Even though it says "requires MS Windows" on the printer box in the shop, I installed it in Ubuntu and it was much easier to set up than in Windows!!

  • On the printer itself, there's nothing to do except follow the on-screen instructions up to it's 5 minute calibration, then press "setup" and enter the network details (e.g. Switch it off and on again.
  • In Ubuntu, go to System -> Administration -> Printing -> New Printer. Select "Network Printer" and in the associated drop-down box choose "HP JetDirect" and enter as "Host" leaving "port" as is (default 9100). Select "Photosmart 3200" as the Model (because this is the series name). That's it. If you have any problems, I suggest you test that you can ping the printer from your Ubuntu machine to check the printer is on the network.

To get scanning working type "hp-makeuri" to get the printer uri, then run "xsane <printer uri>" (e.g. xsane hpaio:/net/Photosmart_3200_series?ip= See Worked first time for me!

See also the page in the community documentation.

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