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  • Action Items from previous meeting:
    • None
  • New Action Items:
    • Ursinha to chase checkbox package problem with ara
    • gema to create a starting point (page or something) to discuss and take notes on automation testing for Ubuntu
    • Ursinha to add irc commands to the Chairing wiki page to help the next chair
  • People present (lines said)
    • Ursinha (90)
    • gema (29)
    • jibel (24)
    • charlie-tca (9)
    • meetingology (6)
    • pedro_ (2)
    • nuclearbob (1)


  • 17:03:18 <Ursinha> #startmeeting Ubuntu QA Team

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    17:03:33 <Ursinha> apologies in advance as it's the first time I chair this meeting Smile :)

    17:03:50 <Ursinha> roll call!

    17:03:52 <Ursinha> who's here?

    17:03:54 <Ursinha> o/

    17:04:05 <charlie-tca> o/

    17:04:21 <Ursinha> hggdh, hello Smile :)

    17:04:23 <Ursinha> who else?

    17:04:58 <gema> o/

    17:05:01 <Ursinha> Smile :)

    17:05:03 <Ursinha> [TOPIC] Previous Actions

    17:05:18 <Ursinha> the only one was about Ursinha chairing this week

    17:05:19 <Ursinha> Smile :)

    17:05:20 <Ursinha> moving on

    17:05:31 <Ursinha> [TOPIC] Community Efforts/Testing

    17:05:33 <Ursinha> [TOPIC] Community Efforts/Testing

    17:05:54 <Ursinha> anyone has updates on community efforts?

    17:05:58 <jibel> Hi o/

    17:06:01 <Ursinha> hi jibel Smile :)

    17:06:04 <nuclearbob> howdy /o

    17:06:09 <Ursinha> and nuclearbob

    17:06:13 <Ursinha> any updates on this one?

    17:06:18 <jibel> I do

    17:06:27 <Ursinha> go ahead

    17:06:32 <jibel> this week we are testing Oneiric Beta 2

    17:07:10 <jibel> Good candidates have been posted only few hours ago so coverage is quite low (Image Coverage : 27.63% (21/76))

    17:07:55 <jibel> There is still 1 day of testing before the release of Beta 2, so please go to http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/build/all/notcompleted

    17:08:08 <jibel> download an image and test it.

    17:08:38 <jibel> Bug status on Beta 2 testing:

    17:08:43 <jibel> * Critical : 2 (2 closed)

    17:08:43 <jibel> * High : 16 (2 closed)

    17:08:52 <jibel> * Medium : 10

    17:08:52 <jibel> * Low : 1 (1 closed)

    17:08:57 <jibel> * Wishlist : 1

    17:08:57 <jibel> * Undecided : 10 (1 closed)

    17:09:21 <jibel> the full list is there http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/kernel-bugs/reports/iso-testing-open-all.html

    17:10:10 <jibel> that's all from me on beta 2 testing

    17:10:27 <Ursinha> ..?

    17:11:01 <gema> he's probably gone to continue testing

    17:11:02 <gema> ..

    17:11:08 <jibel> ..

    17:11:11 <Ursinha> Smile :)

    17:11:12 <Ursinha> cool

    17:11:12 <jibel> sorry

    17:11:15 <Ursinha> no problem

    17:11:28 <Ursinha> anything else from anyone on that topic?

    17:11:47 <Ursinha> moving on

    17:11:49 <Ursinha> [TOPIC] Automated/Systems Testing

    17:12:06 <gema> o/

    17:12:14 <Ursinha> go ahead gema Smile :)

    17:12:46 <gema> not much to update this week, I am still looking for people that can send comments on the test analysis for ubiquity, so if anyone else wants to volunteer that'd be good

    17:13:03 <gema> and I am helping with Beta 2 as well

    17:13:10 <gema> nothing else from me

    17:13:11 <gema> ..

    17:13:14 <Ursinha> cool

    17:13:21 <Ursinha> so please help gema Smile :)

    17:13:35 <Ursinha> I have something as well, not sure if entirely related

    17:14:03 <Ursinha> I'm testing the new checkbox as ara asked us to do (using checkbox ppa) but it seems there's no gtk or cli packages available

    17:14:12 <Ursinha> ara isn't here

    17:14:32 <charlie-tca> o/

    17:14:39 <Ursinha> go ahead charlie-tca

    17:14:58 <charlie-tca> I didn't forget, I just ran a bit short of time. I am sorry and will get to it this week, gema

    17:15:10 <gema> not a problem, charlie-tca, there's still time Smile :)

    17:15:18 <gema> I was trying to recruit more minds Smile :)

    17:15:19 <gema> ..

    17:15:20 <charlie-tca> ..

    17:15:23 <Ursinha> Smile :)

    17:15:24 <Ursinha> cool

    17:15:38 <Ursinha> [action] Ursinha to chase checkbox package problem with ara 17:15:38 * meetingology Ursinha to chase checkbox package problem with ara

    17:15:43 <Ursinha> moving on then

    17:15:53 <Ursinha> [TOPIC] Engineering Team Bug Status

    17:16:09 <Ursinha> hggdh, is it your time to shine? Smile :)

    17:16:53 <Ursinha> hmm

    17:16:57 <jibel> Ursinha, hggdh won't attend this meeting

    17:17:00 <Ursinha> he might not be around

    17:17:03 <Ursinha> ah, ok

    17:17:13 <Ursinha> jibel, is that permanent or just today?

