Specification - ubuntu-au package

Author: PaulSchulz

Proposed Package: ubuntu-au

Status: DRAFT - comments welcome

The aim is to collect a set of useful documents for Australians and Australian residents, managed by the Ubuntu-Au team, which can be downloaded in a 'ubuntu-au' package.

This may include the documents themselves, or a set of scripts to download resources from the internet as required.

This could be used as a model for other Loco Teams.

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Possible Contents

  • Splash page for Firefox, and bookmarks
  • Introductory information on the Australian Ubuntu LoCo Team

  • Cultural files and resources
    • A Rendition of National anthem (collaboratively created/sung?)
    • Introduction of Australian culture and way of life
  • Educational Information
  • Maps
  • Social Documentation
    • Government forms
      • Contracting
      • Small Business an Not-for-profit - GST, Employee TFN
      • Unemployed - Assistance Forms, Resume/CV examples
  • Document Templates
    • Government petitions
    • 'Letter to parliamentarian' templates

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