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Meeting summary

  • Previous Actions
  • Community Efforts/Testing

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS-P/TestingInUbuntu (patrickmw, 17:11:13)

  • Automated/Systems Testing
  • Engineering Team Bug Status
  • Other Topics
  • Chair Selection

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  • nuclearbob (48)
  • patrickmw (9)
  • bdmurray (5)
  • pedro_ (4)
  • meetingology (3)
  • Ursinha (2)
  • jibel (2)
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  • 17:05:58 <nuclearbob> #startmeeting

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    17:06:21 <nuclearbob> [TOPIC] Previous Actions

    17:06:50 <nuclearbob> I think Gema was working on blueprints, but she's out this afternoon

    17:07:13 <nuclearbob> any other previous actions we need to go over?

    17:08:12 <nuclearbob> all right

    17:08:16 <nuclearbob> moving on

    17:08:29 <nuclearbob> [TOPIC] Community Efforts/Testing

    17:09:36 <nuclearbob> jibel, ursinha, anything on this?

    17:09:51 <jibel> Hi o/

    17:09:56 <Ursinha> nothing really from me Smile :)

    17:10:11 <nuclearbob> all right

    17:10:18 <jibel> Not much from me now that Oneiric is out and Precise is on a very early stage

    17:10:27 <nuclearbob> we've got a birds of a feather session scheduled for UDS

    17:10:41 <nuclearbob> if anybody has the link, please throw that out, otherwise I can find it

    17:11:13 <patrickmw> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS-P/TestingInUbuntu

    17:11:25 <nuclearbob> thanks patrickmw

    17:11:43 <nuclearbob> we have a good list of talks lined up for that

    17:12:04 <nuclearbob> so we look forward to seeing people there

    17:12:19 <nuclearbob> anything else on this topic?

    17:13:09 <nuclearbob> all right, moving on

    17:13:24 <nuclearbob> [TOPIC] Automated/Systems Testing

    17:13:33 <patrickmw> o/

    17:13:43 <nuclearbob> go ahead, patrickmw

    17:13:59 <patrickmw> new projects in progres:

    17:14:01 <patrickmw> bootchart testing revised - boot speed testing will be testing daily for Precise. The testing that was done for Oneiric needs some improvements. Planning set for the automation sprint.

    17:14:03 <patrickmw> fwts - Firmware Test Suite will be run daily for Precise. A wrapper utility needs to be developed so it can be run in the lab. Planning set for the automation sprint.

    17:14:05 <patrickmw> project updates:

    17:14:07 <patrickmw> dx projects - DX team has started adding their projects to the QA daily builds. yay!

    17:14:35 <patrickmw> that's all

    17:14:53 <nuclearbob> thanks for the update, that all sounds great

    17:15:27 <nuclearbob> I'm working on a proof of concept for a remotely accessible test running interface for the qa-regression-testing scripts

    17:15:48 <nuclearbob> just a quick cgi that can be installed as a package on a newly created vm and return test results

    17:16:11 <nuclearbob> I hope to have a basic implementation of that ready before UDS so we can determine if it's something we want to devote further resources to

    17:16:21 <nuclearbob> and that's all I've got

    17:17:36 <nuclearbob> anybody else?

    17:18:14 <nuclearbob> all right, moving on

    17:18:28 <nuclearbob> [TOPIC] Engineering Team Bug Status

    17:19:29 <bdmurray> I updated the update-manager hook for natty, bug 878585, thanks to jibel for pointing this out

    17:19:30 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 878585 in update-manager (Ubuntu Natty) "update apport package hook in natty" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/878585

    17:20:23 <bdmurray> I've been reviewing all the casper bug reports and looking at brad's bug report generation code and a different data visualization tool

    17:20:28 <bdmurray> Also setting up blueprints for UDS

    17:21:23 <nuclearbob> cool

    17:21:29 <nuclearbob> anything else bdmurray?

    17:22:04 <bdmurray> I joined the ubuntu-core-dev team this week - thats it.

    17:22:17 <nuclearbob> thanks

    17:22:24 <nuclearbob> anything from hggdh or pedro_ ?

    17:22:55 <pedro_> just to mention that tomorrow we're having a bug day for Nautilus : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/20111027

    17:23:23 <pedro_> so if you want to learn a bit more about bug triage or Nautilus/Gnome , please join us tomorrow the whole day your timezone

    17:23:30 <pedro_> we hang out at #ubuntu-bugs

    17:23:30 <pedro_> ..

    17:24:17 <nuclearbob> sounds good

    17:24:38 <nuclearbob> anything else from anyone on this topic?

    17:25:57 <nuclearbob> all right

    17:26:06 <nuclearbob> [TOPIC] Other Topics

    17:28:16 <nuclearbob> there are several blueprints registered for UDS-P using the other-p-qa prefix

    17:29:29 <nuclearbob> is there a page with a list of those, or should I just post individual links?

    17:29:45 <patrickmw> bottom of the same link above Smile :)

    17:29:50 <nuclearbob> oh, handy

    17:30:09 <nuclearbob> thanks Smile :)

    17:30:25 <nuclearbob> anything else for other topics?

    17:31:37 <nuclearbob> all right, last one

    17:31:42 <nuclearbob> [TOPIC] Chair Selection

    17:31:56 <nuclearbob> any volunteers?

    17:32:55 <nuclearbob> max@ubuntu:~/vmtesting/oneiric/multipurpose$ shuf -e pedro_ bdmurray ursinha patrickmw jibel | head -1

    17:32:56 <nuclearbob> patrickmw

    17:33:14 <bdmurray> should there be one next week?

    17:33:21 <Ursinha> next week is UDS, are we having quorum?

    17:33:24 <nuclearbob> oh, I suppose we'll be in orlando

    17:33:50 <nuclearbob> all right, next meeting is November 9

    17:34:28 <nuclearbob> thanks everyone for attending, and we'll have quorum at UDS next week

    17:34:32 <nuclearbob> #endmeeting

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