SRU Testing (jibel)

Last week Maverick was added to our list of stable releases! jibel gave us a nice overview of the packages that hit any of the stable releases archives. The complete report can be found at: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/SRUReports/2010-10-13

jibel encourages us to help us testing maverick-proposed, as almost everyone is running Maverick now.

UDS brainstorming

The UDS brainstorming was very productive. We came out with ideas, blueprints and sessions:

  • devildante and kamusin will register a blueprint on Handling Non-English Bug Reports.
  • xdatap, on behalf of primes2h, will propose the blueprint about improving the laptop testing program for UDS Natty.

  • pedro_ and devildante will organize a session on Bugsquad documentation improvement, covering HowToTriage.

  • pedro_ and kamusin will organize a session about the Bugsquad Roadmap, covering the kamusin's Dashboard idea.

Any Other Business

  • jibel announced that the changes to regression-* tags are going to be implemented for Natty. A bugday is scheduled next week to clean all the regression-potential reports.
  • hggdh asked for testing the PPA package for bug 631395

End meeting

Next meeting will be October 20th, at 17UTC. hggdh will be the chair.


  • <ara> The agenda for today is:

    <ara> # review previous action items (all)

    <ara> # SRU testing -- jibel

    <ara> # UDS brainstorming -- all

    <ara> # Selection of new chair -- ara

    <ara> [TOPIC] review previous action items (all)

review previous action items (all)

  • <ara> OK, I think the only action item recorded is that fader proposed Wednesday as kilt day at UDS Smile :)

    <charlie-tca> I think so too

    <fader> Shall we repropose it for next week to so people remember? Wink ;)

    <ara> so, yes, Wednesday is still Kilt day at UDS

    <ara> OK, next topic

    <ara> [TOPIC] SRU testing -- jibel

SRU testing -- jibel

  • <ara> jibel, all yours

    <jibel> Thank you ara

    <jibel> We have a new stable release this week: Maverick.

    <jibel> Over the past week 86 packages have been published to stable releases

    <jibel> The complete list is available at

    <jibel> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/SRUReports/2010-10-13

  • <jibel> * A total of 36 packages have been published to maverick

    <jibel> * 5 packages published to maverick-updates: krb5, tzdata, unity, update-manager, vte

    <jibel> * 3 packages published to maverick-security: linux, openssl, postgresql-8.4

    <jibel> * 28 packages published to maverick-proposed: bluedevil, clamav, cryptsetup, dkms, eglibc, empathy, gconf, gdm-guest-session, gnome-settings-daemon, indicator-sound, jockey, josm-plugins, kde4libs, kdebase-runtime, libgpod, linux, linux-linaro, linux-ti-omap4, qtmobility, simple-scan, tzdata, udev, unity, update-manager, utouch-grail, virtinst, vte, wine1.2

    <ara> jibel, classic after release week, then Smile :)

    <jibel> For maverick there are 0 day SRU to test, so don't hesitate to give them a try.

    <jibel> Smile :-)

    <jibel> But there is still activity in other releases

    <jibel> * A total of 29 packages have been published to lucid

    <jibel> * 15 packages published to lucid-updates: automysqlbackup, cuneiform, dell-recovery, erlang, filezilla, gdm, gnomescan, gutenprint, gwibber, herrie, libgksu, nspluginwrapper, ooo-thumbnailer, python-scipy, tzdata

    <jibel> * 3 packages published to lucid-security: lvm2, openssl, postgresql-8.4

    <jibel> * 11 packages published to lucid-proposed: choqok, clamav, eglibc, indicator-sound, linux-lts-backport-maverick, linux-meta-ec2, mountall, qoauth, tomcat6, tzdata, unetbootin

    <jibel> * A total of 5 packages have been published to karmic

    <jibel> * 1 packages published to karmic-updates: tzdata

    <jibel> * 3 packages published to karmic-security: lvm2, openssl, postgresql-8.4

    <jibel> * 1 packages published to karmic-proposed: tzdata

    <jibel> * A total of 6 packages have been published to jaunty

    <jibel> * 2 packages published to jaunty-updates: squid3, tzdata

    <jibel> * 3 packages published to jaunty-security: lvm2, openssl, postgresql-8.3

    <jibel> * 1 packages published to jaunty-proposed: tzdata

    <jibel> * A total of 5 packages have been published to hardy

    <jibel> * 1 packages published to hardy-updates: tzdata

    <jibel> * 3 packages published to hardy-security: lvm2, openssl, postgresql-8.3

    <jibel> * 1 packages published to hardy-proposed: tzdata

    <jibel> * A total of 5 packages have been published to dapper

    <jibel> * 1 packages published to dapper-updates: langpack-locales

    <jibel> * 3 packages published to dapper-security: lvm2, openssl, postgresql-8.1

    <jibel> * 1 packages published to dapper-proposed: langpack-locales

    <jibel> Thanks to shoo_ash, axel, bankey, bojo42, aftertaf (aftertaf), Damien Bally, Donato Roque, elrond, FND, golamc, gravity, Danilo (gwrtheyrn), ingo, darkraven, Jonathan Carter (highvoltage), Steffen, Michael K. Edwards, Marc Legris, mlaverdiere,

