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Test Plan

This test plan is not supposed to be complete; use it to guide your manual testing so they don't miss big functional areas that are part in the component; also this should be used as guideline to inspire the exploratory testing which should be adapted smartly based on the real content of a MP

  • Successful run of automated CI testing
  • The following should be repeated for each of the supported series: 16.04LTS, 18.04LTS and (at the time of writing) 17.10.
  • In addition update desktop from archive
    • Install packages from the release candidate PPA:

      • $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mir-team/rc

      • $ sudo apt update

      • $ sudo apt install mir-demos mir-graphics-drivers-desktop mir-test-tools

    • Install applications to test with:
      • Qt Wayland support, qterminal and kate to test with:
        • $ sudo apt install qtwayland5 kate qterminal

        • On 16.04 Xenial ONLY also install qt support for Mir

          • $ sudo apt install qtubuntu-desktop

      • Install weston-terminal:
        • $ sudo apt install weston

      • Install glmark2:
        • $ sudo apt install glmark2-wayland

  • Mir-on-X11
    • Use an X11 based desktop (Unity, Gnome, etc.).
    • Start a terminal sessions to launch the tests.
    • Run the "smoke tests" to ensure the example clients work
      • $ mir-smoke-test-runner

      • Check the result is "I: Smoke testing complete with returncode 0"
    • Run a test session in a window
      • $ miral-app [On 16.04 Xenial ONLY add -qt-mirclient -gtk-mirclient]

    • [in the Mir-on-X11 session] Try running, resizing, moving and switching between the following:
      • $ mir_demo_client_multiwin

      • $ kate

      • $ gnome-terminal

      • $ weston-terminal

      • $ glmark2-es2-wayland

  • Mir-on-KMS
    • Switch to VT4 and sign in, switch back to the desktop
    • Run a test "desktop" session
      • $ miral-desktop [On 16.04 Xenial ONLY add -qt-mirclient -gtk-mirclient] --window-manager tiling

    • [in the Mir session] Try running, and switching between the following:
      • $ mir_demo_client_multiwin

      • $ kate

      • $ gnome-terminal

      • $ weston-terminal [NOT On 16.04 Xenial (it expects the obsolete xdg-shell v5)]

      • $ glmark2-es2-wayland

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