Ubuntu Persian Translation

About the Team

Ubuntu Persian Translation (UPT) team is a group of translators, which like to translate Ubuntu into Persian. If you are interested, follow on to see how you can help us.

Please note that we are only a translation team. Many people involved in Persian translation projects don't live in Iran, or don't have enough spare time to attend local meetings, help end-users, etc. Please just focus on translation issues in this team.

Fortunately, ubuntu-ir, the Ubuntu Iranian Local Community team has been set up, and their website is Please help the Iranian Local Team to attract end-users, set up local events, etc. Find more information at IranianTeam page.

How to Contact Us

Team SubPages

  • /TeamRules: Proposed team rules and policies.

  • /Glossary: Proposed translation glossary.

  • /Packages: A package translation maintenance approach.

How to do Translation



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