    <jibel> Konstantin L. Metlov, Michael Mior, Arpad Kovacs, Vladimir Yakovlev, MaksimKa, Norko, psychok7, Omer Akram (om26er), Oswald-p, Samuele Pedroni (pedronis), psypher, Rick McBride (rmcbride), SrinivasaMoorthy, Zhang Rui, Rupert Hair, Henrik Rydberg (kosumi68),

    <jibel> Scott Ritchie (YokoZar), Sense Hofstede (sense), Anil Seth, Stefan Lasiewski (Gigglesworth), Stefano Rivera (tumbleweed), Sunner Sun, Tetsuo6995, Timo Jyrinki, Matt Trower, Twisted Lincoln, Inc., Will Taygan, Wousser (wousser) and zmoog (zmoog) for testing packages in -proposed.

    <jibel> As always, you can see the current set of packages needing testing in the -proposed queue at http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/pending-sru.html . Your assistance in testing is always appreciated!

    <ara> Thanks jibel

    <jibel> Come and test packages in the pending_sru list, there are packages for all tastes

    <ara> everyone, any questions to jibel?

    <ara> "Twisted Lincoln, Inc" (one of the names at the contributors list) Smile :)

    <ara> OK, if there are no questions, we continue

    <ara> thanks jibel

    <devildante> thanks jibel Smile :)

    <jibel> thank you all for reading

    <ara> so, no bug day activity this week, so next topic is:

    <ara> [TOPIC] UDS brainstorming -- all

UDS brainstorming -- all

  • <devildante> what's it supposed to be?

    <ara> OK, I just wanted to raise attention that we are very close to UDS

    <ara> so we need to start registering our blueprints and scheduling them

    <ara> so if you are going to be at UDS or you are going to participate remotely

    <hggdh> devildante: it is what we would like to do on the Natty cycle

    <kamusin> there is a topic created by devildante in the maillist about how could we handled reports for foreign people

    <ara> and would like to discuss something for Natty on the qa side, please, register a blueprint and let me know, so I can schedule it

    <devildante> hggdh, I know, just that I didn't know what we will do about it in this session

    <devildante> thanks though Smile :)

    <charlie-tca> um, perhaps non-native english speaking people would be better

    <kamusin> heh right

    <devildante> charlie-tca: call it what you want :p

    <charlie-tca> They aren't foreign to their country and language

    <ara> devildante, kamusin: would you like to have a session on handling non-english bug reports?

    <marjo> folks: for reference: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/RoadMap/Maverick

    <kamusin> ara, if devildante don't have problems Smile :)

    <devildante> ara: yes Smile :)

    <charlie-tca> That would be great!

    <kamusin> this will be my first time in the uds so, please be nice guys heh

    <ara> devildante, OK, then you can register a blueprint under ubuntutheproject-qa-n-name-of-your-session, and i can schedule it

    <devildante> okay Smile :)

    <marjo> also: http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/maverick/canonical-platform-qa.html

    <devildante> ara: and register it for uds-n?

    <ara> devildante, propose it for uds-n

    <devildante> okay Smile :)

    <ara> thanks!

    <devildante> np

    <ara> any other ideas for Natty that you would like to share?

  • xdatap raise the hand

    <ara> xdatap, go!

    <xdatap> Hi everybody. Today Sergio Zanchetta who will not partecipate to UDS asked me to check with you if a session about Laptop Testing would be interesting

    <xdatap> he's writing a spec and a wiki page (he just started)

    <xdatap> https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/laptop-testing-tracker

    <xdatap> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SergioZanchetta/Prova2

    <xdatap> what do you think? If it's interesting could lead this session

    <xdatap> *I could lead....

    <hggdh> ara: I would go for it

    <devildante> great idea Smile :)

    <hggdh> (meaning I think it is a good idea)

    <ara> yes, I think it is worth a discussion during UDS

    <njin> +1 for me

    <xdatap> ok, so we'll complete the wiki page and we will propose this for UDS-N

    <ara> xdatap, awesome, thanks!

    <ara> so, anybody else with great ideas for Natty?

    <ara> OK, so, moving on

    <devildante> wait

    <ara> I wait

    <devildante> could the HowToTriage page revamping be a blueprint?

    <ara> pedro_, ^?

    <marjo> devildante: is there enough there for a blueprint? could be just a work item thing

    <pedro_> ara, devildante i think we could do a session to review the documentation and include that into it

    <hggdh> xdatap: please tell Sergio I say hi, and pitty he will not be there (and Paolo also)

    <pedro_> devildante, would that work for you?

