Me and GNU/Linux

Ubuntu is my first GNU/Linux experience and I'll really enjoy it (to be honest I tried Suse for a couple of months before). After my first install almost a year ago (yes I'm still a newbie Sad :( ) I fallen in love with GNU/Linux and cant change OS any more Wink ;) .

It's a specially the community and the ease of use that made me choose Ubuntu.

About me

At the moment I'm still student at the University of Applied Sciences Wester Switzerland. But I hope to by an IT Manager in February 2008 (hope doesn't really takes place there I'm working to reach this goal).

Witch Ubuntu am I running ??

I first started with Ubuntu Edgy Eft but I upgraded to Feisty Fawn on my laptop.

I'll also run Xubuntu Feisty Fawn on a old desktop witch had the same effect then a Fountain of Youth on it Wink ;)


Patrick Murena

1040 Echallens VD (French part of Switzerland)

Email: <patrick.murena AT gmail DOT com>


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