My name is Ralf Schwoebel, CEO of Tradebit, Inc. and Tradebit AG in Frankfurt a.M. in Germany.

After the sad good-bye to my Amiga in 1992 I looked for an alternative until 1995, when my first SuSE installation rescued me from the Windows world. Since then I have installed and administrated over 800 smaller and larger Linux systems on RHEL, CentOS and SuSE. With Hardy Heron I finally moved my Desktop to Ubuntu. Now I am totally amazed by Compiz! What a great show!

In business I work for http://www.tradebit.com/ where we run a self-made Linux cluster on CentOS. You can find my blog there as well!

Contact me for Ubuntu help and discussions in the Rhein-Main area at puzzler[at]tradebit.com

German addition:

Nach Feierabend helfe ich gerne, wenn ich kann, auch kostenlos...

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