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About Me

I'm a 30 something year old web developer and GNU/Linux enthusiast. When I'm not in the "zone" and geeking out with computers I can be found hanging out with my wife Becky and Daisy the dog.

I began experimenting with Linux on the desktop in 1999 when I purchased a packaged copy of SuSE 6.3. I ordered it from a local retailer as downloading it via a dial-up connection was not an option. The distribution came on 6 CD-ROMs and I remember being totally amazed by the sheer amount of free programs it included.

The next distribution I encountered was Caldera's OpenLinux 2.4. After that I took a break from using Linux on the desktop until Fedora Core was released in 2003. I continued to use Fedora as my main OS and upgraded as new versions were released. Then in 2004 I happened across Ubuntu and I adopted it as my main OS. These days I can mainly be found using Debian GNU/Linux, or my own derivative of Debian, CrunchBang.

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