Name: Phillip Susi

Email: <psusi AT SPAMFREE cfl.rr DOT com>

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I am an aspiring ubuntu developer. I am a firm believer in the Hacker Ethic ( the MIT kind ). I truely began my path as a computer hacker when I was in the 8th grade in 1993 ( I'm now 27 years old ) when I became addicted to learning about these infernal machines and how to control what they do. I experimented with Slackware around 1995 but ran WinNT on the desktop. While in college I experimented with both debian and later redhat on my desktop, and set up an ISP using a mix of slackware and NT ( the 24 port PRI ISDN v.90 modem cards we got were only supported under NT RAS ). For a period of time I contributed to ReactOS in a number of areas, mostly in the kernel and low level support libraries and daemons.

I ended up back in windows and spent 2 years addicted to playing MMORPGs ( doac, lineage 2, then WoW ). I finally got tired of wasting my life on that and installed Ubuntu around Septembre of 2005, just before breezy was finalized, and immediately fell in love. I become more enamered by the unix way every day. I love open source because when things don't work right, I can fix them, and I love Ubuntu because most of the time, I don't have to.

My interests mostly lie in low level stuff, like the kernel and daemons. I have a large interest in networking and servers and as a project to teach myself C++, I wrote an ftp server on NT utilizing zero copy IO and a small worker thread pool with an IO completion port that attained staggering results in throughput, cpu efficiency, and scalability. I have long hoped to see a server using these techniques based on Linux, and will probably end up working on the kernel and apache to support and utilize them.

For my current day job, I work as a software engineer building a non magnetic MRI compatible IV Fluid pump for a medical eqiupment manufacturing company. In my spare time I work on open source software.

Well, after taking a few years off again to play video games, I'm back to heavy activity with Ubuntu. I recently bought a house, got married, and turned 31.

Current Projects

  • Working on PacketCD and attempting to become the upstream maintainer of the udftools package, since the project appears to have been abandoned. ( Tabled for now )

  • Getting things learned from creating FakeRaidHowto into Ubuntu as FakeRaidSpec ( Pretty much done )

  • Maintaining the old defrag package. It was removed from the Debian and Ubuntu archives some time ago because it had no upstream maintainer. I created a project, group, and bzr branch on lp to host and maintain it. Hopefully I'll do some work on it soon to support the new features in ext4 then get it added to universe.
  • Tinkering with my new SSD, finding ways to improve support for it in Ubuntu. Trying to figure out why disabling NCQ seems to help.
  • Working on bug #540940 where I noticed that parted in karmic can manipulate other partitions on a disk with one or more that are in use, but lucid can not. Seems upstream broke it by removing support for BLKPG and I'm working on patching it back in.

Future Plans

I'd like to continue working to improve Ubuntu, so it can be the best OS it can be, and encourage people to use it.


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