This is the 1st meeting for 2010 of the Philippine Team, starting at 20:00 PHT (UTC+8) and finishing at 22:12 PHT (UTC+8)


Active Attendees:

  1. Knightlust - Dax Solomon Umaming
  2. bhearsum
  3. aljoriz - Aljoriz M. Dublin
  4. pyc - Loell Erecre
  5. jaceleon - Ace Leon
  6. joe_alf - Jefferon Alfaro
  7. str0ng - Marlon Guao
  8. jr_galia - JR Galia
  9. Laibcoms - JC John Sese Cuneta
  10. johnarcews - John Arce
  11. dodimar - Marvin Cruz
  12. ojtibi
  13. jonas3
  14. zeroseven0183 - Jean Austin Rodriguez
  15. nhatz - Natali Rico Diocades
  16. otep - Nod Morrina
  17. guitar_man
  18. suxenexus
  19. domon
  20. e1mer - Elmer Rivera
  21. rjian - RJ Ian Sevilla
  22. acp_ - AC Perdon
  23. viril - Viril Calimlim
  24. scriptwarlock
  25. jepong - Jeffrey Seguerra
  26. Severity1 - John Reilly Pospos
  27. Orlee - Orlee Pasion
  28. vhinz
  29. Jucato - Juan Carlos Torres


When adding agenda items please "sign" them, place @SIG@ after each of your items. If you won't be in attendance, please describe your item and wishes in detail otherwise those items may not be effectively discussed.

  • Webinars for Ubuntu-PH users
    • Translation Tutorials
    • Bug Reports and Triaging
    • Specialty Tutorials
  • Seminars and Offline Events
    • Event Plans
    • Tools and Resources
      • Conference Packs
      • Presentations
  • Translation of Packages for Lucid Lynx
    • Important Packages
    • Package Adoption
    • Translation Trackers
  • Locales due for libc
    • Submission Process
    • Technical Manual
    • Languages not yet in libc
      • Hiligaynon
      • Bikol
      • Iloko
      • Pangasinan
      • Pampanga
    • Additional Language
      • Central Sinama
    • The Peso Sign
  • Preparation for the LoCo Team Re-approval

    • Resources
    • Membership
    • Roadmap
    • Experience
  • Regional Contact Persons
    • Need Assessment
    • Regions
      • Luzon
      • Visayas
      • Mindanao
  • CD Request Process
    • Current Process
    • Local Process
  • Website
    • Host Provider
    • Planet
  • Other matters


  • Webinars for Ubuntu-PH users
    • Translation tutorials will commence next week, date and time to be announced later
      • The first tutorial will first cover Launchpad's Translations
      • Succeeding Translation tutorials will cover PO files and tools such as PoEdit

    • Bug Reporting and Triaging tutorials will be tackled next
      • The Bug Control Team and their responsibilities was briefly tackled
    • Specialty Tutorials
      • Programmers and System Administrators will be invited to discuss their field of specialty
      • Will discuss Database Administration and Programming
      • Sessions such as this could attract more members, especially students
      • Possibility of handing out certificates
  • Seminars and Offline Events
    • Lucid Lynx Release Party
    • Regional Ubuntu Love Day
    • Presentations available online and LoCo Conference Packs are discussed

    • The International Rice Research Institute is willing to host events
    • Schools may be willing to host events if we lack venue
  • Translation of Packages for Lucid Lynx
    • Discussed the most important packages the team should translate
      • Browsers, Email Clients, Office Applications
    • Adoption of a user's most used application was suggested
    • Extensive use of Launchpad was agreed upon instead of creating a tracker which tracks which user's translating what application
  • Locales due for libc
    • For next meeting
  • Preparation for the LoCo Team Re-approval

    • Team hasn't been scheduled yet for assessment, possibly for 4th Quarter this year

    • Our LoCo team met all criterias except Experience

    • Meetups and Eyeballs proposed and for further discussion
    • G2iX's Techbar available for meetups
  • Regional Contact Persons
    • To assess areas with active Ubuntu members
    • Survey users locations
  • CD Request Process
    • Discussed current ShipIt process

    • Document local process for requesting CDs
  • Website
    • Content is out of date, will be updated by the community
    • Additional Administrators will be approved upon request
    • Website is currently hosted at 110mb.com under a paid account
    • Two other active Ubuntu Members/LoCo Leaders (Loell and Zak) will be provided access to the host
    • As long as the website is being used by the community, the account will be passed on to the current LoCo Contact

    • Current host insufficient to run Planet Feed Reader, will look at PHP-based aggregators
  • Other matters
    • Ubuntu-PH stickers are being given away in the forums, the team will continue to encourage the individual
    • Tutorial/Howto page will be created on how to create quality stickers and shirts with Ubuntu-PH Logo
    • Solicit sponsorships from other LoCo teams for the stickers

    • Fundraising for shirts, stickers, and other materials was brought up
    • SM North Meetup was discussed, details will be discussed in the forums.

