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Stuttgart, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

About Me

I'm a currently 28 year old Kubuntu developer living in Stuttgart / southwest Germany. I've started using linux with KDE on Suse, then Debian for a while, since Gutsy I've been using Ubuntu and since Karmic I'm back on Kubuntu. I'm focusing mostly on the KDE SC packaging, helping out with Testing and Q/A as time permits. I'm trying to improve Kubuntu where I can and I'm a KDE fan.

Team Memberships

Ubuntu Involvement

I've been testing the Ubuntu development releases since Intrepid and am part of the BugSquad since March 2009. Since 2010 I've been working more on packaging esp. for Kubuntu and user support on IRC when I have time. I've been a Kubuntu member since January 2011 and finally became Kubuntu-Dev in July 2011. Since then I've focused on the KDE SC release packaging, general new release development and user support.


  • Writing bash completion for apport
  • Triaging bugs as part of the ubuntu bugsquad
  • Kubuntu KDE SC packaging
  • Improving the kubuntu-dev-tools and kubuntu-automation scripts
  • Giving user support on IRC
  • Maintaining Project Neon - KDE daily builds for Kubuntu
  • set up daily builds for scribus
  • answering questions on Launchpad

  • Tomahawk PPA maintenance


see for the current list.


My roadmap for the near future includes:

  • Improve our KDE SC packaging tools so we can provide even better packages for our releases and backports.
  • Work on ISO Testing and automatic testing.

Far feature:

  • finally learn Qt coding

  • become a MOTU
  • Improve our contact with other distributions and see where we can benefit from working together.
  • Make Kubuntu easier to use for everyone.

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