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Meeting summary

  • Previous Actions
  • Community Efforts/Testing

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricReleaseSchedule (jibel, 17:03:44) LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam (jibel, 17:04:07)

  • Automated/Systems Testing
  • Engineering Team Bug Status
  • Odds & Ends

ACTION: jibel to chair next meeting (hggdh, 17:17:53)

Meeting ended at 17:18:32 UTC.


Action items

  • jibel to chair next meeting

Action items, by person

  • jibel
  • * jibel to chair next meeting

People present (lines said)

  • hggdh (47)
  • patrickmw (16)
  • jibel (15)
  • charlie-tca (9)
  • meetingology (8)
  • negueba (2)
  • Ursinha (2)

Full Log

  • 17:00:32 <hggdh> #startmeeting

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    17:00:37 <Ursinha> .17

    17:00:41 <Ursinha> sorry

    17:01:04 <hggdh> [TOPIC] Previous Actions

    17:01:04 <meetingology> TOPIC: Previous Actions 17:01:15 * charlie-tca waves

    17:01:19 <hggdh> any previous actions? I am not aware of any

    17:01:25 <charlie-tca> no previous actions that I can think of

    17:01:50 <hggdh> BTW, apology from bdmurray, not available tonight

    17:02:04 <hggdh> so

    17:02:06 <hggdh> [TOPIC] Community Efforts/Testing

    17:02:06 <meetingology> TOPIC: Community Efforts/Testing

    17:02:31 <hggdh> pedro is not available either, BTW.

    17:02:41 <hggdh> anything on community efforts?

    17:03:00 <jibel> It's not like if they were in the same timezone as me Wink ;)

    17:03:10 <jibel> Hey all o/

    17:03:15 <jibel> Nothing special this week, just a few dates:

    17:03:23 <jibel> Oneiric Beta 1 testing will start in less than 2 weeks:

    17:03:44 <jibel> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricReleaseSchedule

    17:03:56 <jibel> Followed immediately by the Ubuntu Global Jam:

    17:04:07 <jibel> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam

    17:04:19 <jibel> which incorporates a Testing event depending on where you will be attending

    17:04:25 <jibel> that's all from me

    17:04:26 <jibel> ..

    17:04:32 <jibel> any question ?

    17:04:49 <hggdh> thank you, jibel

    17:04:58 <hggdh> with no questions, we move on

    17:05:00 <hggdh> [TOPIC] Automated/Systems Testing

    17:05:00 <meetingology> TOPIC: Automated/Systems Testing

    17:05:07 <patrickmw> = Public Jenkins =

    17:05:07 <patrickmw> � It's official - https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/

    17:05:07 <patrickmw> = DX Testing =

    17:05:07 <patrickmw> � DX testing environment ready to start creating jobs

    17:05:07 <patrickmw> � Open RT for getting LP access in order to branch projects -kind of important Smile :)

    17:05:07 <hggdh> patrickmw: floor is yours 17:05:21 * hggdh was, as usual, too slow

    17:06:10 <patrickmw> Now everyone can see the status of our automated testing suites/

    17:06:25 <patrickmw> this will continue to grow, so keep an eye out

    17:06:26 <patrickmw> ..

    17:06:31 <hggdh> patrickmw: the public Jenkins is read-only for all, correct?

    17:06:34 <patrickmw> yes

    17:07:00 <jibel> patrickmw, will the public jenkins be opened to derivatives e.g xubuntu ?

    17:07:36 <patrickmw> I see the instance to be available for all and any testing

    17:07:48 <charlie-tca> really?

    17:07:54 <hggdh> Smile :-)

    17:07:55 <patrickmw> yes

    17:07:58 <charlie-tca> thanks

    17:08:15 <hggdh> BTW, the test code we run there is located at https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-server-iso-testing-dev/ubuntu-server-iso-testing/trunk

    17:08:16 <patrickmw> anything, but you will have to go through us to get your requests on the backlog

    17:08:54 <hggdh> please do not be put off by the title -- when we started, it was only for the server. Now it is anything we can get to run Wink ;-)

    17:09:12 <hggdh> so, if you are willing to, please add tests and propose merges 17:09:39 * charlie-tca will try to learn how to do that

    17:09:50 <charlie-tca> ..

    17:09:50 <jibel> hggdh, we should definitely rename this project because it tests more than ISOs now

    17:09:56 <patrickmw> agreed

    17:09:59 <hggdh> jibel: I agree

    17:10:10 <patrickmw> i'll put in on the backlog Smile :)

    17:10:21 <hggdh> we can discuss it out-of-band, and then rename the beast

    17:10:26 <hggdh> so

    17:10:39 <hggdh> anything else on automated tests?

    17:10:51 <patrickmw> yes, I have a few other topics about the framework too. Nothing else from me

    17:11:02 <hggdh> please go ahead, patrickmw

    17:11:15 <patrickmw> offline is best Smile :)

    17:11:32 <hggdh> ok

    17:11:34 <hggdh> [TOPIC] Engineering Team Bug Status

    17:11:34 <meetingology> TOPIC: Engineering Team Bug Status

    17:11:51 <hggdh> bdmurray and pedro are absent. So... Ursinha ?

    17:12:16 <jibel> they are sprinting not absent. And Ursinha is printing, that may take a while.

    17:12:23 <hggdh> LOL 17:13:21 * hggdh feels the printing is quite long

    17:13:30 <hggdh> we move on.

    17:13:41 <negueba> hey folks, don't know if the problem happens just for me but in ubuntu 11.04 the drivers atl1c and ath9k don't work at the same time... the system always happens to freezes at the splash screen... to get the system work i need to first disable my wireless card and then rmmod any of the drivers

    17:13:53 <hggdh> for the record, most of the QA folks are in a sprint

    17:14:12 <hggdh> negueba: this is not the correct channel. Please try #ubuntu

    17:14:21 <jibel> negueba, we appreciate your problem but there is a meeting in progress

    17:14:36 <negueba> i'm sorry guys

    17:14:41 <hggdh> so their absence is justified (it is time for beers)

    17:14:45 <hggdh> so we move on

    17:15:03 <hggdh> [TOPIC] Odds & Ends

    17:15:03 <meetingology> TOPIC: Odds & Ends

    17:15:40 <hggdh> this is open floor. Anyone wishing to talk should do so now

    17:15:55 <hggdh> 3

    17:15:57 <hggdh> 2

    17:16:00 <hggdh> 1

    17:16:03 <hggdh> TOPIC: Chair Selection

    17:16:13 <hggdh> any candidates?

    17:16:48 <hggdh> otherwise it will be shuf -e charlie-tca patrickmw pedro_ bdmurray jibel Ursinha|head -1

    17:16:58 <hggdh> charlie-tca: can I include your name?

    17:17:02 <charlie-tca> sure

    17:17:25 <hggdh> jibel: you have been selected...

    17:17:38 <hggdh> Smile :-)

    17:17:53 <hggdh> [ACTION] jibel to chair next meeting 17:17:53 * meetingology jibel to chair next meeting

    17:17:55 <charlie-tca> Smile :)

    17:18:10 <charlie-tca> That sure is easier

    17:18:28 <hggdh> and so, with the deafening silence on us, I...

    17:18:32 <hggdh> #endmeeting

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