Any Other Business


Started logging meeting in #ubuntu-ph
[06:00:13] <Knightlust> Good Evening Guys! I'm glad you can all make it. Let's start with our attendance.
[06:00:20] <Knightlust> Since some attendees are new here, I'd like the team to get acquainted with each other and get to know your real names by issuing this command /me is Your Real Name.
[06:00:25] <bhearsum> aljoriz: launchpad isn't the greatest place to do Mozilla translations, unfortunately, mas mabuti ang upstream
[06:00:30] <Knightlust> I'll start.
[06:00:34] * Knightlust is Dax Solomon Umaming
[06:00:45] <aljoriz> mesa ALJORIZ M. DUBLIN mesa no like jarjar binks
[06:00:55] * pyc Loell Erecre
[06:00:59] * jaceleon is Ace Leon
[06:01:03] * joe_alf Jefferon Alfaro
[06:01:14] * str0ng Marlon Guao
[06:01:16] * jr_galia is Claudio Galia III
[06:01:22] * Laibcoms is JC John Sese Cuneta
[06:01:52] * joe_alf Jefferson Alfaro
[06:02:15] <Knightlust> alright, anyone else?
[06:02:32] <Knightlust> Thanks guys. Let's now discuss our activities for 2010.
[06:02:36] <aljoriz> ok
[06:02:38] * johnarcews John Arce
[06:02:39] <Knightlust> [TOPIC] Webinars for Ubuntu-PH users
[06:02:52] <Knightlust> I guess the community would love attending online tutorials if only it coincides with our timezone. So I'll be holding various webinars on a wide range of topics.
[06:03:14] <Knightlust> #ubuntu-classroom has tons of online tutorials, unfortunately, we have to be awake at 12MN-4AM
[06:03:20] <aljoriz> suggestion: how about making a vcd or dvd type of tutorials?
[06:03:20] <Knightlust> so I came up with this
[06:03:29] <Knightlust> The first subject would obviously be Translations. I'm sure the community is eager to go try their skills on translating a package but there's very few available resource online.
[06:03:45] <Knightlust> [IDEA] how about making a vcd or dvd type of tutorials?
[06:04:00] <Knightlust> FYI, translated packages will also be available upstream after a merge. Meaning, other distros would benefit from your work.
[06:04:06] <dodimar> PRESENT
[06:04:11] <aljoriz> 12mn-4am isn't a practical time to meet seeing that most of us work
[06:04:23] <Knightlust> I'll start with Launchpad howtos, then move on to translating PO files utilizing tools such as Poedit.
[06:04:39] <Knightlust> We'll also cover topics such as how to push your PO files upstreams.
[06:04:57] <Knightlust> The second subject I'll be glad to teach would be Bug Reporting and Triaging.
[06:04:57] <aljoriz> teka xcuse my ignorance.. what's an upstream?
[06:05:12] <Knightlust> aljoriz: upstream's the package/program itself
[06:05:29] <aljoriz> thank u
[06:05:29] <Knightlust> like Firefox, if you get it upstream - it means you get it from mozilla.com
[06:05:47] <Knightlust> Quality Assurance work has become somewhat of a specialty, and we'll benefit by learning how to submit detailed and useful bug reports.
[06:06:04] <Knightlust> We'll also discuss Bug Triaging in the process. This is a very critical part of QA work since most developers rely on the Importance and Status.
[06:06:14] <jaceleon> so technically, upstreaming is sending the program to its online place for distribution...?
[06:06:15] <Knightlust> And if you feel comfortable working with bugs, I encourage you to apply for Ubuntu Bug Control Team.
[06:06:17] <aljoriz> mejo nakakatakot yan prang dpat BSIT ka yata
[06:06:29] <bhearsum> jaceleon: "upstreaming" is sending work back to the original author
[06:06:35] <Knightlust> You'll then be able to change a bug's Importance and Status upon your approval - something Bug Reporters aren't allowed to do (mostly because of abuse).
[06:06:38] <jaceleon> ah, thanks.
[06:06:48] <Knightlust> Your contributions to the Bug Control Team will be advantageous to your Ubuntu Membership application in the future.
[06:06:55] <Knightlust> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugControl
[06:07:02] <Knightlust> you don't need to be in IT
[06:07:06] <aljoriz> umm what are the benefits of ubutnu membership?
[06:07:10] <Knightlust> that's the purpose of the webinars and tutorials
[06:07:26] <Knightlust> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership
[06:07:58] <Knightlust> So any questions on Bug Report/Triaging and Translation Tutorials/Webinars?
[06:08:33] <Knightlust> Lastly, we'll hold specialty tutorials. I noticed that most Filipino Ubuntu Users are just that - Users.
[06:08:43] <Knightlust> But that's something we're good at, and we can use it to our advantage and help the community at the same time.
[06:08:57] <Knightlust> So I'll be inviting Programmers and System Administrators in the very near future to conduct webinars on their field of specialty.
[06:09:05] <ojtibi> Hi all! :)
[06:09:09] <aljoriz> us? users.. parang adik pakingan yan
[06:09:13] <Knightlust> We could hold sessions on Database Administration (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, etc.)
[06:09:21] <Knightlust> We could also hold sessions on programming.
[06:09:34] <Knightlust> Example: Jucato could hold tutorials for C++/Qt while nhatz could teach us about PHP. And then zakame would impart his knowledge on Perl.
[06:09:45] <johnarcews> yes mostly users/fanatic ang madame
[06:09:49] <aljoriz> is it possible to make translation easier
[06:09:52] <Knightlust> Sessions such as this could attract more members, especially students. And we could even hand out certificates.
[06:10:15] <aljoriz> that certification idea would benefit schools
[06:10:16] <jonas3> nice
[06:10:19] <Knightlust> aljoriz: yes, the Launchpad interface is the easiest I've seen
[06:10:34] <jaceleon> and would benefit our resumes
[06:10:51] <Knightlust> Any questions on Tutorials and Webinars
[06:10:55] <aljoriz> @Knightlust pero di ba sabi mo mas ok kung sa upstream?
[06:11:12] <pyc> jaceleon: on resumes, not necessarily, but it may.
[06:11:14] <ojtibi> I see John Arce here, how about Allan (wersdaluv) and sir Dax?
[06:11:31] <Knightlust> aljoriz: pushing your translation upstreams will only make the distribution of your translations faster
[06:11:31] <aljoriz> when I first saw launchpad parang nakakatakot tlga parang not user friendly
[06:11:48] <Laibcoms> ojtibi: Knightlust = Dax ^_^
[06:11:51] <zeroseven0183> You'll get use to it, aljoriz
[06:11:57] <Knightlust> Using Launchpad is easy, but it will take a while before it gets merge upstream
[06:12:08] <nhatz> hehehehe
[06:12:11] <nhatz> start na ba?
[06:12:17] <ojtibi> Ay thanks Laibcoms, hi sir Dax you're here na pala :)
[06:12:23] <Knightlust> hehe
[06:12:29] <Knightlust> anymore questions?
[06:12:33] <jaceleon> wenkz!
[06:13:05] <Knightlust> I prefer to use Launchpad, it adds up my Karma
[06:13:21] <Knightlust> anymore questions?
[06:13:30] <aljoriz> [Idea] if would be nice if we can add members who are pc distributors so that we cn install ubuntu and lower pc / netbook pricing
[06:13:49] <zeroseven0183> When will these tutorials and webinars start?
[06:14:07] <jaceleon> aljoriz, I beg to differ on your opinion but.....
[06:14:09] <Knightlust> zeroseven0183: we'll start next week
[06:14:26] <zeroseven0183> Thanks
[06:14:30] <aljoriz> so that sched is 12mn-4am?
[06:14:34] <Knightlust> aljoriz: it'll be great if we could get distributors to do that
[06:14:47] <aljoriz> yes a big IF
[06:14:47] * zeroseven0183 Jean Austin
[06:14:55] <jaceleon> aljoriz, it's not as if I hate the idea, but...
[06:15:02] <Knightlust> aljoriz: the 12mn-4am is the current sessions by the Ubuntu Community
[06:15:09] <jaceleon> aljoriz, distributors ARE businessmen
[06:15:13] <aljoriz> ow
[06:15:17] <Knightlust> targeting the US and UK timezones
[06:15:20] <jaceleon> and businessmen goes with the trend with more earnings on it
[06:15:30] <Knightlust> that's why we'll start our own tutorial sessions
[06:15:42] <aljoriz> anyway the schedule won't be ok with me as I have work int he mornings.
[06:15:46] <jaceleon> and as for open source, for them, it is a slasher of their earnings....
[06:16:26] <Knightlust> [TOPIC] Seminars and Offline Events
[06:16:33] <Knightlust> Let's move on to something I love. Offline Events and Eyeballs
[06:16:40] <aljoriz> but it would be nice if the seminar would be an interactive type
[06:16:43] <jonas3> sorry for this question kinda hook up late...is the tutorials/webinars follow certain teaching pattern or just a answer a question when asked thingy...?.
