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<patrickmw> Agenda:
 Previous Actions (all)
 bdmurray furhter research into the quantity of bug reports containing workarounds
 Community Efforts/Testing
 Automated/Systems Testing
 Engineering Team Bug Status
 Other Topics
 Chair Selection
* charlie-tca is in awe; the meeting page actually works
<patrickmw> [TOPIC] Previous Actions
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<patrickmw> bdmurray?
<bdmurray> patrickmw: I did it let me find that email
<patrickmw> we'll come right back to you
<patrickmw> [TOPIC] Community Efforts/Testing
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<bdmurray> \o
<bdmurray> o/
<patrickmw> that was quick
= <bdmurray> so initially I'd said about 720 bug reports had workarounds in the description =
 come to find out my search was case sensitive and its more like 10,000
<bdmurray> In all fairness the documentation does say to use WORKAROUND
<jibel> bdmurray, it that opened bug reports only or fixed as well ?
<bdmurray> regardless workarounds have been documented a fair bit and these should be communicated more and better
<bdmurray> jibel: all bugs
<jibel> bdmurray, k
<bdmurray> patrickmw: that's it
<patrickmw> thank you, bdmurray.  back to community efforts
 pedro_, jibel?
= <jibel> SRU testing =
 Over the past week 874 packages have been published to stable releases
 The complete list is available at
 [LINK] http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/sru/latest.html
<MootBot> LINK received:  http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/sru/latest.html
<jibel> * A total of 832 packages have been published to natty
<jibel>   * 4 packages published to natty-updates: foo2zjs, icedtea-web, sandboxgamemaker, xserver-xorg-input-synaptics
   * 805 packages published to natty-security: firefox, 794 languages packs, flashplugin-nonfree,libvirt, libxml2, mozvoikko, nagios3, openjdk-6, openjdk-6b18, tgt, ubufox, webfav
   * 23 packages published to natty-proposed: bindwood, byobu, bzr, curl, deja-dup, evince, firefox, fpc, gecko-mediaplayer, gxine, kde4libs, kdeutils, linux-firmware, moon, mozvoikko, ntp, oss4, quickly, software-center, unity, vlc, webfav, whois
 * A total of 17 packages have been published to maverick
   * 2 packages published to maverick-updates: grub2, lupin
   * 11 packages published to maverick-security: ejabberd, firefox, flashplugin-nonfree, libvirt, libxml2, nagios3, nbd, openjdk-6, openjdk-6b18, tgt, xulrunner-1.9.2
   * 4 packages published to maverick-proposed: byobu, fpc, openssh, software-center
 * A total of 23 packages have been published to lucid
   * 6 packages published to lucid-updates: dkms, dovecot, grub2, language-pack-gnome-fr, lupin, sysvinit
   * 11 packages published to lucid-security: ejabberd, firefox, flashplugin-nonfree, libvirt, libxml2, nagios3, nbd, nginx, openjdk-6, openjdk-6b18, xulrunner-1.9.2
   * 6 packages published to lucid-proposed: byobu, debian-installer, fpc, linux, netcfg, openssh
 * A total of 2 packages have been published to hardy-security: libxml2, nbd
 Thanks to everyone who helped with testing.
<jibel> micahg, sent a call for testing for firefox in Natty
 Next Oneiric milestone is in 2 weeks, but you can test daily builds until then.
 and that's all for today
= pedro_, ? any news on bugdays ? =
<pedro_> Hello, Yes!
 there's a bug day being organized for tomorrow: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/20110623
 Unity is the target , so if you use Oneiric and want to contribute a little to make Unity rock please join us
 as always the *whole* day your timezone at #ubuntu-bugs
<patrickmw> thanks, guys
 [Automated/Systems Testing]
= [TOPIC] Automated/Systems Testing =
<MootBot> New Topic:  Automated/Systems Testing
<patrickmw> = What was done last week = 
 The Automation Sprint was productive and we have been able to set goals for Oneiric and beyond. The three highest priority testing items:
 * ISO server and EC2 image testing
 * Kernel SRU testing
 * Installer testing
 Other projects:
 * Public Jenkins viewing instance
 * testing notifications mailing list
 * ISO server tests have been migrated to the new lab
 = What's happening this week =
 * Running the tests for all images is now 8x faster.  The CPU load on the system averaged around 30%.  The current bottleneck is IO.  Once we get the new drives added we should see increased performance.
