Ubuntu Climbing Day

  • "A physical activity for Those who would like to try indoor rock climbing and solve puzzles using mind and body."

Let's bring Ubuntu in gym where we can meet new people, ubuntu users (there's some, there a lot of tech people whos into climbing) and encourage them to be part of our Community. We're not just trying to promote Ubuntu there but also to energize the core and stregth in our local community, the relationship. So we believe activity like this will help us to have a better relationship with each other that leads to a better community.


  • Bring a fair of clothes and water.
  • Wear Ubuntu shirts, bring fully charge laptops (Optional Since this is social event)
  • When/if you show up, you must agree to the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.
  • Be friendly, approchable.


POWER UP - #690 Tandang Sora Ave, Old Balara, Quezon City

Climb on! See you at the gym!

Let's climb, get fit, get to know each other and have fun!!!

Why climbing is for geeks too?

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