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Meeting summary

  • Previous Actions
  • Community Efforts/Testing

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/ReleaseReports/OneiricBeta2TestReport (nuclearbob, 17:10:59)

  • Automated/Systems Testing
  • Engineering Team Bug Status
  • Other Topics
  • Chair Selection

ACTION: pedto_ to chair next meeting (nuclearbob, 17:25:20) ACTION: pedr\o_ to chair next meeting (nuclearbob, 17:25:26) ACTION: pedro_ to chair next meeting (nuclearbob, 17:25:31)

Meeting ended at 17:26:12 UTC.


Action items

  • pedto_ to chair next meeting
  • pedr\o_ to chair next meeting
  • pedro_ to chair next meeting

Action items, by person

  • pedro_
  • * pedro_ to chair next meeting


  • * pedto_ to chair next meeting
  • * pedr\o_ to chair next meeting

People present (lines said)

  • nuclearbob (38)
  • Ursinha (9)
  • pedro_ (8)
  • meetingology` (6)

Full Log

  • 17:05:01 <nuclearbob> #startmeeting

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    17:05:14 <nuclearbob> [TOPIC] Previous Actions

    17:05:29 <nuclearbob> only previous action I have is nuclearbob chairing the next meeting, so I think we can check that off

    17:05:57 <nuclearbob> if there's nothing else, we'll proceed to the next topic

    17:07:08 <nuclearbob> [TOPIC] Community Efforts/Testing

    17:08:01 <nuclearbob> jibel, anything on this?

    17:08:24 <Ursinha> nuclearbob, I'm here!

    17:08:38 <nuclearbob> groovy

    17:09:03 <nuclearbob> got anything on community efforts/testing?

    17:09:32 <Ursinha> not me

    17:09:40 <nuclearbob> all right

    17:10:04 <nuclearbob> I guess we're counting down to the Oneiric release at this point

    17:10:58 <nuclearbob> the last report on that seems to be the same one we had last week:

    17:10:59 <nuclearbob> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/ReleaseReports/OneiricBeta2TestReport

    17:11:22 <nuclearbob> If nobody else has anything on that, we can move to the next topic

    17:12:17 <nuclearbob> [TOPIC] Automated/Systems Testing

    17:12:58 <nuclearbob> still doing qrt over here, I'll try to get that blueprint registered this week

    17:13:29 <nuclearbob> I'll bring some proposals for dependency specification on different releases to UDS so we can determine the best way to move forward

    17:14:04 <nuclearbob> jibel had a pretty boot speed chart for us last week, anything new this week on the automation front?

    17:16:45 <nuclearbob> sounds like not, so we'll move on

    17:16:52 <nuclearbob> [TOPIC] Engineering Team Bug Status 17:17:34 * Ursinha has nothing to report, was on holidays

    17:17:39 <nuclearbob> hggdh, Ursinha, pedro_, or bdummary, do any of you have anything here?

    17:17:43 <Ursinha> ..

    17:18:24 <pedro_> nope nothing from here

    17:18:25 <pedro_> ..

    17:18:57 <Ursinha> bdmurray, ^

    17:19:15 <nuclearbob> derp

    17:19:32 <Ursinha> :P

    17:21:03 <nuclearbob> sounds like nothing earthshaking to report

    17:21:22 <nuclearbob> so let's move on

    17:21:29 <nuclearbob> [TOPIC] Other Topics

    17:23:36 <nuclearbob> doesn't seem like we have any other topics

    17:23:59 <Ursinha> the quietest meeting ever

    17:24:26 <nuclearbob> I guess we can move to the next topic

    17:24:32 <nuclearbob> [TOPIC] Chair Selection

    17:24:38 <pedro_> I can do that

    17:24:48 <nuclearbob> select the chair, or chair?

    17:24:58 <pedro_> chair the next meeting

    17:25:00 <Ursinha> :P

    17:25:01 <nuclearbob> all right

    17:25:06 <pedro_> is about time i guess Smile :-)

    17:25:20 <nuclearbob> #action pedto_ to chair next meeting 17:25:20 * meetingology` pedto_ to chair next meeting

    17:25:22 <nuclearbob> er

    17:25:26 <nuclearbob> #action pedr\o_ to chair next meeting 17:25:26 * meetingology` pedr\o_ to chair next meeting

    17:25:28 <nuclearbob> dangit

    17:25:28 <pedro_> cool so not me Smile :-)

    17:25:31 <nuclearbob> #action pedro_ to chair next meeting 17:25:31 * meetingology` pedro_ to chair next meeting

    17:25:34 <pedro_> darn

    17:25:37 <nuclearbob> I need a smaller enter key

    17:25:42 <pedro_> lol

    17:25:58 <nuclearbob> anyway, I think that wraps it up for this week

    17:26:00 <nuclearbob> thanks everybody

    17:26:07 <Ursinha> thanks nuclearbob for chairing Smile :)

    17:26:12 <nuclearbob> #endmeeting

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