MP Submission Checklist Template

Note: Please ensure you include the following form filled out and submitted along side your code to the MP ticket.

  • Copy & paste this checklist into the MP description and answer each question (please expound if you skipped a step or have an unusual answer):

 * Are there any related MPs required for this MP to build/function as expected? Please list.
 * Did you perform an exploratory manual test run of your code change and any related functionality?
 * If you changed the UI, has there been a design review?
  • If your branch requires a PPA as prerequisite in order for CI to build, place something like this in the Description field:
    • Prereq-archive: ppa:ci-train-ppa-service/2022
  • Make sure you have set a commit message. Commit messages should have the following format:
    • A single-line summary or short description of the change (something no longer than 80 or 90 chars)
    • Follow-up lines explaining the change in a bit more detail if needed (make sure not to leave an empty line, just use one line break here). Make sure to mention things like new dependencies, bug numbers, or anything else that an outside developer or user might be interested in. This all ends up in debian/changelog.
    • An empty line (if you're going to have this next section).
    • An even more complete explanation, if needed. This will not go in debian/changelog, but will go into bzr. So more detailed comments about reorganizing code or similar would be appropriate here.
  • Please follow our style guide

MP Review Checklist Template

  • If you have been asked to review and are not on the unity-team, please review for any interdependency and paste the associated MP reference in a comment
  • Ensure the commit message has the proper format (see above)
  • Copy & paste the checklist into MP review comment

  • Questions to answer:

 * Did you perform an exploratory manual test run of the code change and any related functionality?
 * Did CI run pass? If not, please explain why.

MP Landing Checklist Template

  • Questions to answer:
    • Is the MP approved by at least 1 member of unity-team?
    • Are the approvals equal to or greater than the disapprovals?
    • Is the checklist completed to satisfaction?
    • Has the TestPlan been executed successfully on emulator, N4?

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