About me

My real name is Pedro Franco Alvarado, aka Petrux. I'm 37 years old and live in Quito, but i was born in Guayaquil - Ecuador. I'm thoelogist, Master in Artial Marts (Kempo and Hapkido), electromechanic, I love the computer and everything on the free movement of soft and his philosophy as altruistic. Using Ubuntu operating system as usual daily from doing something more than three years, since 2006 and this time I have made known in my environment (friends, coworkers, family ...), installation when I requested, and supporting selfless these people in order to help them change and that his experience with Ubuntu be as rewarding as possible. Well I can say, that ubuntu rules.

Contact me

Email: <pmfranco AT fybsistemas-ec DOT com>


IRC: Petrux-ec en el servidor


*Coordination of project like Flisol at 2008 *Invited to Campus Party in El Salvador in september, talking about Edubuntu in Ministerio de Educacion del Salvador. *Representation of Ubuntu-ec, in march of 2007 about Software Freedom Day in Quito with Universidad Politecnica Salesiana. Any others, more, more, more

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