Philly / Southeast REGION Karmic Koala (9.10) Release Party

We will be celebrating the release of Karmic in style with a reserved room at Manayunk diner, food, free wifi, and costumes! So put on your best costume and join us!

Did I mention COSTUMES? Don't be shy! Check out our photos from Halloween release parties from the past:

Date : Saturday October 31st, 2009

Time : 2:00 pm

Location : Manayunk Diner

  • 3722 Main St
    Philadelphia, PA 19127
    (215) 483-4200



Public Transportation Info

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What is a 'Release Party' ?

A release party is a great way to celebrate Ubuntu, have a fun evening and meet interesting people. An event to socialize with other area enthusiasts.

Food (NOMS) (Dutch Treat)

Minors are welcome, but are encouraged to bring a Parent or Guardian to accompany them throughout the event.



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