Team description

The Ubuntu 12.04.1 team is a "virtual" team made of members from most engineering teams. The team is responsible for triaging, prioritizing and landing bug fixes and improvements that are required for the Ubuntu 12.04.1 point release.

The team meets regularly on IRC (see meeting information and agenda below).

E-mail communication is mostly done through the ubuntu-release@lists.ubuntu.com mailing-list, the meeting notes are also sent to ubuntu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com

Team members

  • Commercial engineering: NCommander
  • Desktop team: seb128
  • Foundations team: stgraber
  • SEG: stokachu, arges
  • QA team: jibel
  • Release manager: skaet
  • Server team: smoser, jamespage


Bug lists


Blueprints and UDS notes


The team is meeting every week on IRC (#ubuntu-meeting @ irc.freenode.net). It used to be a fortnightly meeting until the 12th of July. The next meeting is: 16th of August at 14:00 UTC

Meeting notes are sent to both ubuntu-release@lists.ubuntu.com and ubuntu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com


  • Action items review
    • xnox to liase with ballons, gema and jibel w.r.t. fs/storage testing
  • Review of upcoming deadlines
  • Quick look through the current bug lists, checking for progress.
  • Round table
    • Anything currently not on the lists and that should be considered?
    • Anything that we feel won't make it to 12.04.1 and that should either be given more resource or moved to 12.04.2/-updates?
  • AOB

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