MythTV Seminar and Installations by Matt Mossholder

Ubuntu Date: Saturday, June 21st 2008

Ubuntu Time: 1PM-5PM

Ubuntu Location: The ATS Group, 1200 Atwater Drive, Suite 170, Malvern, PA 19355

  • Directions

  • Our site contact is Jonathan Simpson. The doors should be unlocked, but if not you can give him a call to be let in: 484-467-9965

Ubuntu Refreshments: Snacks, coffee, and soda will be provided

Ubuntu Details: Join us for a hands on seminar, where we will build and configure a MythTV Home Theater PC (HTPC) based upon Ubuntu and Mythbuntu.

The topics to be covered include:

  • MythTV Overview
    • Master Backend
    • Slave Backends
    • Frontends
    • Alternatives
  • Component selection
    • Video Capture devices
    • Processor
    • Hard Drives
    • Remote Controls
    • Video Cards (nVidia, ATI, Intel, VIA)
  • Design Decisions
    • Combined Frontend/Backend, or separate components?
    • Disk based or Diskless?
    • Wired or Wireless?
    • Standard Definition or High Definition?
    • RAID?

After we have completed the initial session, we will then go hands on, walk through the process of building a MythTV system. To keep things manageable, only the first 10 people to register are eligible to participate in building systems, but all are welcome to attend.

If you would like to attend or assist, please contact Matt Mossholder via matt AT mossholder DOT com and Elizabeth Bevilacqua via lyz AT ubuntu DOT com, or enter yourself in one of the tables below.

Builder Registration



Drew Lehman

dlehman _At_

Troy Sorzano

tsorzano -aT-

Kevin Kulp

Lyz has address

James Bowman

jim <at> drexel <.> edu

Non-Builder Atendees



Stephen Nicols

Lyz has address

George McNeal

Lyz has address

Daniel Friedman

Lyz has address

Nick Cosmo

Drew has address

Amul Shah

Lyz had address

Daniel Friedman

dfried =At=

Charlie Yocum

Lyz has address

Peter Thomas

Lyz has address

UPDATE: The two presentations from the seminar are located here:


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