About me

I've been using Ubuntu since 2005 and I just love it. It works right "out-of-the-box" and have a simple and elegant interface GNOME. I use Ubuntu as my primary desktop and also use it on my laptop.

I like the idea behind open source very much, and I always try to find an open source software alternative.


I'm interested in programming, though I haven't released any applications under Linux yet. I know of C/C++, JAVA, PHP, HTML, Python and the basic shellscripts.


I work as a danish translator and translate GNOME applications and documentations.

I'm a member of Dansk-gruppen.

Free and Open Source Software activities

Danish translation of applications in GNOME. GNOME translation status



Zepto 4200 / Intel Pentium Mobile 1.6GHz / 512Mb RAM / HITACHI 120Gb IDE / Dualboot-Ubuntu 7.10/WinXP


Box / AMDAthlon64X2 Dual Core 3800+ / 2Gb RAM DUAL DDR800 / WD 500Gb SATAII / Ubuntu 7.10

Applications I use and recommend

Rhythmbox Evolution Firefox Pidgin GIMP Gedit OpenOffice2 Totem VLC XChat


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