Page to brainstorm partnership opportunities with FreeGeekPenn

Currently (July 2009) it looks like we'd be most likely to be involved in offering classes, working on their programs to ship systems to Africa, and in general being a Linux resource for them. The desktop deployment section at the end of this page may be something we can tackle in the future.


The Ubuntu Pennsylvania team has offered to do classes in Ubuntu for folks interested in switching, classes could cover:

  • Overview of differences between Ubuntu and Windows and what to expect
  • Basic navigation
  • Basic programs
  • Basic add/remove programs


  • Fliers at local Universities
  • Fliers at local shops and stores

Systems to Africa

FreeGeekPenn is involved with an organization that ships computers to hospitals, schools, churches, etc in Africa (Kenya, Ivory Coast, others?). Currently many of the systems are shipped w/o an operating system, if they had more Linux experts they might be more inclined to ship them with Ubuntu installed.

Desktop Deployment

FreeGeekPenn has tried to deploy Ubuntu systems in the past, but have encountered the following major roadblocks that have caused them to abandon the program except for when directly asked for Linux on a new system:

  • Lack expertise to do and support this on a large scale
    • Note: We are the experts!
  • Many people still use dial up, modem support
    • Note: Tricky to solve!
  • Trouble getting used to interface
    • Note: They are open to having us hold classes on this
    • Note: Configure Gnome desktop to look similar to Windows
  • Inability to run "their Windows programs"
    • Note: Configure wine to launch on .exe programs
    • Note: Configure Open Office to save documents as MS Office format by default
    • Note: Provide comparison chart for Linux versions of programs that do the same as Windows
    • Note: Train users that this is not Windows so they have appropriate expectations for compatibility

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