(Purposed for GoogleSoC2007)

Confidentiality of data stored on a computer is critical for a lot of company and organizations. It can be dramatic if confidential data (i.e : stored on laptop) are thieved and diffused.

GNU/Linux, and especially Ubuntu, must provide an easy way to ensure security and confidentiality of important data.

This the Google Summer of Code project of Kévin Dunglas.

Crypt manager is a command line tool we allow to encrypt, uncrypt, open and close directories. Gnome crypt manager is a crypt manager GUI for the Gnome desktop . This software use Cryptsetup as backend and is wrote in Python using Pygtk and Glade.

The GUI will be insiprated od Apple FileVault [1], wrote in Python and using GTK+ as toolkit (PyGTK / Glade). I will use cryptsetup [2] as backend which is already available in the Universe repository [3].

If I still have time after that I will code a tool doing a job similar to 'clear my tracks' in Mozilla Firefox. It will delete all temporaries files created by the system, and purpose to remove logs.

Contact: Kévin Dunglas <>

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