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Meeting summary

  • Previous Actions
  • Community Efforts/Testing
  • Automated/Systems Testing
  • Engineering Team Bug Status
  • Other Topics
  • Chair Selection

ACTION: Ursinha to chair next meeting (gema, 17:19:11)

Meeting ended at 17:19:37 UTC.

Action items

  • Ursinha to chair next meeting

People present (lines said)

  • gema (47)
  • bdmurray (9)
  • Ursinha (7)
  • hggdh (5)
  • charlie-tca (5)
  • meetingology (4)
  • nuclearbob (1)
  • darkcharl (1)

Full Log

  • 17:00:53 <gema> #startmeeting QA Team meeting

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    17:01:12 <gema> So, let's start with the previous actions

    17:01:21 <gema> [TOPIC] Previous Actions

    17:01:36 <gema> nuclearbob: were there any actions from last meeting?

    17:01:44 <nuclearbob> nope

    17:01:49 <gema> good, next topic

    17:01:59 <gema> [TOPIC] Community Efforts/Testing

    17:02:15 <gema> does anyone have an update on community efforts ? 17:02:46 * gema reminds you she is still not familiar with the usual players, so if anyone is meant to speak, please do so

    17:03:06 <gema> 3

    17:03:07 <gema> 2

    17:03:09 <gema> 1

    17:03:17 <gema> [TOPIC] Automated/Systems Testing

    17:03:53 <gema> I have been working on putting together a set of test cases that will need to be automated at some point

    17:04:20 <gema> we are still working on the test analysis and will publish it for review soon

    17:04:26 <gema> that's all from me

    17:04:27 <gema> ..

    17:04:40 <gema> any other update?

    17:05:23 <gema> 3

    17:05:26 <gema> 2

    17:05:29 <gema> 1

    17:05:32 <gema> moving on, then

    17:05:42 <gema> [TOPIC] Engineering Team Bug Status

    17:06:02 <gema> any updates on bug status, hggdh ? are you around?

    17:06:18 <bdmurray> \o

    17:06:24 <gema> bdmurray: go for it Smile :)

    17:06:51 <bdmurray> There has been lots of activity around writing bug patterns recently with quite a few community contributions

    17:06:55 <bdmurray> Which is a huge help

    17:07:31 <bdmurray> Yesterday, I fixed the greasemonkey script that allows easier tagging of bug reports

    17:07:48 <bdmurray> This is currently in the bzr branch and I'll add it to the firefox extension shortly

    17:08:41 <bdmurray> Oh, I also wrote a bzr plugin that modifies bug reports that have had a bug pattern written for them when you are pushing the branch with the bug pattern

    17:08:52 <bdmurray> This saves quite a few steps

    17:08:53 <Ursinha> cool!

    17:09:38 <bdmurray> And I rewrote a Launchpad bug with patches tool to be run by my bug bot and behave differently if the patch is a debdiff

    17:09:45 <bdmurray> that's all folks

    17:10:12 <gema> thanks, bdmurray

    17:10:24 <gema> excellent week, you had Smile :)

    17:10:39 <gema> any other update ? Ursinha ?

    17:10:57 <Ursinha> after bdmurray it's hard to look I've been working Smile :)

    17:11:31 <Ursinha> I've been working on things that aren't noticiable for now, organizing the server packages and have list of bugs given their priorities to improve triage

    17:11:52 <Ursinha> nothing much reportable Smile :)

    17:11:53 <Ursinha> ..

    17:12:01 <gema> good, thanks

    17:12:17 <gema> moving on to the next topic unless someone has anything else Smile :)

    17:12:39 <gema> [TOPIC] Other Topics

    17:13:07 <gema> anything else you'd like to let us know? any other business to be discussed? any suggestion?

    17:13:39 <gema> any volunteers to review a test analysis?

    17:13:53 <charlie-tca> What's involved in that?

    17:14:18 <gema> reading the document and sending comments (such as , I think you are missing this, or that, or I would do this differently)

    17:14:34 <charlie-tca> I am terrible at that kind of thing

    17:14:46 <gema> the document itself is for generating testing for Ubiquity, the installer

    17:14:56 <gema> ok, charlie-tca , not a problem Smile :)

    17:15:20 <charlie-tca> If no one else speaks up, I can try, though

    17:15:27 <gema> go ahead Smile :)

    17:15:55 <gema> ok, I will speak to you about it off the meeting , thanks!

    17:15:59 <charlie-tca> okay

    17:16:31 <hggdh> \o

    17:16:39 <gema> go ahead, hggdh

    17:17:04 <hggdh> just a reminder, Beta 2 is coming -- we would like as much help as possible in testing the ISOs

    17:17:07 <hggdh> ..

    17:17:22 <gema> thanks

    17:17:32 <gema> [TOPIC] Chair Selection

    17:17:44 <gema> any volunteers to chair the meeting next week?

    17:18:14 <gema> ok, let's shuffle it then!

    17:18:25 <hggdh> yeah!

    17:18:43 <gema> Ursinha, it seems to be your turn

    17:18:46 <gema> are you happy with that?

    17:18:52 <hggdh> yes!

    17:18:54 <Ursinha> sure Smile :)

    17:18:57 <charlie-tca> Yay!

    17:19:01 <gema> cool!

    17:19:11 <gema> [ACTION] Ursinha to chair next meeting 17:19:11 * meetingology Ursinha to chair next meeting

    17:19:16 <Ursinha> \o/

    17:19:31 <darkcharl> (a late hurray!)

    17:19:37 <gema> #endmeeting

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