[17:01] <charlie-tca> #startmeeting

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[17:01] <charlie-tca> Welcome to the weekly QA meeting

[17:01] <charlie-tca> The agenda is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Meetings

[17:02] <komputes> o/

[17:02] <charlie-tca> Previous Actions (all)

[17:02] <charlie-tca> Community Efforts/Testing

[17:02] <charlie-tca> Automated/Systems Testing

[17:02] <charlie-tca> Engineering Team Bug Status

[17:02] <charlie-tca> Other Topics

[17:02] <charlie-tca> Chair Selection

[17:02] <charlie-tca> komputes: question?

[17:02] <komputes> no, just marking that I'm present

[17:03] <charlie-tca> I know we are trying to get everyone to use .. in meetings now, so please try to remember that means you are done speaking.

[17:03] <charlie-tca> Thanks

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[17:03] <meetingology> TOPIC: Previous Actions

[17:03] <charlie-tca> I can't think of anything, can anyone else?

[17:04] <hggdh> no from here

[17:04] <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] Community Efforts/Testing === meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Community Efforts/Testing

[17:04] <meetingology> TOPIC: Community Efforts/Testing

[17:04] <charlie-tca> pedro?

[17:04] <jibel> I'm here

[17:04] <jibel> Hey all!

[17:04] <charlie-tca> anyone?

[17:04] <charlie-tca> Hello, jibel

[17:04] <jibel> Main activity was A3 testing

[17:04] <charlie-tca> Who has community Efforts today?

[17:05] <jibel> Testing report available at

[17:05] <jibel> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/ReleaseReports/OneiricAlpha3TestReport

[17:05] <jibel> The following bugs have been identified from the A3 testing:

[17:05] <jibel> [LINK] http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/report

[17:06] <jibel> the bot doesn't understand [LINK] anymore ?

[17:06] <jibel> #link http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/report

[17:06] <jibel> Sad :(

[17:06] <charlie-tca> um, it might be broken, but that's okay, use it

[17:06] <jibel> I won't fight against that thing

[17:06] <jibel> so back to A3

[17:07] <jibel> The expectation is that the bugs will reviewed by the proper team before the end of this week and worked as appropriate.

[17:07] <jibel> thanks for everyone who help with testing !

[17:07] <jibel> ..

[17:07] <charlie-tca> This is a different bot than normal, since mootbot quit working

[17:08] <charlie-tca> Thank you very much, jibel

[17:08] <charlie-tca> Any questions ?

[17:08] <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] Automated/Systems Testing === meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Automated/Systems Testing

[17:08] <meetingology> TOPIC: Automated/Systems Testing

[17:08] <patrickmw> = QA Lab =

[17:08] <patrickmw> • public jenkins still in progress. working through technical issues with IS

[17:08] <patrickmw> = DX Testing =

[17:08] <patrickmw> • Creating isolated VM environment for DX to run tests

[17:08] <patrickmw> ∘ Env has been tested locally, currently migrating images to lab

[17:08] <patrickmw> • DX team expected to have the ability to add projects this week

[17:08] <patrickmw> ..

[17:09] <charlie-tca> Thank you, patrickmw

[17:09] <charlie-tca> Questions on automated testing?

[17:09] <charlie-tca> or comments

[17:09] <komputes> Yes indeed

[17:09] <charlie-tca> go ahead, please

[17:10] <komputes> I was wondering if there was any advancement on building a database of users with hardware who are willing to preform hw specific tests.

[17:10] <komputes> ..

[17:10] <hggdh> I am not aware of any advances in this area, currently

[17:11] <komputes> moving on then ..

[17:11] <charlie-tca> Thank you

[17:11] <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] Engineering Team Bug Status === meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Engineering Team Bug Status

[17:11] <meetingology> TOPIC: Engineering Team Bug Status

[17:11] <charlie-tca> Ursinha: update?

[17:12] <Ursinha> charlie-tca: yes yes

[17:12] <Ursinha> I've been working on triaging bugs for the server team, to improve the process

[17:12] <Ursinha> and I've added another report to our list: http://status.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-server/release-bugs.html

[17:13] <Ursinha> this is based on a report Daviey created for the release meetings, there's also a wiki output version

[17:13] <Ursinha> I'm compiling all reports in lp:~ubuntu-defect-analysts/+junk

[17:14] <Ursinha> and looking forward to meet all the other defect analysts next week in our sprint Smile :)

[17:14] <Ursinha> ..

