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Why Ubuntu for me

I have over the years been using different OS's, but actually when building my present system, I decided that it was time to try some of the Linux distributions. My choice became Ubuntu 7.10 64 bit. I was pretty surprised how easy the installation went, despite the fact I'm using raid 1.

Since then I have been searching and listening on good advices.

I find that I have got some nice grip on Ubuntu though not yet expert. There is still room for improvements.

My efforts towards Ubuntu Community

  • I support resolving issues on

  • Since June 2008 I have attended to the extent possible at Danish Loco meetings.
  • Testing upcoming new versions of Ubuntu and filing bug reports.
  • Having started to do translation on some part of Xfce.

Outlook for future

It is hard for one to say what future will bring you.

  • I will be trying to start a translation team for translation of Xfce into Danish.
  • Becoming more collaborative towards the community within my abilities.

Taking part in

Webpages worth visiting

Xfce translation.

Danish Community Support for Ubuntu.

RAID explained


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