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  • Any serious issue should be still submitted as a bug!


  • Add your comments here! -- -- jr 2012-03-01 16:57:20

  • KDE on 12.04 is pretty sweet. The 'yawp' weather applet is very nice, very configurable as well. The 'Calligra' desktop suite is interesting, it seems to do a good job of opening powerpoint - I do have one .odp created with OpenOffice that renders differently between Calligra and LibreOffice; now I wonder which side to report it to. Nice job! -- ubuntu-treblig 2012-03-11 13:14:38

  • Anyone else having problems with Firefox not being able to open containing folder of downloaded items?

  • I'm experiencing a number of issues, but not sure if they are bugs. The Live installer crashes, so I have to install via the Alternate installer. Also, the package updater crashes, so I have to update packages via command line. I've seen reports of these problems by others in the forums. Also, the GUI for installing proprietary drivers doesn't work, so I have to install my ATI driver via command line too.
  • I tested Kubuntu 12.04 in VirtualBox by loading it from the live CD without installing it.

    • The Dolphin file manager has lost the menu bar (and by that I mean the text menu entries at the very top that say File, Edit, View, etc.). I see that there is now a way to access menu items from a toggle on the right side of the top of the program, but do not see a way to restore the menu bar. It would be nice if us old-fashioned users could restore the menu bar (if that's possible and I just didn't figure it out, feel free to ignore this comment, and I will dedicate myself to figuring it out once I install the new Kubuntu).
    • The Plasma ToolBox is no longer an unobtrusive little bean in the right upper corner of the screen, but is instead a rectangular box slightly inset from the upper right corner of the screen. There doesn't seem to be a way to restore its appearance to the former little bean. It would be a shame if users can't choose to keep the old display type (if that's possible and I just didn't figure it out, feel free to ignore this comment, and I will dedicate myself to figuring it out once I install the new Kubuntu).

      • I have the same preference. Just drag the rectangle to the very corner and it turns into the "bean". -- pederick 2012-03-25 06:12:11

    • The Muon package manager is a thing of beauty in comparison with KPackageKit, which is what I'm using in Kubuntu 10.04 LTS. It would be nice, however, if it used the same sort of two-tone coloring of the text as the Muon Software Center uses, where package names are in black and descriptive text is in grey.

    That's all I've noticed so far. I'll install it in VirtualBox, play around in it some more, and provide more feedback if I notice anything else. So far it seems very stable. -- littlergirl 2012-03-06 01:07:57

  • Installer crashes at around the time of asking me about the timezone with error message: No such file or directory: '/target/boot/vmlinuz-3.2.0-17-generic-pae'. See bug 945051. Obviously, I can't test any further until this is fixed. -- holy-wustl 2012-03-05 11:27:51

  • Non-PAE Kernel required. 12.04 Beta 1 only boots with PAE support, which exlucdes Thinkpads T42p with 400MHz FSB Dothan Pentium M. @SIG@

  • I've been using Kubuntu Precise Pangolin since late in the Alpha stage, and it's easily the most stable Kubuntu release I've ever used. Apart from one or two minor software-related issues (from Universe, no less), it's already better than my 11.10 install ever was, and we still have a long way to go before final release. This is definitely an LTS quality release! Bravo to all the Kubuntu developers, and especially to the users who have helped to find and squash all those bugs before I ever got my hands on Precise. The Kubuntu Kommunity still stands for Kwality. -- scott-testerman 2012-03-05 03:05:42

  • I just tried 12.04B1 on a Thinkpad T43. (I also have a T42 but I had read the PAE comment above.) Wireless appears to come up but cannot find my access point. Strange as 11.10 on this hardware finds it fine. That said, since 10.10, there has been an ongoing problem with either wireless networking or audio. For example, my T42 worked fine on 10.10 but audio broke on one of the updates. It does, however, work fine with Ubuntu or Xubuntu. As a KDE user since 1.0, this is frustrating. -- nicafyl 2012-03-06 16:23:26.

