• SRU testing -- sbeattie (Steve Beattie)
  • Bugday highlights -- pedro
  • Karmic Beta numbers - ara


[18:02] <ara> #startmeeting
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[18:02] <ara> [TOPIC] SRU testing -- sbeattie (Steve Beattie)
[18:02] <MootBot> New Topic:  SRU testing -- sbeattie (Steve Beattie)
[18:02] <ara> sbeattie, can you give us a summary, please?
[18:03] <davmor2> hello
[18:03] <sbeattie> Yep, this week was a bit slow on the SRU front.
[18:03] <sbeattie> SRU Activity for the past week (since 2009-09-30):
[18:03] <sbeattie>  * Jaunty: 3 new packages in -proposed (landscape-client, tzdata, zsync) and 2 pushed to -updates (kadu, tzdata)
[18:03] <sbeattie>  * Intrepid: 3 new packages in -proposed (landscape-client, tzdata, zsync) and 1 pushed to -updates
[18:03] <sbeattie>  (tzdata)
[18:03] <sbeattie> * Hardy: 4 new packages in -proposed (apt-cacher, debian-installer, tzdata, zsync) and 2 pushed to -updates (linux, tzdata)
[18:04] <sbeattie> * Dapper: 1 new package in -proposed (langpack-locales) and also pushed to -updates.
[18:04] <sbeattie> Thanks to Storm, A. Karl Kornel, and Artur Rona for testing SRUs this week.
[18:04] <sbeattie> As always, assistance in testing SRUs is greatly appreciated.
[18:04] <sbeattie> That's all I have for SRUs.
[18:05] <ara> OK, thanks sbeattie :)
[18:05] <ara> [TOPIC] - Bugday highlights -- pedro_
[18:05] <MootBot> New Topic:  - Bugday highlights -- pedro_
[18:05] <pedro_> Not a lot to share this week, we didn't organize a bug day last week (-ETOOMUCHTODO)
[18:06] <pedro_> and i was about to run one this week for the confirmed without package bugs
[18:06] <pedro_> but.. the ubuntu wiki is kind of br0ken , it doesn't allow you to create a new page
[18:06] <pedro_> so i might skip the bug day for this week if that's not fixed soon
[18:06] <davmor2> pedro_: you forgot the tm after Br0ken
[18:06] <pedro_> *sigh*
[18:07] <pedro_> heh
[18:07] <ara> pedro_, well, there will be time to run bug days when karmic goes out :D
[18:07] <pedro_> that's so true ;-)
[18:07] <ara> pedro_, a "duplicates" one
[18:07] <ara> ok, so, last item on the agenda
[18:08] <ara> [TOPIC] Karmic Beta numbers - ara
[18:08] <MootBot> New Topic:  Karmic Beta numbers - ara
[18:08] <ara> OK, so we had Karmic Beta last week and I am glad to share that we reached 98.9% coverage!!
[18:08] <davmor2> ara: 100% honest
[18:08] <pedro_> \o/!
[18:09] <ara> Thanks a lot to everybody that helped testing
[18:10] <ara> do you guys have any concerns from the testing phase for beta? things that can be improved for RC?
[18:10] <ara> do you also think Karmic is going to be a great Ubuntu release?
[18:10] <fader_> I'd say Karmic is going to rock but I don't want to jinx it :D
[18:10] <davmor2> I think karmic will be the release that produces the most bug reports
[18:10] <bdmurray> the best evar
[18:11] <sbeattie> I had... quirky behavior from a karmic host testing karmic guests, such that I wasn't sure whether issues I saw were problems with the images or issues with virtualbox.
[18:11] <davmor2> But I think the features that have gone in will mean that lucid will be friggin' awesome
[18:12] <ara> sbeattie, I had the same problem
[18:12] <ara> sbeattie, I tried kvm but it is very slow for me
[18:12] <fader_> sbeattie, ara: what sort of issues?  I didn't see anything unusual with kvm
[18:13] <ara> fader_, UTC hw clock, mainly
[18:13] <sbeattie> fader_: kvm on my amd cpu host was significantly slower than virtualbox on the same host for some unknown reason.
[18:13] <ara> sbeattie, same for me
[18:13] <fader_> Interesting... I'll have to install virtualbox and compare behavior
[18:13] <fader_> (and speed)
[18:14] <ara> fader_, it would be nice to have a kvm session during the QA track at UDS ;-)
[18:14] <sbeattie> I had issues where I rebooted a karmic guest, got no X, then powered down the guest, booted it back up, and then X in the guest came up fine.
[18:14] <sbeattie> (on virtualbox)
[18:14] <davmor2> there was a kvm track just not in qa it was very interesting though
[18:14] <ara> sbeattie, the respawning issue?
[18:14] <fader_> ara: I could happily participate as a user but I'm no kvm wizard :)
[18:14] <davmor2> ara: beg kirkland
[18:15] <ara> davmor2, I was at that one. I was thinking more on a hands on tutorial
[18:15] <sbeattie> ara: no, this was different, IIRC. Post a jaunty->karmic upgrade.
[18:15] <ara> fader_, ^
[18:15] <kirkland> ara: davmor2: sure, guys, i'll be happy to do one
[18:15] <kirkland> guys/gals
[18:15] <kirkland> :-)
[18:15] <ara> kirkland, nice :)
[18:15] <fader_> \o/
[18:15] <kirkland> fwiw, i have one scheduled for OpenWeek
[18:16] <ara> kirkland, good to know!
[18:16] <davmor2> kirkland: You Rock Dude
[18:17] <ara> ok, any other topics?
[18:18] <davmor2> We might have a working wubi tomorrow which would be nice :)
[18:18] <ara> davmor2, no kidding?
[18:18] <fader_> davmor2: Excellent!
[18:19] <davmor2> the only thing maybe stopping it at the minute is installer issues that are in the ubiquity install.  So fingers crassed everyone
[18:19] <davmor2> crossed even
[18:19]  * cr3 crasses fingers
[18:20] <ara> ok, anything else?
[18:21] <ara> ok, let's wrap up
[18:21] <ara> #endmeeting
[18:21] <MootBot> Meeting finished at 12:21.

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