[06:16:47] <pyc> [IDEA] regional ubuntu love day
[06:16:50] <Knightlust> Of course there's the Lucid Lynx Release Party on April(?). Fortunately for us, there's Allan Caeg to organize the event
[06:16:51] <aljoriz> things like IT professors do now a days
[06:16:58] <nhatz> pwede naman gawin sa google wave
[06:17:08] <Knightlust> jonas3: it follows a pattern
[06:17:21] <Knightlust> there'll also be presentations if we use Jono Bacon's Lernid
[06:17:30] <jonas3> ok thanks
[06:17:46] <str0ng> or.. moodle? :)
[06:17:47] <aljoriz> it would be nice if the lessons can be in powerpoint format to download and easily distribute
[06:18:02] <jonas3> yup
[06:18:11] <jonas3> presentation you mean?
[06:18:22] <zeroseven0183> or in PDF, distributed before the meeting
[06:18:23] <Knightlust> yes, we'll use whatever tools available to us
[06:18:33] <zeroseven0183> I mean, seminar
[06:18:41] <aljoriz> parang powerpoint presentations tapos may exams na interactive like the quizzes on facebook
[06:19:01] <pyc> and of course we need your help to do those presentations ;)
[06:19:06] <Knightlust> I'd also encourage anyone to organize their own Regional Ubuntu Love Day 2010
[06:19:18] <Knightlust> thanks pyc
[06:19:23] <jaceleon> it is nice if this is implemented....
[06:19:33] <jonas3> very nice
[06:19:40] <aljoriz> tanong last sir.. how much is the expenses incurred to organize such a love day?
[06:20:30] <aljoriz> like sa launch party ninyo sa manila how was the expense handled?
[06:20:35] <pyc> aljoriz: depends
[06:20:53] <pyc> kany-kanyang baon will also do :D
[06:21:04] <jaceleon> how about make it national?
[06:21:06] <Knightlust> right, it depends
[06:21:23] <Knightlust> the last Ubuntu Love Day was organized by Jerome Gotangco and sponsored by his company
[06:21:29] <Knightlust> so his expense is minimal
[06:21:38] <Knightlust> it doesn't have to be a spectacular event
[06:21:43] <jaceleon> I mean the organization of such events require coordination from others... it would be nice to have coordinations nationwide
[06:21:51] <Knightlust> have your local schools sponsor the venue
[06:21:56] <Knightlust> they'd love it
[06:22:04] <pyc> but seriously, use minimal monetray resource and more of collaborative voluntarism is encourage when organaizing events
[06:22:08] <Knightlust> if you have University of the Philippines near you, you can ask them
[06:22:11] <aljoriz> im kinda depressed in dt area
[06:22:26] <otep> jaceleon: tipong simultaneous ba?
[06:22:41] <jonas3> question..(a stupid one i bet)..when is this love day? specifically.
[06:22:47] <aljoriz> tried to have the dean of University of the Visayas held an ubuntu awareness seminar tapos parang deadma lang eh
[06:22:49] <jaceleon> otep, yes, yung parang celebration ng y2k
[06:22:56] <Knightlust> otep: ahh yes, i believe the last Ubuntu Love Day was held simultaneously with a Mozilla event
[06:23:09] <Knightlust> and also streamed live
[06:23:25] <pyc> jonas3: schedules are location dependent :)
[06:23:35] <aljoriz> I hate the fact sa mga school LINUX become like a footnote lng at di nahahawakan
[06:23:42] <jonas3> ah ok..thanks
[06:23:53] <jaceleon> well, that's A FACT......
[06:24:02] <jaceleon> :(
[06:24:08] <aljoriz> fact them!
[06:24:14] <jonas3> :-$
[06:24:17] <Knightlust> alright moving on
[06:24:18] <jr_galia> even CS n IT graduate, may di nakahawak ng linux
[06:24:28] <Knightlust> Tools and Resources for Offline Events
[06:24:41] <aljoriz> tools for offline events?
[06:24:47] <Knightlust> Since Ubuntu-PH is an approved team, we are afforded conference packs
[06:24:53] <jonas3> people brought up with something else
[06:24:58] <aljoriz> umm whats a conference packs
[06:25:01] <Knightlust> but are limited and we'll have to reuse them
[06:25:33] <Knightlust> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAtConferences
[06:26:01] <aljoriz> oh kewl
[06:26:13] <zeroseven0183> re-use 4 shirts :-)
[06:26:15] <Knightlust> various Presentations are also available online
[06:26:20] <Knightlust> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Presentations
[06:26:23] <aljoriz> no laba laba
[06:26:34] <aljoriz> mr bombastik so fantastik
[06:26:41] <guitar_man> late na ako..
[06:26:56] <jaceleon> hi sir guitar_man! welcome!
[06:27:03] <Knightlust> and if you want help with your Presentations, you can ask the community
[06:27:11] <aljoriz> cats stevens, in the haws
[06:27:16] <Knightlust> we'd be more than happy to create one or edit out your presentation
[06:28:08] <Knightlust> Also, if you want to organize an event, and need help with the venue. Please don't hesitate to ask
[06:28:27] <aljoriz> hirap kc mag screen capture ng installation eh so most of the images for a presentation would be ripped someone else's work
[06:28:31] <Knightlust> i'd be more than happy to draft up a letter addressed to your nearest university
[06:29:01] <suxenexus> hi
[06:29:07] <jonas3> i did a presentation at school before doing installation for debian lenny..
[06:29:08] <zeroseven0183> By the way, speaking of venue, IRRI (International Rice Research Institute) is very willing to host events
[06:29:12] <suxenexus> did the meeting started already?
[06:29:16] <Knightlust> One tip I've been informed about, contact Colleges (not Universities) for the venues
[06:29:32] <Knightlust> they could use the event to boost up their University application
[06:29:36] <pyc> hrrm suxenexus , di masyadong obvious ;)
[06:29:37] <jonas3> what i did was capture the screen shots through sun virtual machine
[06:30:01] <Knightlust> Anymore questions on Seminars and Offline Events?
[06:30:08] <aljoriz> totoo yan CHED would happy if may ganyan
[06:30:30] <Knightlust> Basically we have 2, the Lucid Release Party and the Ubuntu Love Day
[06:30:40] <Knightlust> details to be discussed later
[06:30:57] <Knightlust> So, anymore questions before moving on to the next topic?
[06:31:10] <aljoriz> no so far
[06:31:21] <Knightlust> [TOPIC] Translation of Packages for Lucid Lynx
[06:31:40] <aljoriz> this one i like
[06:31:41] <Knightlust> We'll first discuss important packages up for translation
[06:32:07] <Knightlust> The most important would be Browsers, Email Clients, and Office Application
[06:32:22] <jaceleon> so what are the top 5 packages, specifically?
[06:32:30] <Knightlust> So if you have time, try getting your hands translating Firefox, Thunderbir, Evolution, and OpenOffice.org
[06:32:31] <aljoriz> firefox?
[06:32:53] <Knightlust> The most important packages are those that are shipped/installed by default
[06:33:08] <aljoriz> so how do I get my hands translating firefox? tt? evo? ooo?
[06:33:15] <jaceleon> speaking of installed by default, isn't gimp gone on 10.04?
[06:33:30] <Knightlust> I'd say, the Top Five would be GNOME, Firefox, Evolution, OpenOffice.org, and F-Spot
[06:33:34] <aljoriz> yes bye bye gimp
[06:33:34] <pyc> aljoriz: launchpad :)
[06:33:38] <jr_galia> gimp is considered prof. software so
[06:33:47] <jr_galia> so not in 10.04
[06:33:56] <Knightlust> True, Gimp's for editing, not managing
[06:34:00] <suxenexus> btw, how can one help in translating a program
[06:34:12] <Knightlust> but it'll still be available in the repository
[06:34:41] <aljoriz> i tried translating in launchpad but Knightlust says its better to do it upstream.. so how do i translate upstream?
[06:34:51] <jaceleon> so it is not currently requiring translations as required as other packages?
[06:35:01] <Knightlust> aljoriz: manually editing PO files
[06:35:14] <aljoriz> what's a PO?
[06:35:15] <Knightlust> it's a pain if you don't know nor have the tools
[06:35:25] <aljoriz> now thats the problem
[06:35:32] <Knightlust> it'll be best for beginners to utilize Launchpad
[06:35:37] <pyc> aljoriz: its a file with .po extension
[06:35:38] <jaceleon> yeah, a newbie problem.
[06:35:51] <aljoriz> im a newbie
[06:35:55] <Knightlust> since Launchpad automates tons of stuff
[06:35:56] <aljoriz> newbie on linux
[06:35:56] <jaceleon> I am as well
[06:36:07] <jr_galia> me too
[06:36:14] <aljoriz> teka ila b n00bs dito at mga xperts?
[06:36:16] <suxenexus> same
[06:36:20] <jaceleon> we newbies want to help, that's why we should try getting the webinars
[06:36:34] <jaceleon> and study. period :).
[06:36:42] <suxenexus> and perhaps some real life tutorials
