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  • Previous Actions
  • Community Efforts/Testing
  • Automated/Systems Testing
  • Odds & Ends

  • Next Chair

ACTION: pedro_ to chair next meeting (hggdh_, 17:35:54)

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  • pedro_ to chair next meeting

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  • pedro_
  • * pedro_ to chair next meeting

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  • 17:12:51 <hggdh_> #startmeeting

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    17:13:13 <hggdh_> OK. I am sorry for the delay, I had the wrong schedule in front of me

    17:13:21 <hggdh_> So.

    17:13:47 <hggdh_> [TOPIC] Previous Actions

    17:13:47 <meetingology> TOPIC: Previous Actions

    17:14:05 <hggdh_> I am not aware of any previous pending actions. Please correct me if needed

    17:14:09 <hggdh_> 3

    17:14:11 <hggdh_> 2

    17:14:13 <hggdh_> 1

    17:14:22 <hggdh_> [TOPIC] Community Efforts/Testing

    17:14:22 <meetingology> TOPIC: Community Efforts/Testing

    17:14:49 <hggdh_> The only point I have here is that we are approaching Beta 1 week, and all help will be extremely welcome

    17:15:17 <hggdh_> we will need testers for all official variants of Ubuntu, and some of the not-so-official Wink ;-)

    17:15:57 <hggdh_> please do help. Visit http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com for details on the tests we will have to run

    17:16:05 <hggdh_> any comments?

    17:16:25 <zeedune> Georg here, also new to this. So is ISO testing the top prio?

    17:16:40 <charlie-tca> o/

    17:17:12 <hggdh_> zeedune: daily testing on the updated images is always welcome. But milestone testing has a special urgency, given the few days we have to perform all tests

    17:17:23 <charlie-tca> If the images do not get tested, the Beta1 does not get released for that flavor

    17:17:46 <charlie-tca> hggdh_: beta1 testing starts Tuesday?

    17:17:58 <hggdh_> charlie-tca: we hope so, yes

    17:18:29 <hggdh_> from Tuesday to part-Thursday

    17:18:36 <charlie-tca> For those not aware of it, this cycle there is a new policy in place. Any image that is not tested for each milestone does not get released for that milestone

    17:19:02 <zeedune> How do I tell the daily builds apart from the beta1 ones? Or will all daily build after Tuesday be beta1?

    17:19:43 <hggdh_> when we reach the milestone, the image is not changed unless a critical bug is corrected

    17:19:54 <charlie-tca> We do plan on images starting Tuesday being beta1, yes. since it is a milestone, they might be the same images for three days, but they can also change every couple of hours

    17:20:05 <bdmurray> so they are candidates for beta1

    17:20:10 <hggdh_> but, apart from that, there is no difference

    17:20:15 <hggdh_> yes

    17:20:27 <zeedune> ok

    17:20:36 <hggdh_> additionally, we will have the Global Jam following the Beta 1 milestone: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam

    17:20:47 <charlie-tca> zeedune: We keep in contact during the milestone testing in #ubunhtu-testing

    17:21:25 <hggdh_> and on the Global Jam we will also have testing activities (but not milestoned)

    17:21:32 <hggdh_> any other comments/views?

    17:21:49 <hggdh_> 3

    17:21:50 <hggdh_> 2

    17:21:52 <zeedune> Ok, I'll make sure to stay logged in to the #ubuntu-testing channel

    17:21:53 <hggdh_> 1

    17:21:57 <hggdh_> [TOPIC] Automated/Systems Testing

    17:21:57 <meetingology> TOPIC: Automated/Systems Testing

    17:22:16 <hggdh_> so moving on. Ursinha does not seem to be present.

    17:22:17 <gema> the only thing I have to report is that I have started working on improving the ubiquity testing for better coverage

    17:22:27 <hggdh_> perfect 17:22:45 * hggdh_ has never used ubiquity...

    17:23:01 <gema> I can tell from the bugs Smile :)

    17:23:04 <gema> nothing else

    17:23:05 <gema> ..

    17:23:10 <hggdh_> pedro_: ?

