Briefly About Me

My name is Pontus Öhman, and I'm from Sweden. Started my career in Ubuntu late 2009, uplifted to Admin in Ubuntu Sweden spring 2010. And now I'm the Team Contact for Ubuntu Sweden, and been running that for the last 2 periods now.

Contact Information


root (at) gotroot dot se




Kirill^ on irc.freenode.net

Contributions to Community

Since 2009 when I first started using Ubuntu, I have climbed from normal user in the Swedish Ubuntu team. Now I'm the Team Contact for it, and a hibernating admin under the time as Team Contact.

Also, I have done some translation for the Swedish translation team. But got to much work now in the Open Source community. It's not only Ubuntu for me, It's also Maemo and MeeGo. And I'm one of the admin on the MeeGo Sweden portal.

Have also started up the Sundsvall GNU/Linux User Group in the City were I live, and we meet up on regular monthly basis.

Future Plans

From 2011-05-01 I'm on my second period as Team Contact!


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