[06:36:44] <Knightlust> aljoriz: PO files contains instructions on what language a string/word/phrase will be used locally
[06:36:46] <jonas3> noob here
[06:36:52] <Knightlust> hmm, parang mali a
[06:37:12] <pyc> :)
[06:37:28] <jaceleon> XD
[06:37:32] <pyc> ok na yun :D
[06:37:35] <aljoriz> why not set a date n lahat ng noob tutulong sa pang translate via launchpad at yun n lng ang gamitin
[06:37:36] <Knightlust> hehe
[06:37:52] <jaceleon> nice idea, aljoriz
[06:37:54] <Knightlust> yes, that's the purpose of the tutorial sessions
[06:38:12] <Knightlust> i'll also announce it via Mailing List, Forums, and Website
[06:38:21] <aljoriz> paki add me sa mailing list
[06:38:26] <aljoriz> aljoriz at gmail dot com
[06:38:56] <jaceleon> for further things about your mailing list, I suggest posting your emails on the forums....
[06:39:04] <jaceleon> :)
[06:39:10] <zeroseven0183> Sir dito po http://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-ph
[06:39:25] <Knightlust> thanks zeroseven0183
[06:39:26] <aljoriz> sir quick question lang about ubuntu membership.. sa ibang distro if you donate you become a member ganyan di ba style ng ubuntu?
[06:39:44] <aljoriz> nakakatakot mag post sa forums marami spy bots
[06:39:55] <Knightlust> aljoriz: no, Ubuntu's more concerned about your contributions
[06:40:07] <aljoriz> nice
[06:40:10] <Knightlust> if you want to donate, you might as well purchase a product
[06:40:14] <zeroseven0183> you [donate] your ideas
[06:40:55] <Knightlust> Anymore questions?
[06:40:56] <domon> i want to donate locally though, for ubuntu-ph use
[06:41:00] <aljoriz> next
[06:41:23] <pyc> aljoriz: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership
[06:41:28] <Knightlust> or if you wish to discuss the previous topic
[06:42:09] <aljoriz> sa mga na late nag discuss kami about the the plan for a regional ubuntu love day at tutorial na gagawin next week 12mn-4am
[06:42:09] <Knightlust> any questions on the Seminars and Events?
[06:42:31] <Knightlust> aljoriz: uh, where did i say that?
[06:42:36] <pyc> hehe
[06:42:57] <pyc> there's beeen a confusion it seems
[06:43:05] <jaceleon> I dont think that exact phrase is logged, aljoriz...... XD
[06:43:16] <aljoriz> ok
[06:43:22] <jonas3> for the webinars and tutorials, it starts next week, yes? would this be every day of the week?
[06:43:26] <Knightlust> Ok, let's get back to the events
[06:43:43] <Knightlust> Our events for 2010 will include the Lucid Lynx Release Party
[06:43:49] <Knightlust> and the Regional Ubuntu Love Day
[06:44:04] <pyc> the 12 M-4am is currently for the whole ubuntun community , it's in #ubuntu-classroom channel
[06:44:07] <Knightlust> The Lucid Lynx will be organized by Allan Caeg
[06:44:23] <e1mer> hi everyone
[06:44:28] <pyc> aljoriz, but we don't have to attend it
[06:44:44] <aljoriz> oh
[06:44:47] <Knightlust> The Regional Ubuntu Love Day *can* be organized by anyone who wishes to do so
[06:44:56] <aljoriz> brb .. dinner calls
[06:45:28] <Knightlust> The 12MN-4AM Tutorial/Classroom/Sessions targets the UK and US timezones
[06:46:05] <Knightlust> FYI: There's an Ongoing Session called the Ubuntu Developer Week (last day tonight/tomorrow)
[06:46:10] <Knightlust> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek
[06:46:21] <Knightlust> those are the sessions held from 12MN-4AM
[06:46:46] <Knightlust> the Tutorials/Webinars we'll organize/start next week will target our timezone
[06:47:00] <Knightlust> e.g. 8PM-10PM or 2PM-4PM
[06:47:24] <suxenexus> nice. what would the tutorials/webinars contain?
[06:47:28] <zeroseven0183> +1
[06:47:30] <jaceleon> 8-10 PM is ideal
[06:47:33] <jaceleon> +1
[06:48:00] <Knightlust> suxenexus: I'll first prioritize Package Translations via Launchpad
[06:48:15] <Knightlust> then move on to Translations via PO
[06:48:24] <Knightlust> then Bug Reporting and Triaging
[06:48:49] <Knightlust> and finally, Specialty Sessions such as System Administration and Programming
[06:48:52] <suxenexus> tnx for the info :D
[06:49:16] <Knightlust> you can check the log later at http://www.novarata.net/mootbot/
[06:49:35] <suxenexus> olryt
[06:49:45] <jaceleon> :-)
[06:50:08] <Knightlust> hmm, you can check the topics we've already discussed here:
[06:50:11] <Knightlust> [LINK] http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/2010/01/29/%23ubuntu-ph.html
[06:50:23] <Knightlust> So moving on.. Package Adoption
[06:50:31] <pyc> suxenexus: akala ko ikaw si wers, heheh , sorry :)
[06:50:48] <jaceleon> toinks!
[06:51:01] <Knightlust> I'd like to encourage everyone who has some free time to adopt a package for translation
[06:51:31] <Knightlust> I'll personally work on Lernid and Transmission
[06:51:43] <Knightlust> iirc, Laibcoms has also adopted a package
[06:51:43] <suxenexus> ok lang po.
[06:52:38] <Knightlust> basically, adopt your most used application. then translate it
[06:52:38] <Laibcoms> b2evolution.. more for personal training doing translations via launchpad and PO editors ^^
[06:52:58] <Knightlust> it's quite easy now that we have Launchpad
[06:53:09] <Knightlust> imagine what we have to go through before editing po files manually
[06:53:13] <suxenexus> can we make a more distinct chat log? (i.e. a change of color when the topic started/ended)
[06:53:52] <joe_alf> Knightlust: is it possible to help on translation even if one is using different linux? ang alam ko kasi hindi ata pwede.
[06:53:56] <Knightlust> suxenexus: that chat log's not maintained/administrated by us
[06:54:05] <Knightlust> joe_alf: yes
[06:54:23] <Knightlust> packages you translate will sooner or later be pushed to other distributions
[06:54:50] <Knightlust> Process: Launchpad Translations -> Upstream Package -> pulled by distro
[06:55:21] <suxenexus> oh... alright
[06:55:42] <Knightlust> next up, Package Trackers
[06:56:11] <Knightlust> this was suggested before, tracking accomplishments to back up Ubuntu Membership Applications.
[06:56:19] <jaceleon> excuse me for a while.. I'm going idle.... checking a customer in... :-)
[06:56:33] <Knightlust> but my question is, would this still be applicable today if we use Launchapad
[06:56:39] <Knightlust> which has a Karma tracker?
[06:57:05] <Knightlust> we could create one if you so choose
[06:57:21] <rjian> wow is Jucato naka op hehe
[06:57:35] <Knightlust> it has the added benefit of tracking which user is currrently translating a package
[06:57:52] <Knightlust> but with Launchpad/Ubuntu, we don't really mind duplicity of work
[06:57:57] <Laibcoms> I think ung Launchpad Karma ok na
[06:58:15] <Knightlust> alright, any questions?
[06:58:27] <e1mer> +1 lets just use launchpad extensively
[06:58:34] <Laibcoms> The only thing with the karma, it counts bug reports as well
[06:58:41] <rjian> Knightlust: sorry im late.. :)
[06:58:48] <Knightlust> hi rjian!
[06:59:14] <Knightlust> [AGREED] Use Launchpad extensively for Package Translations
[06:59:15] <pyc> oist rjian dahil late ka, ikaw ang mag-oorganize ng ubuntu love day sa davao :D
[06:59:43] <Knightlust> [TOPIC] Locales due for libc
[07:00:12] <rjian> aw nakaset ang bot hehe okie
[07:00:36] <Knightlust> since this is a broad and very technical topic, would it be ok if we move this topic for another meeting?
[07:00:48] <pyc> +1
[07:00:56] <zeroseven0183> +1
[07:00:58] <Knightlust> This topic might take 2hrs minimum
[07:01:00] <domon> yes too much for me
[07:01:02] <suxenexus> +1
[07:01:19] <rjian> haha cgi na nga +1 din
[07:01:20] <Knightlust> [AGREED] Defer Locales due for libc for the next meeting
[07:01:32] <jaceleon> +1 on that as long as the knowing people teach the newbies launchpad
[07:01:38] <Knightlust> [TOPIC] Preparation for the LoCo Team Re-approval
[07:01:59] <rjian> may renewing pla hehe cool..
[07:02:08] <Knightlust> so for those who are not aware, Ubuntu-PH is now due for Re-approval
[07:02:24] <suxenexus> how did that happen?
[07:02:31] <jonas3> omg
[07:02:36] <guitar_man> bakit???
[07:02:38] <e1mer> btw why do we need to renew?
[07:02:44] <pyc> suxenexus: just an S.O.P
[07:02:47] <Knightlust> We haven't been scheduled yet, but it'll come probably fourth quarter of this year
[07:03:08] <Knightlust> The re-approval is meant to assess which LoCo teams need help
[07:03:12] <dodimar> anong kailangan para sa renewal?
[07:03:22] <Knightlust> dodimar: mostly activities
[07:03:28] <e1mer> like?
