Below are the items that were marked as Pending. I believe few members would still want to see this pushed through. Since we've lost all the data hosted on ServerPronto Mekong, all the items listed below was recalled from memory. Email Address / Redirect

I believe this is plausible since the Korea Team has received favorable response (thread). So the only thing we need to worry about is hosting.

  • Google Apps for Domain may be able to help us, however, we're limited to 50 email accounts and every email we sent contains text ads.
  • DaxSolomonUmaming - I may be able to spare some bandwidth for redirects. However, I don't think I can handle 100+ users, so I may lay down some conditions - probably depending on a users' tenure or the amount of contributions.

Multi-Blog Application

If I remember correctly, this was marked as rejected since almost every member has their own blog and aggregated in PlanetPlanet. Having a Multi-Blog for Ubuntu-PH members seems too redundant.

However, some might disagree, I'd like to open a discussion regarding this issue.

If allowed by Canonical SysAdmins, we may be able to use Gallery2 Module for Drupal. This module would allow users to easily upload and manage images we care to share to the community.


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