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Giving Kubuntu another go

I'm giving Kubuntu another go, though I haven't been impressed by the latest focus on bling over stability.

I've been a Kubuntu-fan since the very first version.

I'm running this session right of a USB stick, and posts this from Firefox.

When I clicked "Firefox installer" in the menu, it started downloading the packages, but gave a 404-error.

I haven't got any clue, about where to run an apt-get update from within KDE, so I did it from the console, and Voila, it fixed the problem, so that I could run the installer from within KDE.

I guess this is not a good start for a newbie not familiar with the console, so it would be nice if this could be avoided. Maybe insist that the use of a cache should expire pretty quickly, and that an update is run quite often.

Sorry about the formating - I'm writing this on a DK keyboard with a US layout :S

Regards, Daniel Skov Klejnstrup,

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