[07:03:29] <pyc> at body count
[07:03:31] <Knightlust> that's the reason for this meeting
[07:03:37] <jaceleon> ano ang duration ng approval nila? 1 year?
[07:03:39] <Knightlust> yes, and numbers
[07:03:59] <Knightlust> jaceleon: they've been discussing annual renewal/re-approval
[07:04:10] <Knightlust> either way, we have to be prepared
[07:04:14] <zeroseven0183> What do you mean body count/numbers?
[07:04:33] <zeroseven0183> Numbers of active users in a LoCo or number of Ubuntu members in a Loco?
[07:04:43] <jaceleon> so how many people do we need for the count to be sustained?
[07:04:44] <pyc> zeroseven0183: yes
[07:04:50] <Knightlust> zeroseven0183: yes, active users in a LoCo team
[07:05:23] <Knightlust> 15 or more
[07:05:45] <Knightlust> haven't seen/heard approvals for LoCo's with 10 or less members yet
[07:05:46] <jaceleon> I can see we passed on the numbers already.
[07:05:52] <dodimar> how do they define 'active'?
[07:05:59] <Knightlust> right, right, but we need activities
[07:06:02] <jaceleon> good question
[07:06:03] <otep> yep
[07:06:11] <Knightlust> those online tutorials, package translations would help greatly
[07:06:22] <Knightlust> not to mention seminars and offline activities
[07:06:22] <pyc> true
[07:06:24] <otep> Launchpad acitivities?
[07:06:36] <otep> *acti
[07:06:42] <jaceleon> I guess it's counted as an activity, otep.
[07:06:48] <Knightlust> FYI: did you know that we could count eyeballs/inuman session as an Ubuntu activity?
[07:06:57] <acp_> how about release parties we had?
[07:07:14] <guitar_man> inum nalang tayo everyday!!!
[07:07:20] <Knightlust> so for those in the greater manila area, i would encourage you to setup your eyeball dates!
[07:07:22] <zeroseven0183> hehehe
[07:07:26] <jaceleon> LOL guitar_man.
[07:07:28] <otep> ok
[07:07:38] <otep> so who's near malate right now hahahaha
[07:07:38] <rjian> kami ni pyc bahala sa mindanao haha
[07:07:46] <pyc> also they really value offline activities, heheh, happy happy!
[07:07:53] <jaceleon> me, near sa malate
[07:07:54] <Knightlust> too bad i'm 6hrs away, otherwise, i'll organize a meetup everynight
[07:07:55] <Knightlust> hehehe
[07:07:58] <rjian> otep: your starting na nga
[07:08:04] <jaceleon> yey!
[07:08:17] <guitar_man> bukas para hindi biglaan
[07:08:20] <Knightlust> true, so true. Ubuntu really values offline activities
[07:08:28] <suxenexus> wow
[07:08:42] <jaceleon> I like to see Ubuntu sers in flesh
[07:08:44] <rjian> Knightlust: we can include the event sfd right?
[07:08:45] <jr_galia> taga visayas naman?
[07:08:47] <jaceleon> *users
[07:08:49] <e1mer> fyi, the techbar here in G2iX is always available for meetups
[07:08:50] <Knightlust> Ok, there are four things we need to meet. Resources, Membership, Roadmap, and Experience
[07:08:52] <dodimar> may niluluto na para sa souther bulacan area..
[07:08:52] <pyc> rjian , tagay tayo minsan, heheh! :D
[07:08:54] <acp_> I plan to organize here in my place baao
[07:08:57] <Knightlust> rjian: yes, we can definitely include it
[07:09:05] <Knightlust> especially since you organized one
[07:09:08] <suxenexus> i've heard there's a lot of bulucan users who are active
[07:09:20] <jaceleon> ang layo nmn ng bulacan e
[07:09:26] <jaceleon> let's meetup na lang sa SM
[07:09:26] <guitar_man> dodimar:may coffee session kami kila dodimar!
[07:09:27] <rjian> Knightlust: cool.. meron pa iba this May.. Mindanao Source camp.. hehe
[07:09:28] <Knightlust> Resources we have: Mailing List, Forum, Website and an IRC Channel.
[07:09:31] <jaceleon> as agreed on forums
[07:09:35] <suxenexus> sm what?
[07:09:43] <jaceleon> SM North daw....
[07:10:00] <Knightlust> kelan? baka makababa ako?
[07:10:21] <jaceleon> aun lang, ala pang date ung meetup...
[07:10:21] <rjian> pyc: kailan ang ubuntu Love day?
[07:10:25] <e1mer> Knightlust, btw did ubuntu-ph got a boot or someting during the north luzon foss summit? i think those are opportunities for us
[07:10:28] <otep> dapat me maayos tayong listahan ng mga members
[07:10:41] <guitar_man> @Knightlust wala pang date...kwentuhan palang
[07:10:43] <rjian> hehe un wiki pla natin?
[07:10:53] <rjian> d ba may list tau sa Wiki?
[07:11:02] <suxenexus> kung sm north, ok lang naman. :D
[07:11:13] <jaceleon> +1 on SM North
[07:11:22] <suxenexus> +1
[07:11:28] <acp_> +1
[07:11:35] <guitar_man> yung luzon foss ba yung open source day??
[07:11:49] <Knightlust> [ACTION] For further Discussion: First Quarter 2010 Meetup
[07:11:57] <guitar_man> +1 sm north
[07:12:00] <Knightlust> guitar_man: nope, ibang event un
[07:12:25] <otep> para yung magkakalapit pwedeng mag-organize ng kahit weekly meetup (kahit para magkita-kita lang)
[07:12:26] <Knightlust> e1mer: no, too bad u-ph wasn't part of the event.
[07:12:35] <joe_alf> guitar_man: bulacan user meetup yung SM North
[07:12:35] <Knightlust> but u-ph did attend that event
[07:12:36] <rjian> psy: naka log ka d ba? PM me hehe paste doon.. thnx
[07:12:37] <Knightlust> hehehe
[07:13:06] <Knightlust> ok, as i was saying...
[07:13:12] <rjian> Knightlust: ang Luzon Foss? d ba andun lng un sa inyo? hehe
[07:13:20] <Knightlust> there are four things we need to meet. Resources, Membership, Roadmap, and Experience
[07:13:29] <Knightlust> rjian: yes, 15mins walk from our house
[07:13:33] <suxenexus> [idea] meet-up/quick hands-on at SM North EDSA
[07:13:35] <Knightlust> Resources we have: Mailing List, Forum, Website and an IRC Channel.
[07:14:17] <rjian> Knightlust: wiki pla?
[07:14:18] <Knightlust> [ACTION] For further discussion in the forums: SM North EDSA Meetup
[07:14:19] <rjian> :)
[07:14:28] <jaceleon> makakagastos din ako ng P 100 just to go back and forth sa SM North.....
[07:14:30] <Knightlust> ahh yes, we also have the wiki
[07:14:44] <guitar_man> ako nga 150
[07:14:50] <rjian> pys: tau saan tau mag meet? :)
[07:14:51] <Knightlust> Next up, we have Membership. we more than satisfy that requirement
[07:14:56] <suxenexus> ako mga 100
[07:15:25] <Knightlust> 3rd is Roadmap - which is the purpose of this meeting
[07:15:26] <jaceleon> okay, we need to talk about our budget for the meetups
[07:15:29] <rjian> teka ilan na lng ba kami sa Mindanao?
[07:15:31] <e1mer> Knightlust, wdym 'Experience' ?
[07:15:38] <Knightlust> and lastly, we need to satisfy Experience
[07:16:05] <Knightlust> which we'll satisfy after we've had those online tutorials and various offline activities
[07:16:37] <Knightlust> any questions on the LoCo Team Re-approval?
[07:16:45] <jaceleon> nope.
[07:16:53] <jaceleon> :-)
[07:16:56] <guitar_man> wala na sir
[07:17:00] <dodimar> so, this meeting will be our roadmap?
[07:17:20] <jaceleon> we should make it our roadmap....
[07:17:42] <Knightlust> dodimar: yes, we're actually roadmapping
[07:17:53] <Knightlust> [TOPIC] Regional Contact Persons
[07:18:02] <rjian> haha
[07:18:05] <rjian> Mindanao sino?
[07:18:05] <guitar_man> wow
[07:18:06] <jaceleon> XD
[07:18:15] <str0ng> rjian, ikaw! :)
[07:18:22] <guitar_man> as in 13 region???
[07:18:30] <dodimar> Regional: Luzon Visayas ang Mindanao.. medyo masyadong malaki..
[07:18:34] <jaceleon> basta ako, the ubuntu-ph is a good source of conatc people......
[07:18:40] <jaceleon> *contact
[07:18:42] <acp_> Cam Sur?
[07:18:50] <Knightlust> alright, I understand that need for a regional contact persons. We don't have to ask 13 people to represent the 13 regions since we're not that many
[07:18:54] <rjian> str0ng: andyan ka pla haha d kita na notice
[07:18:57] <jr_galia> caraga?
[07:19:20] <str0ng> jr_galia, you from caraga? particularly?
[07:19:45] <Knightlust> The regional contact persons will be to represent Ubuntu-PH and Ubuntu in their area
[07:19:53] <guitar_man> so luzon visayas mindanao lang?
[07:20:01] <dodimar> @knightlust, how bout we survey the location of active members.. tapos kung saan yung madaming members.. they can elect their contact person also..
[07:20:04] <jaceleon> yes, LuzViMinda only
[07:20:20] <pyc> guitar_man: saan pa? spratley? heheh
[07:20:23] <zeroseven0183> How abou, North Luzon, NCR, South Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao?
[07:20:29] <jaceleon> XD
[07:20:32] <jr_galia> yah strong! but now in leyte
[07:20:34] <Knightlust> Jucato: came up with this idea simply because Luzon people couldn't easily attend activities in Mindanao
[07:20:36] <rjian> haha un luzon ang malaki haha