    17:23:32 <pedro_> yes? Smile :-)

    17:23:37 <hggdh_> heh

    17:23:46 <pedro_> nothing much to share from here, still catching up from last week :-P

    17:23:53 <hggdh_> OK

    17:23:54 <pedro_> so sorry no bug day for this week

    17:24:11 <hggdh_> no problem Smile :-)

    17:24:15 <hggdh_> bdmurray: you, sir

    17:25:01 <bdmurray> So of particular interest is the following - I've setup a cronjob of search-bugs (finding reported bugs matching a bug pattern) that'll consolidate new duplicates

    17:25:15 <bdmurray> This is necessary due to some short comings in apport

    17:25:41 <bdmurray> I also updated firefox-lp-improvements for the new version of firefox

    17:26:02 <hggdh_> this consolidation, is it automagic?

    17:26:12 <bdmurray> and then I created a bug bot function to detect hardware errors for /, /var, or /usr partitions resulting in an apport-package bug report

    17:26:40 <bdmurray> hggdh_: yes, it confirms and adds a comment and marks as a duplicate if the bug matches a bug pattern

    17:26:52 <hggdh_> fantastic...

    17:27:09 <bdmurray> and with that bug bot functions I've invalidated some more bug reports

    17:27:37 <hggdh_> making a sizeable dent on the open bugs, I hope...

    17:28:11 <bdmurray> well 30 is a small percentage but its more than 0

    17:28:22 <hggdh_> Smile :-)

    17:28:25 <bdmurray> 30 bugs that is

    17:28:36 <hggdh_> better than none Smile :-)

    17:28:44 <bdmurray> There might be some more hiding so I'll look harder for that needle

    17:28:51 <bdmurray> that's all

    17:28:57 <hggdh_> thank you

    17:29:02 <hggdh_> Moving on

    17:29:07 <hggdh_> [TOPIC] Odds & Ends

    17:29:07 <meetingology> TOPIC: Odds & Ends

    17:29:15 <hggdh_> I will start this one

    17:30:16 <hggdh_> I would like to welcome nuclearbob (Max) to the QA team. He started this last Monday, and we hope he will solve all our issues

    17:30:31 <nuclearbob> yeah, I'm closing the last bugs now, we can all go home

    17:30:37 <hggdh_> Smile :-)

    17:30:39 <charlie-tca> w00t!

    17:30:42 <charlie-tca> Thanks

    17:31:00 <pedro_> welcome nuclearbob Smile :-)

    17:31:05 <bdmurray> I am home Wink ;-)

    17:31:10 <nuclearbob> me too

    17:31:17 <charlie-tca> Welcome to this fun world of QA, nuclearbob

    17:31:46 <hggdh_> additionally, I would like to remind all that we now have Jenkins available publicly, at https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/

    17:32:16 <hggdh_> the code that run the tests is on Launchpad: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-server-iso-testing-dev/ubuntu-server-iso-testing/trunk

    17:32:44 <hggdh_> everybody is welcome to add new tests/correct as needed. Just propose a merge against the branch above

    17:33:08 <hggdh_> ..

    17:33:28 <hggdh_> so, with my announcements done, anyone wishes to add anything else

    17:33:30 <hggdh_> ?

    17:34:01 <hggdh_> OK

    17:34:16 <hggdh_> [TOPIC] Next Chair

    17:34:16 <meetingology> TOPIC: Next Chair

    17:34:40 <hggdh_> on the absence of self-proposals, I will 'shuf -e charlie-tca patrickmw pedro_ bdmurray jibel Ursinha nuclearbob | head 1'

    17:35:03 <hggdh_> oh, add gema to the list above

    17:35:28 <hggdh_> and...

    17:35:31 <hggdh_> PEDRO_!

    17:35:37 <pedro_> woo

    17:35:38 <charlie-tca> yay, pedro_

    17:35:47 <pedro_> it was time Smile :-)

    17:35:54 <hggdh_> [ACTION] pedro_ to chair next meeting 17:35:54 * meetingology pedro_ to chair next meeting

    17:36:04 <hggdh_> you know, I do like this shuf thingie

    17:36:14 <hggdh_> mostly when I do it, my nick is not there

    17:36:19 <pedro_> lol

    17:36:22 <hggdh_> all right.

    17:36:27 <hggdh_> #endmeeting

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