
  • [Done] Discuss at AustraliaTeam meeting (4 Apr 2006)

  • [Done] Seeking sponsorship from Linux Australia sponsorship for booth/attendance.
    • [Done] Sponsorship confirmed (6 Apr)
    • [Done] Receive funds
    • [Done] Pay for registration and booth
  • Report to AustralianTeam meeting on 11 Apr 2006 (AustraliaTeam/Meetings)

  • [Done] Prepare an A4 promotional speil for conference handbook (was due two weeks before).
  • Make contact with
    • Other FLOSS minded people who may be going, to let them know we'll be there.
    • [Done] Local volunteers through LinuxSA
    • [Not done] Conference Speakers (or their offices)
  • Booth
    • [Done] Organise furnature.. card-table and monitor stand.
    • [Done] Prepare display material.


  • This is an annual conference, and I only thought of going quite late. It would be good to think about what can be done for future years, and start planning. eg. Contacting the organisers about getting a speaker from Ubuntu/Canonical or Lunux Australia and the LUG's
  • It costs AU$250 to put something into the delegate package... not in the budget, maybe next year.

Other Suggestions

  • Have a visitors book at the booth.
    • Arrange for followups.
  • Blog the event - particularly if it can be done live.
  • Show how Free and Open Source software can save organisations real money. (Who in Adelaide had Ubuntu partner points?)
    • Case studies.
    • Examples of how Ubuntu can be used in an organisations ICT strategy.


  • Overall, the conference was well worth attending.
  • There was quite a bit of the 'not-ready-yet' message coming from the podium on using FLOSS software in not-for-profit and NGO organisations. The event did have major sponsorship from Microsoft, so this was not completely unexpected.
  • Over half of the visitors to the booth were already using Open Office, and everyone went away with a Ubuntu 5.10 CD set, with instructions on how to install OpenOffice from the LiveCD. Over 100 CD set's were given away, with a conference attendance of 250 people.

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