[07:20:36] <guitar_man> NCR
[07:20:39] <zeroseven0183> *about
[07:20:44] <jr_galia> strong: from butuan here
[07:20:49] <rjian> Knightlust: agreed
[07:20:49] <otep> gawa muna tayo list =p
[07:21:05] <Knightlust> [IDEA] Survey the locations of active members, then elect their own contact persons
[07:21:05] <rjian> otep: i think we have it on the wiki list haha
[07:21:12] <pyc> jr_galia: i thought you're from cebu?
[07:21:13] <zeroseven0183> Survey is a good idea
[07:21:23] <jaceleon> suggestion: we should make a thread on the forums regarding locations of members
[07:21:29] <otep> rjian: i mean, is it updated?
[07:21:37] <zeroseven0183> or something like Google forms
[07:21:40] <jr_galia> pyc: from leyte here
[07:21:54] <Knightlust> [IDEA] Create a forum thread regarding locations of members
[07:21:55] <pyc> i see :)
[07:22:14] <Knightlust> [IDEA] Document Member Locations in the Wiki
[07:22:46] <pyc> [IDEA] locations is best laid out in google maps :)
[07:23:23] <pyc> although we already have that, but it's probably old
[07:23:45] <Knightlust> right, and needs updating
[07:23:51] <jaceleon> uh-huh
[07:24:06] <Knightlust> so, questions on Regional Contact Persons?
[07:24:14] <rjian> pyc: kaw un contact sa mindanao? hihi
[07:24:55] <pyc> rjian: ikaw din para dalawa tayo :D
[07:25:15] <Knightlust> alright, moving on
[07:25:21] <viril> hi
[07:25:23] <Knightlust> [TOPIC] CD Request Process
[07:25:34] <viril> sorry i'm late
[07:25:42] <Knightlust> hi viril!
[07:25:49] <guitar_man> yan...maganda yan...
[07:26:09] <Knightlust> the current process for ordering CD's are only available to Ubuntu Members
[07:26:28] <viril> ok read muna ako. hello dax.
[07:26:28] <Knightlust> at the moment, we only have 4 persons qualified to request CDs
[07:26:58] <Knightlust> Loell (pyc), Zak (zakame), Jerome (jsgotangco), and me
[07:27:09] <suxenexus> ayun. I had problems in that area. I haven't recieved my copy of 8.10 several months ago. Then Ubuntu can't send me another one, telling me that I exceeded the maximum requests
[07:27:16] <Knightlust> too bad Jucato has resigned
[07:27:35] <jaceleon> I hate the post office...they are so CORRUPTED...I SWEAR!
[07:27:50] <guitar_man> Knightlust: limited ba ang number ng cd na pwede nyo ma-order???
[07:28:04] <Knightlust> Fortunately, as an approved LoCo, we're granted a box of CDs for every release. Though I'm not sure how many
[07:28:16] <dodimar> so, the best way will be local reproduction of cds..
[07:28:20] <Knightlust> guitar_man: yes, one box only
[07:28:37] <Knightlust> but we're qualified to order a Conference Pack if we organize a big event
[07:28:56] <Knightlust> dodimar: or download an ISO
[07:29:13] <guitar_man> ok din yung reprodution nalang tayo,para bawas sa shipment
[07:29:27] <Knightlust> the current release(Kamic Koala) CDs are available from zakame
[07:29:41] <suxenexus> That's what I'm trying to give to one of my org's event. Unfortunately, I dunno the mechanics T_T
[07:29:43] <dodimar> download and burn, then give to those who are in need..
[07:29:56] <domon> local reproduction is good, we could also give out on computer stores
[07:29:59] <Knightlust> just send him an email with your name, address, zip code, and contact number
[07:30:09] <guitar_man> pero iba pa din kung may copy ka,collectibles kasi.lol
[07:30:22] <suxenexus> can we make it look like retail cds? With the cd cover at least :D
[07:30:27] <viril> i gave a lot before i left national book store hehehe buhos ko training sa kanila e kaso generic cds lang :)
[07:30:39] <Knightlust> The current process is still up for debates
[07:31:10] <Knightlust> third countries such as the Philippines may be exempted
[07:31:31] <Knightlust> we could be allowed to order CDs, but the decision still rests with Canonical
[07:31:34] <viril> parang souvenir ko sa kanila and thanks narin sa pag attend ng training. di nila alam, last training ko na ng Linux and Ubuntu sa kanila. hehehe
[07:31:56] <scriptwarlock> good evening everybody sorry for being late guess im going to catch the topics later sa logs....
[07:32:06] <Knightlust> will provide you guys with updates in the coming weeks
[07:32:19] <Knightlust> but at the moment, non-Ubuntu Members can't request for CDs
[07:32:21] <viril> hello scriptwarlock
[07:32:25] <rjian> dapat kau 4 ang regional coordinator
[07:32:35] * scriptwarlock wave
[07:32:51] <Knightlust> scriptwarlock: http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/2010/01/29/%23ubuntu-ph.html
[07:33:01] <scriptwarlock> ty knightlust
[07:33:31] <Knightlust> Do we need to set up a page or a wiki on how to order CDs from the local Ubuntu Leaders?
[07:33:49] <Knightlust> para na rin ma-track kung ilang CDs na ang na-disseminate
[07:33:51] <dodimar> @Knightlust, maybe a sticky on the forum would do..
[07:33:53] <viril> tnx
[07:34:11] <Knightlust> dodimar: right
[07:34:17] <dodimar> since mas madalas dun mga eubunteros..
[07:34:22] <dodimar> *ubunteros
[07:34:28] <Knightlust> pyc: would you be so kind as to create a how to thread on ordering CDs
[07:34:36] <viril> ah kala ko european ubunteros e hehehe
[07:34:41] <pyc> Knightlust: sure :)
[07:34:48] <Knightlust> thanks pyc
[07:35:10] <pyc> i'll have it up by tommorow
[07:35:17] <Knightlust> [ACTION] Loell to create a forum thread on CD Request Howto
[07:35:35] <pyc> but what will be the instructions?
[07:35:37] <Knightlust> anymore questions on the CD Request Process?
[07:35:53] <Knightlust> pyc: basically, email the current recipient of the box
[07:35:56] <Knightlust> which is zakame
[07:36:12] <pyc> ok :)
[07:36:21] <Knightlust> then provide their name, mailing address, zip code, and contact no.
[07:36:27] <Knightlust> i'll ping zakame on that later
[07:36:32] <guitar_man> download mode nalang
[07:36:43] <pyc> ok :)
[07:36:48] <Knightlust> thanks pyc
[07:36:50] <Knightlust> moving on...
[07:36:59] <Knightlust> [TOPIC] Website
[07:37:04] <jaceleon> yung download mode ng ISO is ONLY for people with fast net connection
[07:37:14] <Knightlust> [LINK] http://ubuntu-ph.org/
[07:37:18] <jaceleon> that is NOT the case in other parts ng bansa
[07:37:31] <jaceleon> so CD distributions will be a great help.
[07:38:05] <Knightlust> Our website is currently hosted by 110mb.com
[07:38:19] <guitar_man> hindi din updated
[07:38:23] <viril> hi jeps
[07:38:36] <jaceleon> I noticed na out-of-date na yung website
[07:38:36] <Knightlust> It is currently being maintaned by me.
[07:38:41] <jepong> sorry im late...
[07:38:51] <Knightlust> er.. ung Drupal ba ang out of date?
[07:38:59] <viril> ok lang jepong late din kme e hehehe
[07:39:05] <jaceleon> XD
[07:39:06] <Knightlust> or ung stories/topics?
[07:39:20] <viril> Knightlust, i think yung topics
[07:39:24] <viril> news etc
[07:39:33] <guitar_man> yung topic
[07:39:34] <Severity1> no new contents
[07:39:35] <Knightlust> right, very few contributors
[07:39:36] <Knightlust> hehehe
[07:39:40] <scriptwarlock> anong tulong na pwede kong gawin para sa website
[07:39:41] <jaceleon> drupal being a bit out-of-date is fine...but contents should be something up-to-date
[07:39:52] <jaceleon> kasi po, I suggest poeple the website
[07:39:55] <Knightlust> I'll work on it. in the mean time, we need more contributors
[07:39:57] <Severity1> Knightlust, im willing to contribute
[07:40:00] <jaceleon> whenever I suggest Ubuntu on them
[07:40:00] <guitar_man> maganda kung may stories din
[07:40:00] <viril> gnun pwede pala magcontribute dun? hehehe
[07:40:18] <Knightlust> if you wish, send me your name and login via email and I'll make you administrator of our website
[07:40:20] <jaceleon> para makita nila na madami ang rason to use Ubuntu
[07:40:22] <dodimar> pwedeng mga stories/testimonies..
[07:40:37] <Severity1> 'kay
[07:40:48] <viril> stories? pwede! ehehehhe
[07:40:49] <guitar_man> tutorials din sir
[07:40:54] <jaceleon> yay!
[07:40:55] <scriptwarlock> are we going to talk figures?
[07:41:06] <jaceleon> stories and tutorials!
[07:41:09] <Knightlust> [ACTION] Add more Website Administrators, Request will be sent to Dax via email
[07:41:09] <viril> anong klaseng stories? hehehe
[07:41:11] <Severity1> yush
[07:41:14] <Laibcoms> [IDEA] For the website, add a Planet feature that will also show on the frontpage or a special link/category.
[07:41:31] <jaceleon> green jokes :lol: joke!
[07:41:38] <jaceleon> ndi nmn
