This page is for tracking discussion of what is in the queues to be considered for the precise -release and -proposed inclusion.

Please group packages under the following headings and use the convention:
<full package name>: <release team member(s)> - <question/comment/reason>
to describe. These lists should be updated, as packages get considered and then decided on.

Seeded Packages Pending Review

Unseeded Packages Pending Review

Packages Building in -proposed to be considered for -release

Packages NOT to be accepted without further discussion

Rejected packages that may warrant further discussion

Packages for stable release updates (not critical to release) if in -proposed, don't copy for now

  • gcc 4.6 - ICE fix.
  • apport 2.0.1-0ubuntu6: slangasek - for SRU only
  • compiz 1: - includes a critical fix for ARM, but also includes other x86-affecting changes that require further QA beyond what time allows for -release.

Process fails - for consideration on a better system for Q

  • openjdk-6_6b24-1.11.1-4ubuntu1 - got accepted without discussion because pad not checked.
  • pad is unreliable - have to re-login all the time and often don't know it.
  • WIKI doesn't get updated as easily, ...
  • Gobby doesn't have history
  • python2.7 went from ppa to proposed to release without being tested for o->p upgrades, *only* for l->p, letting in a critical regression

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