Application Review Board Applications

The goal of this page is to provide a place where Ubuntu community members can apply to be a member of the new Application Review Board; a community-driven governance board that reviews new applications submitted. Details of the process are at

Applicants of the board should possess some of the following skills:

  • Strong experience of the Ubuntu platform and the desktop.
  • Knowledge of packaging to effectively assess other people's packaging work for quality.
  • Enough free time to commit to reviewing the applications and providing timely feedback.

As a bonus:

  • You would be a core-dev or MOTU.
  • A knowledge of programming, so as to perform a code review.

Applying For a Position On The Board

To apply to join the Application Review Board, please prepare a wiki page with your application with the following details:

 * Your Name: 
 * Your Email: 
 * Your Launchpad Profile: 

 * Summary of your experience in Ubuntu:
  * Experience
  * Experience
  * . . .

 * What do you think you could bring to the Application Review Board?

Now link your page below:

The deadline for submissions is 31st Aug 2010.

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