[07:41:44] * ojtibi is away: Park mode, archiving chat history.
[07:41:45] <guitar_man> ubuntu joke
[07:41:46] <guitar_man> haha
[07:41:57] <Orlee> hi guys
[07:41:58] <Knightlust> alright, I've been waiting for this meeting to announce that I'll be donating that/my 110mb.com account to the community
[07:42:01] <viril> guitar_man, pwede! hehehehe
[07:42:01] <Orlee> sorry im late
[07:42:13] <Severity1> \o/
[07:42:15] <viril> yehey tnx Knightlust
[07:42:21] <jaceleon> oh my, sir dax! that's charitable of you!
[07:42:25] <viril> halu Orlee don't worry, late din kme
[07:42:26] * dodimar yahoo..
[07:42:26] <guitar_man> parang tipong komiks...
[07:42:27] <Severity1> \o\
[07:42:34] <viril> we are so... filipino hehehehehehe afir
[07:42:35] <Knightlust> access such as usernames and passwords will be shared to the other 2 Ubuntu Leaders - Loell and Zak
[07:42:35] <Orlee> ha... ok
[07:42:41] <jaceleon> afir!
[07:42:47] <Knightlust> I'll send them the details tonight
[07:43:24] <dodimar> good job sir dax...
[07:43:24] <Knightlust> however, I have one condition - as long as the website's hosted on 110mb, it'll be owned by the current LoCo Contact
[07:43:36] <jaceleon> naturally.
[07:43:43] <Knightlust> after my term as the LoCo Contact, it'll pass it on to my successor
[07:43:58] <Knightlust> the other two Leaders would make sure of that
[07:44:48] <viril> naku mahirap maging successor. sha na magbabayad ng 110mb heheheh joke
[07:44:53] <Knightlust> now, if and when we move on to another host, and have no need for the 110mb account...
[07:45:04] <Knightlust> i'd like to have it back
[07:45:07] <Knightlust> viril: it's already paid for
[07:45:09] <jaceleon> I guess the website is something we can't settle on a single meeting... We should talk about it further on the forums.
[07:45:10] <rjian> pyc: got to go.. keep me posted..
[07:45:15] <rjian> Knightlust: bye
[07:45:19] <rjian> bye everyone
[07:45:21] <pyc> rjian: ok :)
[07:45:21] <viril> wow cool prepaid hehehe
[07:45:23] <jaceleon> bye
[07:45:26] <viril> hi rjian ingat
[07:45:30] * Severity1 waves at rjian
[07:45:34] <Knightlust> 110mb.com account allows one-time purchases
[07:45:48] <viril> jaceleon, honga dami nagreact e hehehe
[07:45:54] <rjian> eow viril thanks
[07:46:00] <domon> how much?
[07:46:12] <Knightlust> [ACTION] Dax to send hosting details to Loell and Zak after the meeting
[07:46:44] <viril> si mootbot ba ready made na ba yan o u coded him/her/it? hehehe
[07:46:48] <Knightlust> Next up is Planet
[07:46:56] <Knightlust> viril: bot ng Ubuntu Scribes
[07:46:57] <Severity1> \o/
[07:46:59] <jaceleon> planet?
[07:47:11] <Knightlust> or more specifically, PlanetPlanet
[07:47:19] <viril> cool
[07:47:28] <Knightlust> Ubuntu-PH doesn't have a Feed Aggregator
[07:47:29] <viril> whatever that is hehehe
[07:47:38] <Severity1> is it something like Planet Ubuntu?
[07:47:47] <Knightlust> the standard for LoCo communities is PlanetPlanet
[07:47:54] <Knightlust> Severity1: exactly like Planet Ubuntu
[07:48:04] <jaceleon> PlanetPlanet?
[07:48:14] <jaceleon> sorry, I'm a bit clueless diyan....
[07:48:19] <Severity1> can i post the link for planet ubntu?
[07:48:34] <Knightlust> now, the problem is this. The current host - 110mb - is insufficient to run PlanetPlanet due to lack of Python apps support
[07:48:39] <guitar_man> http://planet.ubuntu.com/
[07:48:44] <Knightlust> and terminal access
[07:48:48] <Severity1> there :)
[07:48:57] <zeroseven0183> sort of blog
[07:49:14] <jaceleon> now that is painful....... alang maxadng apps...
[07:49:32] <Severity1> seperate server?
[07:49:33] <Knightlust> I know this will be up for further discussion, but we will need your input/suggestion on alternative feed aggregators
[07:49:55] <Knightlust> we have MoonMoon - which is a PHP application, but I'd like to first get your feedback
[07:50:20] <Knightlust> [ACTION] To decide on what feed aggregator to use for Ubuntu-PH Planet
[07:50:32] <Knightlust> [LINK] http://ubuntu-ph.org/planet
[07:50:52] <viril> napeke ako nung una ha. ubuntu argentina lumabas e hehehe
[07:51:10] <Orlee> site not available at this time.
[07:51:32] <Knightlust> Orlee: it doesn't exist, still up for further discussion
[07:51:38] <viril> ah ok hehehe
[07:51:39] <Orlee> ha ok
[07:51:53] <Knightlust> questions regarding our Website?
[07:52:37] <viril> none
[07:52:47] <dodimar> habol question..
[07:53:10] <dodimar> pictures nung mga nakaraang meetups.. pwede din ba natin add sa website..
[07:53:14] <viril> a link sana sa website ng webchat para sa mga walang irc client
[07:53:21] <jaceleon> it would be great to have those.
[07:53:24] <guitar_man> hindi naman kailangan teknikal ang laman ng planet diba???
[07:53:30] <Laibcoms> ooh, may MoonMoon pala. I only know of PlanetPlanet and (Planet) Venus
[07:53:36] <Knightlust> dodimar: yes, in fact, I'm planning on doing that tomorrow
[07:53:37] <Knightlust> hehehe
[07:53:41] <viril> honga sayang naman mga gandang lalaki natin dun sa pics hahaha
[07:53:53] <dodimar> hahaha... sayang wala ako dun sa mga picts.. hehehe..
[07:54:05] <dodimar> dahil wla ako sa event... tsugug..
[07:54:07] <dodimar> :)
[07:54:08] <Knightlust> Ok, our last topic for tonight
[07:54:14] <Knightlust> [TOPIC] Other Matters
[07:54:21] <str0ng> eto na..
[07:54:23] <viril> gnun? dodimar kaya pala kulang mga gwapo e ikaw pala kulang hehehe
[07:54:26] <Knightlust> Any issues you'd like to discuss?
[07:54:29] <str0ng> ito ang gusto kong topic..
[07:54:32] <str0ng> hehe
[07:54:35] <jaceleon> yung pong stickers
[07:54:36] <Knightlust> like kung gaano ka-gwapo ni dodimar?
[07:54:39] <guitar_man> meetup na!
[07:54:40] <viril> wb scriptwarlock
[07:54:43] <jaceleon> ano?
[07:54:44] <dodimar> hahaha..
[07:54:49] <jaceleon> XD
[07:54:52] <viril> ayan naaaa
[07:54:55] <Knightlust> hehehe
[07:54:56] <jaceleon> okay serious...yung stickers
[07:54:57] <guitar_man> meetup nalang.lol
[07:54:58] <acp_> ask ko lang sino from bicol here (naga)?
[07:54:58] <scriptwarlock> naputol inet sa waterfront
[07:55:06] <Knightlust> stickers... what about the stickers?
[07:55:06] <viril> andami nang nangangati sa Other Matters e di makahirit knina e
[07:55:08] <viril> hahahahaha
[07:55:19] <jaceleon> kasi
[07:55:30] <jaceleon> I propose na yung mga nabigyan ni brgenst
[07:55:39] <jaceleon> e bigyan yung mga di naabutan
[07:55:41] <viril> guitar_man, walang chicks dito dala ka naman para meetup. cgurado dami pupunta hjahahahha
[07:55:48] <jaceleon> lalo na yung mga close nmn ang area
[07:56:12] <Knightlust> jaceleon: is it the one being given away on the forums?
[07:56:23] <viril> wb suxenexus
[07:56:24] <Orlee> sir may MOTM po ba ito? para sa mga late na tulad ko.
[07:56:31] <jaceleon> yes po
[07:56:39] <Orlee> thans
[07:57:06] <jaceleon> we need to share those since I know sobra sobra binigay nila sa atin
[07:57:14] <Knightlust> jaceleon: i'm afraid i can't get involved in that
[07:57:32] <jaceleon> I don't say get involve....
[07:57:32] <domon> maybe ask some members during sm north meet up
[07:57:36] <Knightlust> that's a personal thing, neither Ubuntu nor the Ubuntu-PH community was involved in it in the first place
[07:57:38] <jaceleon> I say just encourage
[07:57:41] <viril> Orlee, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/2010/01/29/%23ubuntu-ph.html <-- pasensha na sa mga makukulit na comments hehehehe
[07:57:46] <Knightlust> ohh, ok
[07:57:49] <Orlee> pahingi naman
[07:57:52] <jaceleon> kasi option ng owner if they want to give some...
[07:57:56] <jaceleon> see?
[07:58:09] <viril> honga ako din penge. pengeng t-shirt hehehe
[07:58:17] <Orlee> viril: many thanks
[07:58:19] <Knightlust> but still, printout and mailing stickers costs money... that's something i'd like to stay away from
[07:58:28] <viril> Orlee, welcome :D
[07:58:29] <Knightlust> but i'll see what i can do
[07:58:40] <jaceleon> well give your stickers on meetups
[07:58:43] <Knightlust> and will contact him next week
[07:58:50] <jaceleon> I guess okay naman po yun, right?
[07:58:52] <viril> why not ... give instructions nalang pano gumawa ng sarili dba?
[07:58:58] <viril> ng stickers i mean
[07:59:05] <pyc> yes we badly need sponsors, if it goes offocial with ubuntu-ph
[07:59:06] <guitar_man> Knightlust: pwede natin kontkin si bergenst and fund for the sticker
[07:59:09] <Knightlust> hmm, nice idea viril
