Resources for getting help with Ubuntu

Ubuntu PA Resources: The Ubuntu PA team is a bunch of locals who have experience with Ubuntu and are happy to help out!

Ubuntu PA Home Page:

Ubuntu PA Forum:

Ubuntu PA Wiki:

Pennsylvania Mailing List:

IRC: #ubuntu-us-pa channel on web irc client

General Ubuntu Resources: Resources from the International Ubuntu Community - Ubuntu Homepage, news, information, links to other resources - Some static content developed by Ubuntu - Official Ubuntu Wiki: Documentation and so much more! - Official Ubuntu Forums: Support. This is one of the best support resources available to Ubuntu users. - Official Ubuntu Mailing Lists for support, teams, etc - Short video how-tos for common questions.

IRC: #ubuntu on

All Ubuntu IRC Channels:

Other Help Online - Google is your friend! Get an error message? Pop it in Google. Have a vague description of your problem? Try Google! - Not as specific as Ubuntu Forums, but worth a shot if you strike out elsewhere. - The Linux Documentation Project. A lot of great tutorials here if you want to learn something new, just watch out for out-dated ones.

Usenet: alt.os.linux.ubuntu

Help in Ubuntu itself

There is a wealth of information right on your Ubuntu desktop! Check out the following for help without needing an internet connection.

From your menu at the top of the screen, click on "System" and go to "Help" - type in some keywords or the program name and you're on your way!

man - this is a command you run in a terminal, just type: "man programname" and if there is a manual page it'll open up (type: "man man" for more options for this command)

info - this command is used in the same way as man, and in some cases will bring up the same information, but it's sometimes worth a shot.

/usr/share/doc/ - this is a directory in Ubuntu that stores documentation for programs you install, just navigate to the program name in this directory and you'll find documentation about it

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