 * EC2 access has been configured and we will be setting up EC2 tests
 * The kernel sru testing project is undergoing modifications to prepare for Alpha 2 kernel testing
 = What we need to move forward =
 * Awaiting new hardware for Installer test environment
<jibel> o/
<patrickmw> yes?
= <jibel> not a question, just some infos about Wubi testing =
 Some good progress this week, I added a noninteractive mode to Wubi and I'm now able to run a wubi installation completely automatically.
 I expect to finish the automated tests of Wubi tomorrow after some polishing and testing.
 Some details still remains like selecting Ubuntu by default before reboot then back to windows by default for next run,
 switching the default windows user to auto login,
 how to start a jenkins job in Windows and report the results from Ubuntu
 and how to remove all those Ads installed by default on Windows and which pop up continuously during the test run
 I hope we'll be able to add the test machine to the automated test run next week. We have to figure
 remove the "We have to figure" c/p error
 This doesn't replace what ev plan to do with kvm autotest of course
<patrickmw> awesome!
 unless there is anything else we're moving on in 3
 [TOPIC] Engineering Team Bug Status
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<patrickmw> who wants to start?
<bdmurray> \o/
<patrickmw> go, sir!
= <bdmurray> updated grab-attachments in ubuntu-dev-tools to grab all attachments for a package's bugs =
 reduced new bug count in initramfs-tools by ~50% - http://status.qa.ubuntu.com/qapkgstatus/initramfs-tools
 some details at http://www.murraytwins.com/blog/?p=104
 reduced new bug count in msttcorefonts by >50% - http://status.qa.ubuntu.com/qapkgstatus/msttcorefonts
 looked into some debconf package install failures bug 442941
<ubottu> Launchpad bug 442941 in debconf (Ubuntu) "debconf failed to upgrade from 1.5.27ubuntu1 to 1.5.27ubuntu2: exit status 128 - Use of uninitialized value $reply in scalar chomp at /usr/share/perl5/Debconf/FrontEnd/Passthrough.pm line 66" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/442941
<bdmurray> I added in some additional foundations packages to the package status pages
 . done .
<patrickmw> danke
<jibel> bdmurray, that's fantastic. I think bug 349469 could benefit of your magic too.
<patrickmw> pedro_, any updates for Desktop?
<ubottu> Launchpad bug 349469 in debconf (Ubuntu) "debconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/349469
<jibel> there are quite a bunch
<pedro_> patrickmw, nope , the bug day was my item for it and already covered
<bdmurray> jibel: thanks I've seen some of those but hadn't looked for the master yet
<patrickmw> great. did I miss anyone?
 not sure if jibel or hggdh have updates this section
<jibel> nothing from me.
<patrickmw> [TOPIC] Other Topics
<MootBot> New Topic:  Other Topics
<patrickmw> open floor
<bdmurray> \o
<patrickmw> bdmurray, go ahead :) - your arm must be tired
= <bdmurray> As a general statement bug patterns can be really really helpful for consolidation duplicate bug =  reports and preventing further bug reports.
 I've seen some cases where people have been manually marking duplicates for bugs reported by apport where a pattern would have made things a lot easier for them.
<patrickmw> bdmurray: is there a list on the wiki of common bug patterns?
<bdmurray> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Apport/DeveloperHowTo#Bug_patterns
<patrickmw> there ya go peeps
<jibel> bdmurray, will you give a session about bug patterns at next udw ?
<bdmurray> jibel: when is that again?
<jibel> in 3 weeks iircs
 11th July
 to 15th
<bdmurray> jibel: okay signing up
<patrickmw> thanks again, bdmurray. any other topics?
<jibel> or more generally how to take advantage of bug patterns, grab-attachment and other lp tools
<patrickmw> [TOPIC] Chair Selection
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<patrickmw> jibel?
<hggdh> sorry, was out on a medical procedure, and am still groggy
= <jibel> Sure, I'll chair next meeting. =
<patrickmw> jibel, thank you very much
<jibel> yw

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