    <marjo> pedro: that makes more sense

    <devildante> pedro_: great idea Smile :)

    <pedro_> marjo, yeap, we could take work items out of it and make the HowToTriage guide one of them

    <marjo> ara, all: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/UDSNatty

    <kamusin> as Bugsquad team we could have a global view of what is going on .. such a dashboard.. sadly I just have the idea in mind, nothing wrote yet

    <ara> great marjo, thanks

    <pedro_> devildante, awesome, i'll register it and subscribe you to it

    <devildante> pedro_: great, thanks Smile :)

    <pedro_> kamusin, what about having the BugSquad Roadmap discussion ? we can take a few work items out of it just like previous UDS

    <pedro_> kamusin, and include that dashboard idea you're having on it

    <ara> OK, anything else?

    <kamusin> ok, no problem

    <ara> going once...

    <pedro_> kamusin, awesome Smile :-)

    <ara> going twice...

    <marjo> pedro, kamusin: http://status.qa.ubuntu.com/

    <marjo> doesn't that provide a sort of dashboard?

    <marjo> that includes overview of bugs based on packages, sort of?

    <kamusin> marjo, a kind of.. but I would like to include more information, like what is the bug with most duplicates.. last bugs.. etc

    <kamusin> let me draw something more elaborated and I will present you Smile :)

    <marjo> kamusin: how about something like: http://people.canonical.com/~marjomercado/qadashboard.html

    <kamusin> marjo, yeah.. something like that. I have to monitoring lots of things with nagios for example, have you seen the "Tactical View"? that is the idea but with other information of course Smile :)

    <marjo> kamusin: ok, it's a work in process, but I don't want it to duplicate: http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ogasawara/weatherreport.html

    <marjo> ara: that's it from my interruption

    <ara> ok, no problem

    <kamusin> marjo, thanks for the info (sorry ara)

    <marjo> kamusin: np; i like your ideas

    <ara> that's the reason of the meeting, talking Smile :)

    <ara> OK, moving on:

    <ara> [TOPIC] any other businesses?

any other businesses?

  • <ara> OK, so nothing, apparently

    <jibel> o/

    <ara> jibel, great, go ahead

    <jibel> a quick update about regression bugs.

    <jibel> with all the feedback we received from -devel, we are going to apply the changes for Natty.

    <jibel> A bugday is scheduled next week to clean all the regression-potential reports.

    <hggdh> expect kernel Wink ;-)

    <hggdh> except even

    <marjo> jibel: good luck! that's a lot of work (even except kernel)

    <jibel> right. except kernel which is already a large list of bugs.

    <pedro_> hggdh, it would require like a bug week to clean the kernel bugs there :-P

    <marjo> pedro_ that's optimistic

    <hggdh> yes... I think we should try and schedule something with JFo

    <pedro_> (hope JFo isn't reading :-P)

    <hggdh> we will not get them all, of course (standard disclaimer for personal protection)

    <ara> thanks jibel

    <ara> anybody else?

    <jibel> o/

    <hggdh> heh

    <JFo> Smile :)

    <ara> hehehehe

    <ara> jibel, go ahead!

    <jibel> Come and test packages in maverick-proposed !

    <hggdh> \o

    <ara> jibel, true!

    <ara> this is the only time of the cycle when I am actually running a stable release!

    <jibel> We are looking for users of empathy, wine and ipods

    <devildante> ara: I'm already on natty :p

  • hggdh awaits for permission to talk. Er, write

  • devildante declines

    <hggdh> for those of yuou that have access to an Exchange server: please test the PPA package for bug 631395

    <ubot4> Launchpad bug 631395 in evolution-exchange (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "When upgrading from 10.04 to 10.10, exchange mail accounts no longer work in Evolution. When clicking the account, the folder structure won't expand and the account does not send or receive e-mail (although) it does appear in the send/receive dialog box. (affects: 40) (dups: 2) (heat: 236)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/631395

    <hggdh> this is a major roadblock for Evolution-exchange on Maverick

  • hggdh is done

  • ara reminds the people that there is an agenda wiki page where they can put their items Wink ;-)

    <ara> so, anybody else? Smile :)

    <hggdh> I beg pardon, ara. This surfaced today on an upstream call to me

    <ara> no worries, that's why there is a AOB topic Smile :)

    <ara> hggdh, thanks for sharing

  • hggdh bows, gratefully

    <ara> OK, moving on

    <ara> [TOPIC] Selection of new chair -- ara

Selection of new chair -- ara

  • <ara> so, who wants to chair the meeting next week? Smile :)

    <hggdh> ~\o

    <ara> hggdh, great, thanks!

    <ara> So, hggdh will chair the meeting that will be next Wednesday, 20th October, at 17:00UTC

    <ara> Thanks everybody for a great meeting!

    <ara> #endmeeting

Meeting closed at 19:46

People Present

  • ara
  • charlie-tca
  • fader
  • jibel
  • devildante
  • hggdh
  • kamusin
  • marjo
  • xdatap
  • njin
  • pedro_
  • JFo
  • ubot4

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