  • Tried Kubuntu 12.04 Beta1 Alternate install amd64 ISO CD. My hardware is Acer 5750 ( intel i5, 6GB RAM, 640GB disk ) currently runs Kubuntu 11.10 fine. While trying to install from the Beta1 CD, upon boot from CD, I receive this error message: "EDD: Error 0100 reading Sector 370558. No DEFAULT or UI configuration directive found!" boot: " However, I am able to complete the installation on the same laptop within a Virtual Box VM anand-vaidya

  • I'm investigating filing bugs for some of these...
      • Crash while downloading language packs. At this point in the installation, the screen went blank. I nudged the mouse and the install screen reappeared a few moments later, but it was frozen -- no response to mouse or keyboard and no progress on install. Perhaps an ill-timed power-save feature. Reproducible? Don't know. (I know this isn't what you want to hear, but I really couldn't face a second mid-install crash, so I just kept bumping the mouse frequently and everything worked fine.)

      • Time zone map and listbox mismatch. I'm in the Australia/Perth timezone, and the map correctly picks this one, but the listbox shows "Australia Time (Adelaide)" instead. If I click either one, the other will update to match, but the initial mismatch means I can't just click Continue.

      • Install slideshow wording. At several points, the language on the (English) install slideshow is odd, awkward, or simply ungrammatical.

        • " well as synchronises your audio..." -> " well as synchronising your audio..."

        • "Manage your contacts, dates, and e-mail" -> "Manage your contacts, calendar, and e-mail" ["dates" in this context would seem to imply romantic outings, not just appointments in general]

        • "Keep your contacts organised with KAddressBook and import or export your contacts with nearly every address book standard as well synchronise with various groupware services." -> "Keep your contacts organised with KAddressBook. Import or export your contacts in almost any address book standard, and synchronise with various groupware services."

        • "Kontact is the perfect personal information management integration for you!" -> "Kontact is your ideal all-in-one personal information management suite!" [Still cheesy, but rather less so, I think.]

        • "...Kubuntu allows you to not be all about work, but also allows you to play." -> "...Kubuntu isn't all about work--it also lets you play."

        • "First Person Shooters, Role Play Games, and more..." -> "First-person shooters, role-playing games, and more..."

        • "...the Kubuntu community in conjunction with the Ubuntu community, provides ... over the Internet." -> "...the Kubuntu community provides ... over the Internet, in conjunction with the Ubuntu community."

        • "The Kubuntu community consists of a group of individuals, who make up one of the greatest teams in the open source community, work on..." -> "The Kubuntu community is a group of individuals who come together to make one of the greatest teams in the open source community, working on..."

      • The typewriter graphic in the install slideshow is evil. I think it wants to eat my soul.

      • Broken kopete icon in Kickoff Favourites. There's a kopete entry in the Favourites that doesn't work. The underlying kopete.desktop appears to be an empty file, and I believe Telepathy has replaced kopete as the IM of choice anyway?

      • Unreadable text in rekonq. When an unfocused tab finishes loading, it gets "highlighted" by having its title text turn cyan. This is nigh-unreadable against the underlying grey.

      • Poor spacing in KDE Wallet dialog. When the wallet opens up for the first time and shows the "set a password" dialog, the end of the text is cut off by the first input box. It needs more vertical space.

      • "Report bug..." goes to, not Launchpad. This is contrary to the behaviour described here on the Kubuntu wiki, in the instructions for filing a bug.

      • Kickoff's Lost & Found has an entry for "ktp-send-file". We probably don't want to have something in Lost & Found as part of the default install. And like kopete, this appears to be a non-functioning entry anyway.

      • Mismatched order of Name and Description in Kickoff. Each item in the Kickoff menu has a Name and Description (if both are given), one above the other, the bottom one in a smaller font and grey. Most parts have the Description on top, but search results have Name on top. (I believe that Recently Used used to have Name on top, too. There's probably a fixed bug report somewhere for that.)

    That's my lot for the moment. -- pederick 2012-03-24 17:46:45 Just added a couple more. By the way, I love that everything I've found so far is minor. Great work! -- pederick 2012-03-25 06:12:11

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