I'm a guy living in the South Okanagan, one of the loveliest parts of Canada. I decided to try out Ubuntu sometime after Hoary stable was released, after my hard drive died and toasted my fine-tuned Gentoo distro. I chose (and still love) Ubuntu because:

  • someone else does the fine-tuning, not me -- that way my system doesn't become unusable every few weeks because I've done something stupid _

  • I'm not much of a computer geek anymore -- I just want something that Just Works.
  • After moving from Mandrake to Gentoo, I learned about the marvels of online package repositories. Because Ubuntu is an online-repository type of distro, I can install new programs in seconds, amazing my friends and confounding my enemies.
  • I've heard so many good things about Debian, but was always scared to try it. Ubuntu makes it less formidable! (sez the guy who tried Gentoo for a while)

I used to be a website/web app designer, but I think I'm gonna get into landscaping. Yeah. Landscaping. Plants and dirt and real stuff Smile :)

I guess, in terms of my involvement with Ubuntu, I could be called an 'end-user', although I do try to help people out tit-for-tat when I'm asking for help on the #ubuntu channel.


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