• SRU testing -- sbeattie (Steve Beattie)
  • Bugday highlights -- pedro
  • Next week is RC -- ara
  • Checkbox in Karmic -- cr3


[17:59] <marjo> #startmeeting
[17:59] <pedro_> hola!
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[18:00] <marjo> hi folks,
[18:00]  * fader waves.
[18:00] <bdmurray> hi
[18:00] <marjo> QA Meeting Agenda
[18:00] <ara> hey
[18:00] <sbeattie> hey
[18:00] <marjo> Agenda:
[18:00] <marjo>     * SRU testing -- sbeattie (Steve Beattie)
[18:00] <marjo>     * Bugday highlights -- pedro
[18:00] <marjo>     * Next week is RC -- ara
[18:01] <marjo> Any other agenda items to add?
[18:01] <marjo> [TOPIC] SRU testing - sbeattie (Steve Beattie)
[18:01] <MootBot> New Topic:  SRU testing - sbeattie (Steve Beattie)
[18:02] <sbeattie> SRU Activity for the past week (since 2009-10-07) was very light:
[18:02] <sbeattie> * Jaunty: 1 new package in -proposed (smart) and none pushed to -updates
[18:02] <sbeattie> * Intrepid: no new packages in -proposed and none pushed to -updates
[18:02] <sbeattie> * Hardy: 1 new package in -proposed (adept) and 1 pushed to -updates (zsync)
[18:02] <sbeattie> * Dapper: no non-security activity
[18:02] <sbeattie> Thanks to Dave Morley (davmor2) for testing zsync this week.
[18:03] <davmor2> \o/
[18:03] <sbeattie> There's at least one SRU that needs testing that would be good to get published before release: adept on updating from kubuntu/hardy to karmic.
[18:04] <pedro_> what's the bug number?
[18:04] <sbeattie> bug 439706, I think
[18:04] <davmor2> I can have a run at that tomorrow morning for you sbeattie
[18:04] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 439706 in adept "support hardy to karmic upgrades" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/439706
[18:05] <sbeattie> davmor2: that'd be awesome, thanks!
[18:05] <sbeattie> For the record, people interested in testing SRUs can always check the list of packages in the queue at http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/pending-sru.html
[18:06] <sbeattie> That's all I have, unless there are any more questions...
[18:06] <marjo> thx, sbeattie
[18:06] <marjo> [TOPIC] Bugday highlights -- pedro
[18:06] <MootBot> New Topic:  Bugday highlights -- pedro
[18:07] <pedro_> On Thursday 08 of October we had a bug day based on Confirmed Bugs without a package
[18:07] <ScottK> sbeattie: The adept SRU is important since Hardy is going out of support for Kubuntu
[18:07] <pedro_> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/20091008
[18:07] <pedro_> we had a great participation from the community, 58 bugs were triaged, thanks a lot to lfaraone, kamus, pwlars, hggdh2, gotunandan, simono and gothicx
[18:08] <pedro_> for the current week, we're celebrating a Bug day for the Server Team
[18:08] <pedro_> the progress so far is great: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/20091014
[18:09] <pedro_> ttx and zul are doing a super work there also answering questions on the #ubuntu-bugs channel
[18:09] <pedro_> and as always, any kind of help there is more than welcome :-)
[18:10] <marjo> thx pedro_
[18:10] <marjo> [TOPIC] Next week is RC (ara)
[18:10] <MootBot> New Topic:  Next week is RC (ara)
[18:11] <ara> Just a reminder that next week is RC week. This is one of the most important milestones
[18:11] <ara> Try to keep your images as synced as possible, to start the testing early
[18:11] <ara> :)
[18:12] <davmor2> ara: just depends on how early slangasek lets us ;)
[18:12] <marjo> davmor2: so true
[18:12] <ara> davmor2, indeed, but if the images are synced, when he says, ready, steady, go! we are ready to go ;-)
[18:12] <davmor2> So true
[18:13] <davmor2> ara: are we coordinating efforts on u-testing?
[18:13] <ara> davmor2, as usual
[18:13] <slangasek> you can test any time you want, you don't have to take my word for it that the ISOs are known not to be ready :)
[18:13] <fader> Hehe
[18:14] <marjo> ara: anything else?
[18:15] <ara> marjo, that's it
[18:15] <marjo> [TOPIC] Checkbox in Karmic (cr3)
[18:15] <MootBot> New Topic:  Checkbox in Karmic (cr3)
[18:15] <cr3> There is current a new version of Checkbox building for Karmic, 0.8.4
[18:15] <cr3> This fixes many bugs which were oustanding, most importantly relating to dbus
[18:16] <cr3> The command line interface has also been improved to finally work properly
[18:16] <cr3> Hope everyone will appreciate the fixes and keep reporting bugs!
[18:16] <davmor2> useful :)
[18:16] <marjo> cr3: anything else?
[18:17] <cr3> That's about it, I expect another version will be needed to reach perfection for karmic :)
[18:18] <marjo> cr3: thx!
[18:18] <marjo> folks: anything else for today's meeting?
[18:18] <davmor2> nope
[18:18] <ara> nothing on my side
[18:18] <marjo> going once
[18:18] <marjo> twice
[18:19] <marjo> ok, i propose we adjourn the meeting
[18:19]  * fader feels like he should bid something.
[18:19] <marjo> fader: too late
[18:19] <marjo> ok, folks, thx again and go Karmic RC!
[18:19] <cr3> fader: 500 quatloos on the newcomer!
[18:19] <fader> \o/
[18:19] <fader> cr3: Geek :P
[18:20] <marjo> #endmeeting

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