    17:17:20 <jibel> today

    17:17:25 <Ursinha> okay Smile :)

    17:17:59 <Ursinha> so, I'm working on adding an apport hook to powernap package

    17:18:10 <Ursinha> also working on a prioritized report of bugs for the server team

    17:18:26 <Ursinha> and also tweaking the SRU report so it won't break launchpad when it runs.

    17:18:27 <Ursinha> ..

    17:18:41 <Ursinha> bdmurray, pedro_, hello folks! anything for us this week?

    17:19:15 <pedro_> not from me at least, been catching up since holidays and triaging iso testing bugs

    17:19:30 <jibel> Brian couldn't be here either

    17:19:33 <Ursinha> right, thanks pedro

    17:19:38 <Ursinha> or pedro_

    17:19:46 <Ursinha> jibel, okay.. Smile :)

    17:19:51 <Ursinha> let's move on then

    17:19:56 <pedro_> he's with hggdh? Wink ;-)

    17:20:05 <Ursinha> lol

    17:20:11 <Ursinha> [TOPIC] Other Topics

    17:20:18 <Ursinha> free for all

    17:20:24 <Ursinha> anything else you have in mind?

    17:20:41 <gema> we would like to improve a lot going forward

    17:20:45 <gema> the automation testing for Ubuntu

    17:20:55 <gema> so if anyone has any thoughts that they want to see implemented

    17:21:01 <gema> I would like to see them coming our way Big Grin :)

    17:21:12 <Ursinha> gema, cool Smile :) where to get started on that?

    17:21:19 <gema> exactly !

    17:21:42 <Ursinha> I mean

    17:21:46 <gema> anything, we are where we are and we would like to improve

    17:21:51 <Ursinha> where could one get started on that? :P

    17:22:08 <Ursinha> is there a wiki page or something for an interested person?

    17:22:10 <gema> ideas, whenever you've been testing, where have you seen room for improvement

    17:22:19 <gema> what would you do different if you had time to

    17:22:25 <gema> what do you find confusing

    17:22:26 <gema> anything

    17:22:40 <Ursinha> seems good

    17:22:51 <Ursinha> gema, is there a page where ideas are being discussed/noted?

    17:23:00 <gema> not yet, but we will get there

    17:23:10 <Ursinha> cool Smile :)

    17:23:10 <gema> put an action on me to make that happen

    17:23:16 <Ursinha> !

    17:23:38 <Ursinha> [action] gema to create a starting point (page or something) to discuss and note automation testing for Ubuntu 17:23:38 * meetingology gema to create a starting point (page or something) to discuss and note automation testing for Ubuntu

    17:23:47 <gema> thanks

    17:23:48 <gema> ..

    17:23:49 <Ursinha> is that ok?

    17:23:50 <Ursinha> cool

    17:23:53 <Ursinha> anyone else?

    17:24:15 <Ursinha> thanks gema!

    17:24:17 <Ursinha> [TOPIC] Chair Selection

    17:24:32 <Ursinha> gema, do you have that blinky shuffle command in there?

    17:24:36 <Ursinha> handy

    17:24:56 <gema> it was shuf and the names

    17:25:00 <gema> of whoever is here

    17:25:03 <Ursinha> hehe

    17:25:29 <Ursinha> that would be me, you, jibel, pedro_, nuclearbob and charlie-tca

    17:25:36 <gema> no, not out of the box, gimme a sec

    17:25:51 <charlie-tca> looks like this in terminal:

    17:25:53 <charlie-tca> shuf -e hggdh patrickmw pedro_ bdmurray jibel Ursinha nuclearbob gema charlie-tca|head -1

    17:26:00 <Ursinha> awesome charlie-tca

    17:26:08 <charlie-tca> well, take out some names, I guess

    17:26:08 <gema> yep, that's it

    17:26:22 <jibel> Ursinha, propose a patch against the bot to add a meetingology command

    17:26:24 <Ursinha> [action] Ursinha to add irc commands to the next chair 17:26:24 * meetingology Ursinha to add irc commands to the next chair

    17:26:43 <Ursinha> jibel, you did or you want me to do that? Smile :)

    17:27:02 <jibel> you will

    17:27:06 <Ursinha> hahaha 17:27:15 * Ursinha appends that to her TODO list

    17:27:27 <Ursinha> 14:27:01 ursula@galactica: ~ $ shuf -e hggdh pedro_ jibel Ursinha nuclearbob gema charlie-tca|head -1

    17:27:28 <Ursinha> jibel

    17:27:43 <charlie-tca> Yay, jibel

    17:27:44 <Ursinha> how does that look?

    17:27:49 <charlie-tca> looks right to me

    17:27:52 <Ursinha> Smile :)

    17:27:55 <jibel> haha, what a coincidence, I don't trust your terminal

    17:28:05 <Ursinha> I can printscreen that!

    17:28:38 <Ursinha> Smile :)

    17:28:49 <Ursinha> jibel, if that's not ok I can run that again

    17:29:02 <jibel> Ursinha, no problem, that's perfect

    17:29:08 <Ursinha> good then Smile :)

    17:29:29 <Ursinha> so

    17:29:31 <Ursinha> #endmeeting

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