[17:14] <charlie-tca> That's a nice tracking chart.

[17:14] <charlie-tca> bdmurray: any updates today?

[17:15] <bdmurray> charlie-tca: Hi, sorry just a sec

[17:15] <charlie-tca> no problem

[17:16] <bdmurray> I've modified ubiquity to recommend people use ubuntu-bug instead of going to +filebug and adding log files manually

[17:17] <bdmurray> I'm actively working on a duplicate signature for package installation failures to reduce the number of duplicates we get of those

[17:17] <bdmurray> I've also updated kerneloops to prevent reporting of NETDEV WATCHDOG errors

[17:17] <bdmurray> that's about it

[17:17] <charlie-tca> Thank you!

[17:17] <bdmurray> well, that's the most intersting bits Wink ;-)

[17:17] <charlie-tca> I hate having to attach those logs

[17:18] <charlie-tca> hm, I don't we have a bug day tomorrow, due to the desktop summit

[17:18] <charlie-tca> at least I can use that excuse

[17:18] <charlie-tca> any questions/comments?

[17:19] <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] Any Other Business? === meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Any Other Business?

[17:19] <meetingology> TOPIC: Any Other Business?

[17:19] <charlie-tca> open floor for anything to be discussed

[17:20] <hggdh> <- not here

[17:20] <charlie-tca> heh

[17:20] <hggdh> Smile :-)

[17:20] <charlie-tca> hggdh: did you have anything today?

[17:20] <hggdh> no, I am cool

[17:20] <charlie-tca> You been kind of quiet

[17:20] <hggdh> sort of busy, unfortunately

[17:20] <pgraner> charlie-tca, o/

[17:21] <charlie-tca> [TOPIC] Chair Selection === meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Chair Selection

[17:21] <meetingology> TOPIC: Chair Selection

[17:21] <charlie-tca> go ahead, pgraner

[17:21] <charlie-tca> or are you next chair?

[17:21] <pgraner> charlie-tca, just wanted to welcome a new canonical QA team member gema

[17:21] <pgraner> she started monday and will be coming up to speed

[17:21] <pgraner> ..

[17:22] <charlie-tca> Welcome to QA

[17:22] <hggdh> gema!

[17:22] <Ursinha> pgraner: she's not here?

[17:22] <charlie-tca> Always to good to have more people!

[17:22] <pgraner> Ursinha, yep, wanted to make the community aware tho

[17:22] <Ursinha> pgraner: just wanted to greet her Smile :)

[17:22] <charlie-tca> Well, then, as you come across gema, welcome her to the group

[17:23] <pgraner> charlie-tca, thanks

[17:23] <Ursinha> (just did on #ubuntu-server)

[17:23] <charlie-tca> and now, back to that most wonderful moment of all, a new chair?

[17:23] <charlie-tca> any volunteers?

[17:24] <charlie-tca> $ shuf -e hggdh, patrickmw pedro_ bdmurray jibel Ursinha|head -1

[17:24] <Ursinha> ah the winner is....

[17:24] <Ursinha> s/ah/and/

[17:24] <charlie-tca> I have no idea how to work this

[17:24] <charlie-tca> lol

[17:24] <charlie-tca> maybe it don't work too?

[17:24] <pgraner> charlie-tca, many of us will be away a a sprint next week

[17:24] <Ursinha> ursula@galactica: ~ $ shuf -e hggdh, patrickmw pedro_ bdmurray jibel Ursinha|head -1

[17:24] <Ursinha> pedro_

[17:25] <Ursinha> I will, and pedro_, bdmurray

[17:25] <charlie-tca> Okay, bdmurray was going to have this one. Maybe he would be so kind as to take next week?

[17:26] <Ursinha> charlie-tca: we're going to be sprinting next week

[17:26] <Ursinha> me, pedro, bdmurray and pgraner

[17:26] <charlie-tca> oh

[17:26] <charlie-tca> well, then

[17:26] <charlie-tca> hggdh: you want a turn?

[17:26] <hggdh> aye Smile :-)

[17:27] <charlie-tca> Thank you!

[17:27] <charlie-tca> next meeting chair will be hggdh

[17:27] <hggdh> charlie-tca: you are always welcome, sir

[17:27] <charlie-tca> If there is no other business, thank all of you for participating in the meeting.

[17:27] <charlie-tca> #endmeeting

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