My name is Peter Dedecker. I studied Computer Science Engineering, graduated in 2006. Now I'm doing research at the IBCN Research Group, Department of Information Technology (INTEC) of Ghent University. In the past I was active as a student representative and as board member of the Flemish Technical Board (VTK), the organisation of the engineering students in Ghent. I also founded the VTK Workgroup Free Software which tries to promote free software at the engineering students and teachers. I founded and still manage the website

I'm using Linux since 2003. I started with Mandrake Linux, switched to Gentoo Linux where I learned a lot about Linux, but switched again to Ubuntu in 2006 because I installed it on my girlfriends computer and was pretty amazed about it. Previous to Ubuntu, she used SuSE but now she's mostly using Windows again, mostly for her job Sad :-( I also use Ubuntu at my work because that works a lot more comfortable for me and we also develop a lot on Linux there.

I really love Ubuntu and want to spread the word, as I am already doing a lot in student environments.


E-mail: <Peter DOT Dedecker AT UGent DOT be>

Jabber: Peter DOT Dedecker AT jabber DOT belnet DOT be


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