A number of LoCo teams have expressed interest in trying to collaborate on and be able to exchange design and media resources. To aid with this collaberation we would like to set up a ccHost resource site dedicated to sharing such resources.

What is ccHost

Created and developed by Creative Commons, ccHost is used for Music sharing sites as well as svg images by; These sites are generic forms of the functionality we would like to have access to.


  • Authoring - The ability to know who created a work
  • Licensing - We can see what licenses each work has
  • Derivative Tracking - Seeing who has created works based on any other work.
  • Tagging - Classify each image to appear in either categorised or searched results.
  • Sources - OpenClipart have ccHost set up to encourage the posting of image sources (svg)


We may want to work with the Media and Advertising group, but the focus of the site would not be limited to Advertising for Ubuntu Generically and should be used as a general store for all artworks being used to promote ubuntu in all areas of the world.

We should promote the use of and the linking from wiki this sharing resource, currently many LoCos have a Toolbox with artwork sections maintained in the wiki. We'd like to see these replaced by a tag search to cchost.


  • The MarketingTeam is currently setting up just such a repository for such content. -- NealBussett 2008-06-19 04:18:38

  • Also, would using LP not be sufficient? I think this is completely unnecessary. --Steve Stalcup

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