[07:59:14] <Orlee> how about t-shirt for our loco?
[07:59:30] <Severity1> shirts!
[07:59:30] <Knightlust> [IDEA] Tutorial on how to create stickers and shirts with our logo
[07:59:33] <viril> kasi ako rin di ko alam e (hehehe takas sa trabaho hahaha joke)
[07:59:33] <jaceleon> um...the t-shirt, now that you mention it...I want one...T_T
[07:59:35] <scriptwarlock> sponsors of what? tshirts?
[07:59:43] <guitar_man> iba kasi yung quality ng sticker ni bergenst
[07:59:52] <jaceleon> oo nga
[07:59:53] <Knightlust> guitar_man: that's the problem - funds
[08:00:07] <pyc> scriptwarlock: yes, dodonat ka? heheh
[08:00:14] <domon> you will need sponsors and donation funds
[08:00:14] <scriptwarlock> im in
[08:00:21] <viril> oi wag nyoko asahan ngyn B.U.M. equipment ako ngayon e hanap pako work hahaha
[08:00:40] <scriptwarlock> i'll use what my website can generate para may maibalik ako sa communtiy
[08:00:50] <scriptwarlock> unity
[08:00:52] <jaceleon> :-)
[08:00:56] <viril> guitar_man, anu quality? baka pwede nya turo pano gawa?
[08:01:16] <jaceleon> uqlity means yung klase ng paper na ginamit for the sticker.
[08:01:21] <jaceleon> *quality
[08:01:28] <Severity1> i think he got it from a certain company
[08:01:36] <Severity1> system something pangalan
[08:01:38] <viril> ayun tnx so anong paper yun?
[08:01:42] <Knightlust> System76
[08:01:44] <zeroseven0183> System76
[08:01:45] <Severity1> yup
[08:01:58] <scriptwarlock> but in need cguro some breakdowns para alam ko rin kung magkano pledge ko
[08:02:01] <guitar_man> viril: yung sticker ni bergenst waterproof..tingin ko siya ang nagprint nun or may printing business talaga siya...
[08:02:01] <viril> san makakabili etc etc?
[08:02:05] <pyc> mahal yun ;)
[08:02:05] <jaceleon> you also need the jpeg/pdf of that too.
[08:02:17] <jaceleon> and a printer of course
[08:02:17] <domon> nope i think he got it from sticker works in sm
[08:02:23] <Knightlust> hmm, here's what I can do, I'll try to solicit help from other (read: richer) LoCos
[08:02:32] <viril> guitar_man, wow high quality. baka nga pati ink yung waterproof
[08:02:41] <Knightlust> [ACTION] Solicit sponsorship for stickers from other LoCos
[08:02:51] <guitar_man> hindi po yun galing sa system76...
[08:02:51] <jaceleon> yun nga e...HQ yung mga stickers ni brgenst
[08:02:56] <Severity1> how do we solicit?
[08:03:07] <Knightlust> Severity1: i'll ask them
[08:03:15] <guitar_man> local lang yung gawa ng sticker at nakalagay LOcal team pH
[08:03:20] <scriptwarlock> dali lang naman solicit pero importante may tatak communtiy para legitimate
[08:03:28] <Knightlust> other LoCos already came up with cellphone socks with a small logo
[08:03:35] <viril> solicit? sayang tapos na pasko e sosolicit sana ako namamasko po! hahahaha
[08:03:49] <scriptwarlock> di kailangan ng pasko ang solicit
[08:03:51] <Knightlust> some might be kind enough to provide us with stickers
[08:04:00] <Severity1> i have some friends from OHIO loco and I think i'll ask my master for help
[08:04:07] <scriptwarlock> somebody here nagsolicit na ng afor uniform sa basketball
[08:04:09] <jaceleon> I think they can provide some funds....but I'm not sure of the other LoCos' generosity.....
[08:04:16] <guitar_man> speaking of t-shirt...post ko po yung gagawin kong t-shirt sa forum para mikilatis nyo...
[08:04:35] <Laibcoms> [LINK] Peso Sign (for future reference) - http://laibcoms.asia/blog/labox/how-to-type-the-peso-sign
[08:04:40] <viril> uy oo nga sports basketball pwede!
[08:04:45] <jaceleon> yay, guitar_man! +1
[08:04:55] <scriptwarlock> ano dikit nyo sa uniform? ang logo?
[08:05:07] <Knightlust> hehehe, magandang idea yan
[08:05:10] <acp_> cool!
[08:05:19] <Knightlust> patch with our logo
[08:05:34] <viril> de, didikit namin mukha ni jaceleon, yung major sponsor
[08:05:39] <viril> wow taray nangangampanya hahaha
[08:05:43] <Orlee> hehehehe.
[08:06:03] <guitar_man> http://sandilands.info/sgordon/images/UbuntuLogo.png
[08:06:06] <Knightlust> hehehe
[08:06:07] <Orlee> kakandidato po a?
[08:06:17] <Knightlust> ok, anything else?
[08:06:20] <guitar_man> eto lang muna ang ilalagay ko http://sandilands.info/sgordon/images/UbuntuLogo.png
[08:06:24] <jaceleon> sabihin dun nabahaan kayo...LOL
[08:06:31] <viril> hahaha
[08:06:43] <scriptwarlock> ano bigyan nyo ako ng solicitation letter at deliver ko yan sa mga politiko dito lalo na malapit na eleksyion
[08:07:02] <jaceleon> ayan, mas assured ang funds sa mga politiko
[08:07:03] <viril> diba maganda yung loco logo lagay?
[08:07:07] <zeroseven0183> seize the moment ba
[08:07:07] <Knightlust> ugh, wala tayong mahihita sa mga pulitiko ng pilipinas
[08:07:11] <jaceleon> election period na pala!]
[08:07:15] <scriptwarlock> yung magandang pagkagawa ha at may mga links na papunta talaga sa website natin or UF
[08:07:16] <viril> scriptwarlock, oo nga no?
[08:07:27] <Severity1> bka lagyan pa nila ng vote noynoy sa ilalim ng logo ng ubuntu
[08:07:34] <zeroseven0183> :-)
[08:07:36] <Knightlust> hahahaha
[08:07:38] <scriptwarlock> lets start making funds then gamitin to para sa mga bagaybagay
[08:07:41] <jaceleon> ay oo nga...
[08:07:41] <viril> scriptwarlock, pero make sure na walang mukha nila dun ha. tiny name lang nila lalagay hehehe
[08:07:54] <scriptwarlock> syempre font nila is 6pt
[08:07:55] <jaceleon> o kaya, friends of noynoy sa ilalim ng Ubuntu PH
[08:07:56] <guitar_man> tama....funds!!!
[08:07:56] <zeroseven0183> Are we allowed to generate funds?
[08:07:58] <Severity1> is there a process in soliciting stickers from other ;ocos?
[08:07:58] <Severity1> sorry for taking long
[08:07:58] <Severity1> Severity1: Generally just mail the mailing list of the loco in question
[08:08:11] <viril> oo nga need natin action agad before elections! make money!
[08:08:12] <zeroseven0183> LoCo funds?
[08:08:29] <domon> funds is really important, it make the ball rolling, aside from volunteerism
[08:08:31] <Knightlust> [IDEA] fundraising for stickers, shirts, etc.
[08:08:40] <Knightlust> zeroseven0183: as a LoCo - no we're not allowed
[08:08:41] <scriptwarlock> but im in to pledge
[08:08:49] <viril> mukhang si scriptwarlock dami konek sa politicians ha
[08:08:56] <Knightlust> we have to appoint someone who'll handle the funds
[08:08:57] <jaceleon> uh-huh...
[08:09:15] <jaceleon> why don't Loell do it?
[08:09:19] <jaceleon> :-)
[08:09:24] <pyc> no
[08:09:25] <Laibcoms> going to leave na muna. may Kubuntu demo/presentation/proposal pa ko tomorrow @ 10am ^_^
[08:09:33] <Knightlust> goodluck Laibcoms
[08:09:37] <viril> naku someone na di mabisyo ha hehehe
[08:09:37] <Laibcoms> tnx tnx!
[08:09:46] * Severity1 waves @ Laibcoms
[08:09:47] <jepong> go kubuntu!
[08:09:48] <viril> uy ingat papa Laibcoms
[08:09:54] <Knightlust> ok, anything else before we wrap up our meeting?
[08:09:59] <viril> goodluck! sa audience! ehhehehe joke
[08:10:07] <jaceleon> ndi ako qualified sa mga ganyan at me bisyo ako...hehehehehe
[08:10:08] <zeroseven0183> free tshirt
[08:10:22] <viril> aba lalo nako hahaha
[08:10:24] <Severity1> will we push with soliciting from other locos?
[08:10:45] <Knightlust> Severity1: yes
[08:10:51] <jaceleon> We should.
[08:10:53] <guitar_man> pano na yung sm north meet up???
[08:11:01] <jaceleon> ay meetup nga pala!
[08:11:03] <viril> guitar_man, uy wen yan?
[08:11:03] <Knightlust> guitar_man: sa forums
[08:11:10] <guitar_man> ok
[08:11:10] <jaceleon> let's seal a date na.
[08:11:15] <Severity1> may events?
[08:11:16] <guitar_man> sa forums nalang...
[08:11:20] <Orlee> kailan po un meet-up
[08:11:45] <scriptwarlock> email me lang sa details ha kung saang bulsa ko hulog ang figure..... maliit lang to at sana makatulong
[08:11:58] <Knightlust> alright, let's call it a night
[08:12:02] <vhinz> Hi..am I too late?
[08:12:06] <pyc> +1
[08:12:07] <suxenexus> for the record, san po ba yung link sa loco forum
[08:12:09] <viril> hi vhinz just in time ...
[08:12:13] <joe_alf> sana night time yung meetup
[08:12:14] <viril> for wrap up hehehe
[08:12:14] <Orlee> hi Vhinz
[08:12:18] <jaceleon> Okay, pahinga na sir dax! buh-bye!
[08:12:20] <vhinz> now I think so
[08:12:20] <scriptwarlock> hahaha
[08:12:22] <vhinz> just in time for wrap up?
[08:12:24] <vhinz> wahhhh
[08:12:25] <Knightlust> bye all!
[08:12:29] <Knightlust> #endmeeting
Meeting ended.

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