Ubuntu users should have the possibility to use the professional audio that exists for Linux. There's a lot of good software out there, but noone makes you all this without a lot of hassle. You will at best have to run a full installation of a derivative distribution like CCRMA and the poorly maintained AGNULA.

Most music technology today is done on Mac and Linux. In almost all cases, they're using CCRMA when using Linux, which means there's quite a market for beating CCRMA at their own game. I'd say that the balance between Mac and Linux when working with professional synthesis is about 50/50%. The percentage of Mac machines in recording is of course much higher, but it wouldn't have to be if it was easy to use.

Ubuntu should be the choice for amateur and semi-professional recording studios. Most people don't feel fine about getting Mac or Windows software by means of not paying for it, and Linux really has a great potential - as long as it works out of the box!

The biggest change there is so far is that not having a derivative distribution would be to seamlessly integrate JACK when you opt to install it. Or - if the installation was as simple as with (ed|k)ubuntu (apt-get install djembe-whatever) - that would work as well. Anyway, the goal should be to have all of these packages in Universe, properly configured and connected with all the devices ALSA so beautifully (really!) supports.

My name for this initiative so far is Djembe. Smile :-)

Also see MOTU/Teams/Audio

NOTE: This is a braindump so far. I will write more on this as soon as I can (ChristofferOlsen).


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