Procmail is a versatile e-mail processor that can be used to sort your incoming mail. You configure it by creating a ~/.procmailrc file. It's described by some rather complicated manpages, so people have put together:


Here is a sample ~/.procmailrc file that you can use to weed out duplicate mail and throw away extra mail from ubuntu-bugs.

# Set to yes when debugging

# Default INBOX

# Directory for storing procmail-related files

# Uncomment the following line to get logging

# Eliminate duplicates
:0 Wh: .msgid.lock
| formail -D 8192 $PMDIR/.msgid.cache

# Only keep ubuntu-bugs mail that announces newly reported bugs.
* ^TO_ubuntu-bugs@lists\.ubuntu\.com
* ^X-Launchpad-Bug:
  :0 B
  * ^Public bug reported:

# Add all the rest to my inbox

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