About me

I am 20 years old and currently studying computer science at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in my second term. I got started with Linux in 1999, used Debian since 2002 (woody) and joined the project in 2005 as a developer. In my spare time I am currently administrating a pool of a dozen clients and the corresponding server-side services at Fachschaft Mathematik / Informatik.

My pet package in Debian and Ubuntu is Gobby (a collaborative editor), of which I am also upstream, and the libraries needed for it. I am also active in the Utnubu backmerging team.

Why I want to join Ubuntu

I appreciate the efforts Ubuntu made to nudge non-technical users to use Linux instead of Windows, or at least in addition to it and keep the technical aspects as much out of the way as possible. So my interest lays in further improving this experience, although I am a rather technical user myself.

I try to actively take care of my Debian packages in Ubuntu since 2005 (like filing sync requests and fixing bugs filed against the Ubuntu source packages) and I want to expand this involvement in the near future, thus my request for Ubuntu membership. I served as a Debian AM and package sponsor in the past, so reviewing other people's packaging work is no problem for me and I will try to concentrate on getting a MOTU, contribute as a REVU reviewer and fix selected bugs upstream and for Ubuntu.

Technical aims

I try to encourage IPv6 usage in my proximal environments, which means getting connectivity natively or via tunnels, adopting IPv6 internally in the network and getting applications to work with IPv6. I was, together with others, able to push aiccu upstream to move to a licence which Debian does not consider non-free (they had a specific clause for the service they provide).


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  • Nickname on IRC: pkern

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  • GPG key: B2CFCDD8 (1024D/2003-01-08)

Ubuntu Member Application

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